Yep. It’s midnight and I’m up for the day. Seriously. Not even kidding.
I got too comfortable too early in the evening. – Damn you ‘Grissom!’ –
And so here I am. WIDE awake, enjoying my midnight mocha and throwing out random shit on my blog.Do any of you have the Flipboard app on your phones? I’m absolutely addicted. I like having the news and topics that interest me right at my fingertips with hardly any ads and crap in between. I learn something every time I “flip” through it.
Did you know that Kenya has a population of 45 million and only 23% of that population has access to electricity? How crazy is that?? I only know this because I was reading the story about a monkey in Kenya falling onto a transformer and causing a blackout for the entire country!
You can read about it here.

New research. A lit’l bit scary.. Brain to brain communication. I won’t give the long drawn out explanation. You can read that here but seriously. Two scientists in two different rooms sitting in front of video games. One of the scientist’s “thinking” the other scientist into to playing the game. Like getting him to move his fingers around the controller. No joke. Read the article.

People with sleep disorders tend to have impaired memory functions.
Wait, what?In other news. I’ll be up sewing tonight. Shocking, I know. I have a special order stuffed animal and my daughter asked for some pants and skirts. The stuffed animal should take no time at all and I’m hoping to knock out 3 pairs of pants for my daughter and a couple of dresses for my grand-Princess while I’m at. After that, I’ll be continuing on with stocking my inventory for the fall sales.

I have absolutely no errands to run tomorrow/today, so I expect plenty of productivity.Speaking of productivity. I was slated to be finished with my crochet/fleece doggie blanket on the 7th. That didn’t happen. Too many, “I’ll be there, I might be there, I’m on my way, oh sorry” moments. So irritating.I need to update my bujo to reflect my delays and new completion dates.We’ve still got a heat wave going on and it’s going to be even hotter today than it was yesterday. Back east the temps dropped and it was cool enough to wear a hoodie.
So weird.
To all of my friends down in “God’s waiting room,” a.k.a., Florida. Batten down the hatches, move to higher ground and be safe! Can’t believe it’s hurricane season already. It’s fire season for us. We’ve had a lot of lightning and rolling thunder with no rain. That’s never a good thing.Okay. I’m off to sew. I may or may not be back later today with some finished stuff. We’ll see how wide awake I am in a few hours.
What’s on tap for your day? Do any of you have trouble sleeping or short sleep patterns? My lit’l sis requires 8 hours of sleep. Do any of you? Do you ever get it?
Sleep has never been my thing so I’m really interested in how so many people can lie horizontally for 6-8 hours a night doing absolutely nothing… To me, it’s mind boggling.

16 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT MOCHA #002

  1. No, I do not have a flipboard app on my phone – will make sure the new one (whenever I get one) does not have one. Ha Ha.

    I am quite familiar with the stay up half the night habit. It does screw up your whole day if you have any social life at all. Friends tend to avoid you after a few late night calls with some trivial (to them) item of (your) great interest. Books began after 2:00 a.m. sound utterly stupid the next afternoon. I deleted more nonsence that sounded good in the wee hours. Knitting, crocheting and sewing done that late at night, generally end up ripped out and started over. Stories you finished reading after 3:00 a.m. are forgotten sooner than if finished with a fresh (really awake) mind. Often, I go back and read them to find out how it ended … Now, I am in bed around midnight, one o’clock and I feel more human in the morning. No more all-nighters for me if I can help it!

    I used to sleep 8-10 hours a night. Then I had kids and screwed that up, getting 4-6 hours for years. Now, I sleep 6 -7 hours plus my afternoon granny nap. (since I got my SAD light)

    I’m a list maker of things I would like to accomplish, but I never plan on finishing them. It only leads to disappointment. Have a great day!

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    1. I actually did make progress but I can feel a nap coming on. I have never been that 8 hour sleeper. My dad was a night owl and an early riser. He required very little sleep too. Although come to think of it, with 7 kids when did the guy have time to get any. – For me, making lists is the only way I get anything done. I start out with 3, add 3 more and anything after that is bonus. 🙂


  2. I have a condition that doesn’t allow me to reach the ‘deep sleep’ cycle. As soon as it does, I wake up. I can either continue to lie in bed and go through the whole sleep and then wake up pattern all night, or I can get out of bed and be productive. The woman hoovering at 3 in the morning? That’s me.

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    1. That’s exactly me Lily! My doc has been bugging me to get a sleep study done for years and the whole idea of people watching you while you sleep and having a bunch of crap hooked up to you. Who could sleep through that? So, I like you am the 3am gal.

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      1. Exactly Karen! I don’t want a bunch of strangers watching me dribble and scratching my foof, while I’m hooked up to a monitor and sleeping! Just give me some sleeping pills. Preferably the ones that make me feel like I’ve just had a good hit from a bong.

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  3. I started a magazine on Flipboard for my website but keep forgetting about it. 😛 You’re so talented, being able to sew all those things in no time! I can barely sew on a button and don’t have the patience. Lifelong night person here. 🙂 It’s the most creative time and so peaceful. Getting more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep makes me groggy and grumpy. I’ve had two sleep studies now (and wrote about the first one); got the CPAP machine and everything. My quality of sleep improved but I don’t feel any better or more energetic. BTW, I also resisted getting it done for years and used those same arguments. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Debbie. And now I’m going to have to look for your magazine. I didn’t know you could start one on Flipboard. – I used a friend CPAP for about a week and I noticed a HUGE difference in the way I felt in the morning and my energy level but alas. I don’t want weirdos watching me sleep so I’ll continue to put it off. Hahahaha. 😀


  4. It doesn’t how much or little sleep I get, I wake up exhausted. I can’t stay up all night though even if I can’t fall asleep. I just lay there in the dark tossing and turning and hoping I’ll drop off.

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    1. I’m rarely exhausted. Sometimes when I pull an all nighter but most times I’m okay with a lit’l coffee fed to me via an I.V. Lol.. And I absolutely cannot lay in bed and toss and turn. If I’m awake I’m getting up. – Sleep is just a weird thing to me..



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