DESERVING LOVE – #fridayreflections

Friday Reflections’ is brought to you by Corinne over at ‘Write Tribe’ and Sanch at ‘Living My Imperfect Life.’
leaves barPrompts for September 23:
1. What if toys had feelings? Write a post and get creative!
2. Describe a dream or nightmare you’ve had3. 7 favourite movies and why
4. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky Use this in a post or as an inspiration for one
5. Picture Prompt (courtesy of Corinne at ‘Everyday Gyaan’.)
promptfrcorinneleaves barGood Morning Everyone! Happy 2nd day of Autumn!

For my ‘Friday Reflections‘ writings today I’ve chosen prompt #4 from the list above.
Using the quote by Stephen Chbosky as a twisted sort of inspiration because, well, you know. It’s me.

PROMPT #4 – “We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky

We deserve the love we accept.
leaves barSorry. Couldn’t resist with all of the hooplah going on about these two. I didn’t even know there was trouble in paradise until I saw something on a friend’s page on Facebook, apparently days after the “breaking news.” – Moving on.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – I’m getting super nervous about the upcoming election. For me, it truly is choosing the lesser of two evils. Either way, I think they’re both loose cannons and we’re in  big trouble…

Meridian, Idaho’s Farmstead Corn Maze opens today and this year’s theme is Jimmy Fallon who actually gave a nice shout out on his show last night.
Here’s an aerial view. Interestingly enough they don’t have an aerial view when they’re planning it or cutting it out. Which I find absolutely amazing.
This is definitely on my list of “To Do’s” this fall.
leaves barIt’s another beautiful fall day here. I think we’re done with rain for a while and tho we desperately need it I am grateful for the sunshine. It’ll be dark n’ gloomy soon enough.

What’s happening out your way? Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report? Do you have any fall attractions you plan to visit this weekend or is yard work and winterizing in your future? I remember those days…

Here’s to a beautiful fall weekend for one and all. Get out and do something fun!
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
leaves barfeather

12 thoughts on “DESERVING LOVE – #fridayreflections

  1. The breakup of these two? Who cares?

    Both presidential candidates scare me too. Ones a crook and the other is a kook. I do think something is physically wrong with Hillary though. Something bad. How do we end up with no choices?

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  2. The US elections are the scariest thing I have ever encountered. They are the two best choices for running a country where there are billions of intelligent, educated, sane people? How the hell did they end up being the ONLY choices? It’s as if someone is laughing behind their hands at the masses. (And , yes, my country is JUST as bad!)

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  3. I didn’t know about Brangelina either, but I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s spring in my part of the world (Sydney, Australia) and quite lovely. I’ve got a few social outing planned: dinner with friends tonight and a girls day out next week. I’m excited! Love your title and tag line btw! Visiting via #FridayReflections

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  4. HAHAHA Was that a reference to my ‘Slutalina’ post on Facebook the other day that cracked you up? lmao!!!! I would’ve done the prompt about toys having feelings. Being an only child, all my toys had feelings. I always feel bad for toys that don’t get bought, esp. stuffed animals.

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    1. IT WAS!!! I was hoping you’d read this! Hahahahaha. I had no clue until you posted something and then you guys were going on and on, and I’m like, “holy shit, does Joanne know Angelina??” Because it totally sounded that way – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. – I’m sure we’ll be hearing about this until our demise. Geesh. – Um, yeah. NO TOYS WITH FEELINGS Joanne! That’s just creepy! 😀


  5. Late to the party as always…
    We had a mixed bag of stuff over the weekend.
    Husband spent time with a friend who’s in hospice. Brain cancer. 49 years old, with a young family. Fuck cancer.

    I picked up my new glasses, the other new ones with a progressive lenses were a no go I got sea sick wearing them. Crazy shit. So another try at another lense. No go. Switched to a new frame and regular lenses. Welcome to the shitshow.

    Election. No words.

    The break up. I don’t keep up on Hollywood stuff but too bad. First I’m seeing it here! Again late to the party!

    We hiked all day Sunday 11k and I am DEAD today.

    Love the quote!

    Toys with feelings… like vibrators being sad in the drawer?


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    1. Well, you know what they say? Better to arrive late than arrive ugly. 😀 -I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer. Yes, fuck cancer. – The whole glasses thing? Yeah.. I need to get in and get my new ones. I was thinking about contacts but I don’t know about sticking shit in my eye. The jury is still out on that one. – You have been super busy and I’m surprised your legs aren’t noodles after that big ass hike. I’ve hiked like that before and the only thing you want to do for the next 3 days is not move. – You should totally write a post on adult toys with feelings. Hahahaha.

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  6. I reckon the whole world is currently nervous about the American election…I agree it’s about choosing the lesser of two evils. It’s been like that for us here in Australia the last couple of elections as well but it doesn’t have a world-impact like the US election. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

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