I’m pretty sure I was one of those doing the offending in 2015 and to be honest,  2016 looks to be pretty much the same. I have absolutely no intention what-so-ever, of quieting my voice.
I will not zip it up, shut my pie hole or put a cork in it.
I will not be politically correct. I will attempt to gather accurate information on which to base my assessments of the world around me. Other times I will abandon all logic and sympathy and just let my rantin’ n’ ravin’ opinionated flag fly. It’s part of who I am. And in 2016, I will be A LOT more of who I am and a whole lot less of who everybody else wants or expects me to be.

Even more than before – if that’s possible.

Usually, I pick a word as my focal point of the New Year. This year I’ve chosen a phrase and three words. I know. I like to live dangerously..
My phrase is –
“Adjust your sails.”
A lot of 2015 was spent adjusting my sails. Looking at life from a different perspective. Accepting that my way is not the only way and that just because somebody doesn’t do something my way doesn’t mean that their way is wrong. Or just because they don’t think like me doesn’t mean they’re stupid.
Most of the time they are but not always.

My three words are faith, focus and discipline.
In 2015 I felt like I was in a physical, emotional and spiritual taffy-pull.
2016 will see me taking it down a notch.
I will keep my eye on the prize. Focus on my goals, discipline myself to stay the course and have faith that I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what needs to be done.
life your journey IN OTHER NEWS:

Happy 2016 folks! I’m just gonna’ raise my glass to surviving..