bar dotsIt may be called “shabby chic” but I call it shabby shit and Craigslist is filled with shabby shit.
I’m not a fan of painted wood. I’m just not. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me and then to go that “extra mile” and make it look even shittier by scuffing it up in places?
Yeah no.
Unless said “shabby chic” piece came out of a 100 yr. old farmhouse and was originially painted by great-great-great-great Grandpa Joe? – Just say no.
Seriously? This is just a chipped up old table with a shitty paint job.

And whoever is responsible for this hideous Pepto-Bismol makeover is an idiot. My grandma had this set and the wood underneath this atrocity is absolutely beautiful.
bar dotsAnother word people throw around when they’re trying to sell shit on Craigslist. “Vintage.”
I call it vintage vomit.
Okay, first of all, “super cute?? No.
Second. Seriously? “NO HOLDS.”
I’m pretty sure people aren’t  lining up n’ taking numbers to get this gem.

Another piece my grandma had. A whole set actually. Again, the wood underneath is beautiful. Morons.
bar dotsI totally get that some people like this look and even go out of their way to personally achieve it. But on antiques or super cool retro pieces?? Just say no. Step away from the Martha Stewart kool-aid and just say no…
This whole trend just isn’t for me.
My taste in wood is much like my taste in people. I prefer natural beauty.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re really trying to sell something online or otherwise.
DON’T use grandpa as a selling point. Nobody wants to smell like grandpa.
“This fragrance reminds me of a beloved grandpa, after a shave and haircut at the barber shop! Heart notes of amber and rum with a light top note of musk and Bay make this irresistible!”
(A random post from somebody selling a bar of soap.)
bar dotsBUJO 411 (Excerpts from one of my bullet journals)
**No more triple digit heat. All week temps in the 80’s. I can live with that.
**5 wildfires out of control. None are close. The smoke is blanketing our city. Air quality zero. Lots of people wearing masks.
**Pup to the groomer.
**Get one Christmas quilt done.
**Finish current read.
bar dotsYour turn to weigh in. What say ye’?
Shabby chic or shabby shit???
Vintage or vintage vomit?
bar dotsMimi’s quote for the day –
Find something beautiful today. Embrace it. Appreciate it. Accept it.
And smile.
Happy Monday folks!
bar dotsJoining Corinne over at ‘Everyday Gyann‘ for #MondayMusings and you can too!
Just click on the link!
bar dotsfeather

23 thoughts on “IT’S CALLED SHABBY CHIC

  1. The idiots that paint on antique and vintage wood furniture pieces need to be drawn and quartered … A little extreme maybe, but they should be put in restraints at least. When I was looking for my bed, I came across some beautiful beds – completely ruined by chalk paint or gaudy paint and usually stressed with chains, course sandpaper, or claw hammers. Total, freaking idiots! Sometimes there is nothing you can do for an old piece besides paint it, but not neon green or volunteer orange!

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  2. Shabby shit and vintage vomit. I love wood. It’s far more beautiful. You’re right though there are lots of folks that are into this type of thing. I don’t have anything remotely like this and I’m right proud to say that.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  3. Oh. My. Goodness. So you have this STOOPID craze in the states too? I thought it was just us sad Brits that suffocate beautiful wood with shitty paint, then damage parts of it for extra appeal and charge an absolute fortune for something that looks as if a colorblind psychopath painted it in the prison workshop for ‘therapy’. Yep – Shabby Shit for me too! And Vintage Vomit. And I can’t bear the pretentious clowns that lap all that shit up either. Their kids are usually named after flowers or planets. (It’s OK to have a kid called Daffodil just as long as you don’t mistake shit for chic and have so much money you actually BUY that stuff!) I have a friend who has a shop selling this stuff – she loves it! 😦

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    1. Omg. Over there too??! Land of all those antiquey and wonderful??? Noooooo. I just don’t get it! If you have the time, energy and money to put into destroying a piece why wouldn’t you spend that time, energy and money into RESTORING it??? People just never cease to amaze me and the stupid shit they’ll spend their time and money on.


  4. HAHAHAAAA!!!! The truth is revealed!!! You hate my painted wood floors, but you know that I’m cool with that.
    It’s very Scandinavian to have painted floors… when one lives in Scandi one just Scandi’s on when faced with 30 yr old cheap wood flooring with an orange glow.

    We could replace our floors but I can think of so many other things I’d rather spend money on… plants and gin and beans and some other shit!

    My taste in people is much like plants… I can’t stand fake one!
    Great post I cracked up!
    Sending you big love lady!!!

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    1. Omg. You can’t EVEN put those beautiful floors in this ridiculous category Tracie! No fucking way. And, key point, it is VERY Scandinavian, thereby acceptable and yours – beautiful – the shabby shit on Craigslist. Not so much.


  5. I had a good laugh reading at description. Super cute!! ROFL That garden cart is rusted not vintage 😉 I have never checked craiglist before… I probably should do just to see what other things people are selling. I love the natural color of wood … it’s so beautiful and classy… why would anyone paint it in different color.

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  6. I love the old garden cart for $45 and I doubt they bought it back then for that.
    I love it when I go to yard sale and simple thing is and old saucer missing a cup.
    There ask some out rages price like $5.00…My thinking is so after the yard sale our you taking a trip to tropical paradise. Or retiring in style.
    Like our pow wow the vendors lemonade aide $5.00…Maybe more people are rolling in dough out there.

    Coffee is on

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    1. I know Dora! I went to a yard sale once and found a basket that wasn’t marked and I asked the guy how much and he’s like, “Oh, that’s $10.” I was like seriously?? He said his wife paid over $50 for it. I said, “Oh, well, your wife overpaid and today it’s in a yard sale so not worth $50, not worth $10. I’ll give you $2.” People at yard sales can be incredibly overpriced.


  7. I did that shabby chic technique on a frame and on a Christmas shelf project. I liked how it came out for those things but I don’t think I’d like a whole piece of furniture with paint chips missing.

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