First the coffee and the food.
Then the dishes that accumulated late into the night.
Then combing Pinterest to find a new pumpkin recipe for this season.
And last but certainly not least. While whatever pumpkin deliciousness is baking. I will be quilt making! Yeah. I know that rhymes. I’m cool like that.
leaves barCoffee and food – check.
Pumpkin recipe – nope
But this…
Sour Cream Apple Bars‘ = DELICIOUS!!
Click on the link and the recipe is yours to enjoy too!
apple1AYou’re supposed to let them cool but um, yeah. Not in this house.
First seasonal baking of the year – CHECK!
leaves barGot the car back today. Yay! No cab service needed our mechanic brought the car to us. Such a nice, nice guy and he always goes above and beyond the initial repair. The brake line, new brakes, bleeding the brakes, checking all the fluids, fuses, etc., only $125 for parts AND labor. What a guy! – Coolest thing about him? He’s Egyptian. Like straight from Egypt. I just love him.
leaves barWhenever I can, I like to do this lit’l thing called “Jew Boise.” Which is simply getting the best deal of the day I can find. Like a great seven dollar dress or a super cute shirt on clearance for three bucks. Well tonight my “Jew Boise” find was at the grocery store Albertsons using their ‘Just for U’ app.

You can read all about it here if you live in a state that has Albertsons stores. It may just be an out west thing.

I bought $57 dollars worth of groceries and only paid $35 dollars using their app. PLUS, I got ten cents off per gallon of gas at Chevron. Needless-to-say, I LOVE this app. I tend to stick to one grocery store when I shop – Winco – because Albertsons can get pricey but when they have sales. they have great sales and this app is a money saver.
leaves barI never did get around to my quilting. I’ll get back to it on Monday.
Tomorrow is a special day for us Catholics.
Mother Teresa will become St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta tomorrow. I’m super excited about this and am so happy for her much deserved sainthood. What a blessed woman she is indeed.
leaves barIt’s Labor Day weekend. Did you venture out or have a “stay-cation?”
BBQ’s, camping?? What’d everybody do??
Without my wheels I was housebound but tomorrow is church, the balloon fest and heading up to the mountain trails and maybe over to Oregon. Who knows where the road may lead.
I feel so fortunate that I actually live in my vacation.

I hope whatever you’re doing, you’re having fun and spending time with those you love making memories to keep you warm n’ toasty through the long winter ahead.
Ready or not. Those “ber” months have begun folks…
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
leaves barfeather

23 thoughts on “FIRST THINGS FIRST

  1. The Lucy mug stood out to me too! I baked cookies yesterday and it seems my mojo is back now that we have cooler, dryer weather. Although we’re supposed to get clipped by that tropical storm tomorrow. We’ll see.

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    • I saw your post on FB woman! Your mojo is DEFINITELY back and that husband of yours is one lucky man! – I wish we’d get some of that rain. It’s so stinkin’ dry here but on the plus side. It doesn’t smell like a wet campfire when you open the windows and I’m thankful for that.


    • I don’t mind seeing it in Dec. but not from Sept. – May! I’m a little tired of it by then. Ya’ know, I don’t know if you could do pumpkin instead. As it turns out, the kids weren’t too shot in the head over it so I doubt I’ll be making it again. It’s is yummy but for them, not so yummy that it will become a yearly thing. 🙂

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  2. We went on a cruise last Tuesday and returned home on Friday. We hate boating with a million other folks so we had a nice time with another couple. All the idiots come out on the holiday weekends.

    We don’t get snow here. It gets cold, well for us it’s cold, but no snow. I don’t care for snow one bit.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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    • I miss the Great Lakes and boats.. Not a lot of water in these parts. 😦 I remember how it seemed like everyone went to the sandbar and then just anchored there for the whole summer. Just wall to wall boats and people. Might as well stay home and have reeally close neighbors. Maybe after Monday you’ll have your uncrowded waterways back again. 🙂


  3. Never realised about the ‘ber’ thing. Seriously, I really hadn’t figured that out. But ‘ber’ is apt as in ‘brhhhhhh!’ with a shiver. Snow may be a dead cert for you but not where I live. All we can count on are dreary gray skies, dampness, rain and wind. Snow would be welcome as it brightens things up. Just not TOO much. I am very specific in my snow requirements. 😀 Very pleased you got such a good deal on the car service – we should be so lucky with our Brit mechanics at the VW dealership!!!!!!!!!! 😟

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    • 🙂 Yes, and Septem-BER has really started out with a brrrrr. The temps have dropped over 20 degrees. Such a nice break from the triple digits. And snow is not a “dead cert” for us. Not in the valley. In the mountains, yes. The city? Not so much. We probably got 3″ last year, tops. And then poof. It’s gone. I’m fortunate that the mountains are not so far away that I can be up in them in a matter of minutes and get all of the snow I want and then come back down to dry streets and gray skies – those are killer for me. I like the sunshine. – I’m happy as can be with our mechanic and I love that there are still fair, honest people in this world that actually know what they’re doing and are not in it to rip you off or get rich. A super nice guy. – I say that. He could be a serial killer. Who knows.

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  4. Need to make those Sour Cream Apple Bars, (got a sugar craving) and the recipe is so easy to follow. Also love that Lucy mug.
    Right, I’m off to wrestle the Spawn for the last chocolate bar in the house, cos mama’s pmsing.

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  5. I love them. They’re best warm I think. The kids liked them but not enough to put them on the list of “oh mom, make those bars again!” They’re great with coffee! – The Lucy mug is me! Hahaha. 🙂 – Good luck with getting that chocolate away from Spawn. Kids are ruthless. As mothers we would give up our last bite, our last drink, of anything for our kids. Kids don’t feel that way about us. They’re more like, fuck you. I saw it first and I ate it. Hahahaha


  6. Karen, the sour cream apple bars look so yummy! Yay on getting your car back and your Egyptian mechanic sounds like a great guy. Excellent about Mother Teresa, she most definitely deserved sainthood, she was truly special!

    Hope your Labor Day weekend has been awesome! Did you ever get to a balloon fest? I saw a report on Sunday Morning about an annual balloon fest in New Mexico, it looked really cool. Oh, your snow picture gave me a chill LOL! I’m not a fan of winter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you JLil. They ARE yummy! And no. Aside from our patio view I did not make it down there. I can’t remember what was going on but obviously something more important. Fortunately we get a heads up when our balloonists are out n’ about so we’ll be able to see them at the park again. 🙂 – I don’t mind the snow. It’s the gray skies.. Bleh.

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  7. Now that it’s close, not looking forward to the ‘ber’ months. Still hot here, but the nights have cooled considerably. We do not get much snow here – mostly ice. It is pretty to look at but a real bear to drive on.
    I honestly thought Mother Teresa had been sainted already.

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  8. Those sour cream apple bars look delicious. Sounds like you saved a bundle with your shopping. I love finding bargains but my Mum always warns; “you can go broke saving money”. 🙂

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