Look It Up, Y’all!

Take note. This is the first and last time you’ll ever see anything with “y’all” in on my blog. Unless of course, I’m making fun of it.
Can we just all agree right here and now that “y’all” is not really a word?? I know it’s in the dictionary but in the year 2016, that means absolutely nothing because apparently, it’s a free for all of words now.
These “so called” words were recently added to the dictionary as well. It doesn’t make them “real” words either.
– Bestie, facepalm, feels, moobs and squee. –
At what point did slang become part of the dictionary?
leaves barI’d like to know who okays the words that get added into the dictionary and what are the additions based on? Social media? Television shows? Music? Frequency of use?
If that’s the case the dictionary will need to be broken down into volumes.
Real words, slang terms and trendy words.
I mean seriously. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.
Are you really going to a job interview and saying something like…
Or what if you’re a guy and you go to the dr. and he tells you, “Lose the weight and you’ll lose the moobs.”
leaves barDon’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against slang. We all use slang words in this country but just because we use them I don’t think they aaalllllll need to be deemed “real” words and added to the dictionary?
Then again. Apparently, they do.
leaves barI must confess. My biggest issue with hearing y’all is that I associate it with a southern accent and I’m just not a fan of southern accents.  I have girlfriends in the south and their voices are lovely because they have the more genteel southern drawl, like that of Dixie Carter. Unfortunately, there are also southern women – not my friends – who sound like Miley trailer trash Cyrus and that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

On the other hand, guys with southern accents? Reeaaallllly not a fan. Even tho I married a Texan once upon a time.  Guys with southern accents are like guys who speak French. There’s just something not very manly about them.

I prefer men from the east. I like New York, NJ, Chicago accents. Those are the real guy accents.
Of course, I could be biased because I have forever been secretly in love with Joe Pesci.
Whatever. Don’t judge.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – Fall truly is here, y’all! Complete with lotsa’ rain and cooler temps. Perfect days for reading and baking.
This is my current read.

And I did manage to get a lit’l baking in.
Delicious banana bread. Yum!
leaves barWhat about y’all?? – Just so you know, every time I type that I laugh. Sooooo not me. –
Has fall arrived in your little corners of the world?
What do you do on cool, rainy fall days?
Is anybody experiencing changing colors just yet? It’s the thing I miss most about autumn in Michigan. Leafy trees and all of those spectacular colors…
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –leaves barfeather

17 thoughts on “Look It Up, Y’all!

  1. Just came to shut the computer down (having an early night seeing as how summer’s gone:-( ) and saw this post in my in box – I couldn’t resist it and so glad I read it. It made me laugh my head off because I say y’all all the time to annoy people (I’m British and we don’t say y’all). My American accent is dire as well. But I LOVE saying y’all – it’s SO trashy. 🙂 Is it the same as when Canadians ‘you’s guys’? or ‘are you’s all coming?’ I loved this post – thanks for making me smile as I go off to bed! Glad you did so much today – you must be feeling better.

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  2. First day of fall in Michigan? 83 degrees and rode the motorcycle to work! Lol
    Chance of a little rain tomorrow and cooler temps for the weekend, closing Mom’s pool on Sunday….
    Feel ya with the whole new word thing, they actually added “irregardless” because it is misused so freaking often! *sigh*
    And don’t get me started on the Urban Ethnic Rapper crap they try to force down our throats…

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    1. Oh wow. You’re much warmer than we are and it’s still raining here. I bet it feels like you just opened that pool doesn’t it. And poof just like that. No more summer. – Yeah. Unless it’s Eminem. I don’t wanna’ hear it. Especially from the wanna’ be morons and we have plenty of those out here.


  3. S. J. Qualls

    Y’all … I live in the south, the “ma’am and sir” south. The Bible belt south. It means you all, everyone, everybody. It is a contraction and it does have a meaning. Whereas, some of the things other people say do not mean what they are saying. For example: sh*t means feces, but some people refer to it in a totally different way. I cannot for the life of me understand “Get your feces together!” which some people are saying. I get this gross picture of someone packing after their dog. JMHO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha SJ! I was waitin’ for you start waving that rebel flag! 😀 I love it. At least you fall under the female accent that actually doesn’t make blood shoot out of my ears. 😀 And you are so right about get your feces together. That’s awesome and I think I’m gonna’ start saying that. I joke about the south but I lived there for 5 yrs. and made some great friends. I even went to an opossum festival and ate that nasty thing! When in Rome, right? I was trying to blend.


  4. Who know where and why we use words. Since it my oldest son birthday and I thought I would take a minute and see what new words came out the year he was born, 1988.. biohacker, Co-Branding, e book, kuiper belt, techno, and wigger.
    Have a wonderful fall…Coffee ison

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  5. 🙂 Moobs are real. Fortunately the weather has cooled down here and I won’t be seeing as many. Gotta’ love hoodies. 🙂 – Reading is my break. I crawl inside my reading bubble and I’m somewhere else for at least an hour, if not longer. Depending on the book. 🙂 – And thank you. The banana bread was delicious. If you like banana bread. My DIL doesn’t so more for me and my son! Lol


  6. Joanne Earle

    Last year when we took the kids to the ren faire, Russell decided to wear his tie dye which was a little tight. He joked with them that his ‘moobs’ were too big. I quipped, ‘He’s got the moobs like Jabba’. I thought my stepson’s girlfriend was gonna die. hahahaha Russell didn’t get the song reference. lol


  7. As you know I say a lot of things and try to not get too hung up on words but honestly… YA’LL doesn’t pass my lips. I have a relocated Southern friend who doesn’t have a southern accent but when YA’LLLLLLLL comes out of her mouth I know my eyes roll.

    I do love some slang and popular words though and I try to keep moving and not get stuck as to not sound too lame. I’m quite taken currently with AF…
    I think my friend Karen is cool AF.

    Moobs! Poor bastards.

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    1. Right??? I lived in the south for 5 yrs. and NEVER picked up so much as a twang let alone said y’all to anyone. So funny. But, and you can try this with your southern friend. We can do their southern accent, they can’t do our northern one. True story. – And I think my friend Tracie is cool AF too. Muah!



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