Not In My Hoo Hoo!

In my ‘I Blame Kindergarten‘ post I jokingly mentioned spraying your kid down with Lysol to keep germs at bay, and by “at bay” I meant away from me.
Apparently, way back in the day Lysol already had a similar idea…
Aimed at women… And is wasn’t for colds and flu!
leaves barUh. No! And eeewwwwww.

Really?? Ya’ know what else incompatible means? Fuck off.

Shipwrecked?? “Lysol has prevented many such tragedies??” Hahahaha.

Maybe YOU can plant one of those rationed kisses on my ass.

I think I threw up a little reading this one. The last Q&A is the worst.
“…and use every means in her power to remain glamorous, dainty and lovely to love.”
leaves barI really don’t know how women survived back then with ads like these. They’re so degrading and sexist. I would’ve NEVER gotten married.

Oh, but wait. Men used Lysol back then too.
Aw. For their sensitive skin..

I can think of another use.
Try putting some Lysol on those bad boys!
And PS – Um. Yeah. I’m pretty sure we  can all resist “schweddy balls.”
leaves barI know people say, “it’s just the way it was back then” but I don’t buy it. I think women are women and offensive is offensive. They knew it then just as we know it now.
But what could they do?
Back then the men were barely out of the caves and still thought it was okay to grab their woman by the hair and drag her home to cook and clean.
But apparently, no sex until after Lysol.

Kudos to the women who went before me and actually had to put up with this bullshit and lived thru it.
There is no way I’d be swishin’ my “hoo hoo” with Lysol just to have sex with some guy!
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
And if he tells you to put Lysol on your “Hoo Hoo” you don’t have to do that either.
leaves barfeather

42 thoughts on “Not In My Hoo Hoo!

  1. Wow, never saw those ads before! Can’t STAND the smell of Lysol…so that would be a game killer for me, dissenfected or not!!! Lol
    Where do you find these nuggets?

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  2. OMG! This is the best thing I read today. Wow! I Don’t know if I want to laugh or cry reading the q&a. Pity the women who used lysol on their hoo-hoos. Thank you for sharing it!

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    1. Hahahaha! Well thank you Jan! 😀 Can you imagine?? Omg. I so would not have made it back then. I’d of be a single, old maid and happy for it. But guess what?? This old maid’s “Hoo Hoo” wouldn’t have been smellin’ like Lysol! – Or anything else disgusting… Ugh. Those poor women…

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    1. Isn’t it just disgusting Joanne?? But ya’ know? What did they know back then? I would think just the smell of it would tell you NOT to put it anywhere near your “Hoo Hoo” but apparently women did.. Can you imagine walking around smelling like Lysol???


  3. You want me to put what in my where??!!
    If those ads were ran today, they’d have to add a ‘WARNING:MAY CAUSE DEATH’ disclaimer as well. Because I’m guessing that if you asked a woman nowadays to put Lysol or her foof, she’s gonna get a bit stabby.

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  4. Lysol where??? OMG, that would burn and ugh, cannot even think about it! Blaming incompatibility on “ignorance of feminine hygiene” and touting how Lysol has prevented marriage tragedies? And that asinine Love Quiz! Karen, I think I threw up a little reading all that too!

    A demented group of ad men must have come up with the Lysol campaign! Such blatant ignorance and what a terrible way to promote the product. Did this really bring them sales? Were there men out there bringing home bottles of Lysol (which hopefully some of those women threw right back at their husbands’ heads!)? I’m thinking about all those poor women who actually followed this to keep some a-h of a man happy! Also offensive that women were considered so full of germs in their “hoo hoos” that they had to be sanitized. I really don’t know how those women survived then and kudos to them. I think the Lysol ad men who came up with the campaign should have used Lysol directly on their own balls! Wow, this was eye-opening and I’m sure not opening my “hoo hoo” for Lysol for any man, ever!

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  5. I know JLil. It was very difficult for me to attempt to put some humor in this post because I found every photo absolutely infuriating. And then that Q&A?? I just wouldn’t have made it back then without being arrested I’m certain of it. And I feel for those women. I can’t imagine having to deal with all of that day in and day out.. Breaks my heart a little and makes me thankful.

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