7 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – The sicko version

    1. Ugh! It’s so inconsiderate! I stay home. I warn my family and friends. I feel like crap I don’t want others to feel like crap, especially my family and friends. I almost grabbed a stack of masks from the dr. the other day. I should have!


  1. People now know that if they are sick, they are not welcome here. I catch everything, my immune system is shot. I am not really enthusiastic about a hospital stay. Yep, sick? Stay home!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. And I like to give myself about 3 days after just to be on the safe side. I let everybody know when I’m sick so they don’t come over and thereby won’t catch whatever it is I got from some grocery store cart – which is where I’m certain I catch every bug I’ve ever gotten. – Grocery stores and drs. offices. Sickness breeding grounds. And schools!


  3. Stores here provide sanitary wipes for shopping cart handles. It’s a good idea. Although…our store also employees mentally disabled people to do the bagging and one day the girl had a snot drip on the end of her nose and she’s wiping it and then grabbed the tomatoes that got loose from the plastic bag. I mean come on.

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    1. Eeewwww. NO WAY would I have brought those tomatoes home!!!!!! And, I’m sure this won’t surprise you when I tell you I take my own hand sanitizer and wipes with me wherever I go. 🙂 – Ugh. I’m still feeling puny and the thought of those tomatoes… I may vomit.



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