WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – The sicko version

leaves barThis post is linked over at ‘Comedy Plus‘ for Sandee’s “WW” linky.
If you’re not already reading her, please do.
The name of her blog says it all.
Comedy Plus.’
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  1. People now know that if they are sick, they are not welcome here. I catch everything, my immune system is shot. I am not really enthusiastic about a hospital stay. Yep, sick? Stay home!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. And I like to give myself about 3 days after just to be on the safe side. I let everybody know when I’m sick so they don’t come over and thereby won’t catch whatever it is I got from some grocery store cart – which is where I’m certain I catch every bug I’ve ever gotten. – Grocery stores and drs. offices. Sickness breeding grounds. And schools!


  3. Stores here provide sanitary wipes for shopping cart handles. It’s a good idea. Although…our store also employees mentally disabled people to do the bagging and one day the girl had a snot drip on the end of her nose and she’s wiping it and then grabbed the tomatoes that got loose from the plastic bag. I mean come on.

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    • Eeewwww. NO WAY would I have brought those tomatoes home!!!!!! And, I’m sure this won’t surprise you when I tell you I take my own hand sanitizer and wipes with me wherever I go. 🙂 – Ugh. I’m still feeling puny and the thought of those tomatoes… I may vomit.



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