Just when I thought we had left the month of all things scary behind us, I read a terrifying article.
Apparently, “skinny jeans” are out.
That’s not the scary part.
This is.
“Mom jeans” are in. Ugh.divider-fall-leavesFor those of you who don’t know. These are “skinny jeans.” I may have rocked these back in the day with a pair of stilettos, a cut-off t-shirt n’ super cool Joan Jett hair but who knows. It was a long time ago.
In any event, they’re out and “mom jeans” are in.
These are “mom jeans.”
Once upon a time you were the social outcast and wouldn’t be caught dead in “mom jeans.”
What could be more flattering than a pair of high, elastic waisted jeans with a long ass zipper and a crotch that goes right up your hoo hoo?

Or maybe it’s the backside with those big ‘ol pockets on your big ‘ol elastic waisted mom ass. And let’s not forget those tapered legs that had every woman who wore them looking like a walking pear.
Yeah. Let’s bring those back.

Apparently, Khloe Kartrashian is. Of course, she is.
Reason number 6,798,328 that I can’t stand those morons.

I’m guessing that her idiot sister Kim Kartrashian begged her to design something, anything to fit over her own, so fucking big it needs it’s own zip code, big ‘ol silicone ass.
So Khloe thought. Hey, “mom jeans.” Haven’t seen those in a while.
Here’s her version.
What is with these people and their ass implants??
You know if they didn’t have celebrity status they’d just be some hood rat chicks with fat asses roamin’ the streets.

Here’s another pair of Khloe’s designer “mom jeans” worn by her other idiot sister, Kourtney.
If you’d like to purchase these or any of the jeans from the Kartrashian “mom jeans” line, you’ll find them here for $205.00 plus tax.
Yeah. NO!

If Khloe’s “mom jeans” are a lit’l too steep for your “mom jeans” budget.
Here’s another pair of “mom jeans” by ASOS.
They’re only $62.00.
Seriously. Are there any women out there, moms or not, that are actually buying this shit??
These aren’t “mom jeans” these are homeless bum been walking the streets for 30 yrs., jeans!
What the hell is wrong with people?

Here’s a perfect idea of what they should do with ALL of the “mom jeans.”

And just in case you guys out there think you’re exempt from the whole jeans thing.
Nope. You’re not. There are “dad jeans.”
They’re not bringing these back because according to my amazing people watching skills in the mall at Christmas, they never left and every dad already has a pair.
divider-fall-leavesHappy Wednesday folks! We’re half way to the weekend.
You can do it!
divider-fall-leavesMimi’s quote for the day –

24 thoughts on “DEJA – NO!

  1. I like the jeans planters!
    Golly, I haven’t worn jeans in a couple of years so I didn’t know the trend. Skinny jeans are a bit disgusting, especially since women wear them a size or two too small. Mom jeans are also on the disgusting side, unless you use them to garden in – what’s the point? Where are the regular jeans for woman that actually are made for a woman’s form? (Like a waist that actually fits the waist) The last time I could buy a pair of jeans that fit properly was maybe 15 years ago … My shape hasn’t changed …

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    1. I thought the jeans planters were cute too. They’d look cuter on the fence line of a ranch somewhere in the country. – When I could wear skinny jeans a million years ago I did but alas. Too many birthdays and too much birthday cake have left me skinny jeans-less. 🙂 The mom jeans are hideous and to tell you the truth, I haven’t found a good pair of jeans for a woman in forever. I just buy whatever and hope for the best.


  2. NO and nope! It would be nice to just have jeans that fit properly. I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would pay for ass implants. That fact in itself screams to the world that all the Kardashians are fucking retarded. I came by my big ass and big boobs honestly and I would gladly take both in smaller sizes. The sad thing is that Kourtney probably paid big bucks to look like shit in her holey jeans and that unGodly ugly top and she is stupid enough to think she is stylish. I would probably throw out an outfit that looked like that. I sure as hell wouldn’t wear it.

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    1. Wouldn’t it tho? You either get a zipper that goes all the way up to your neck or you get one so short that you’re like, why bother? And the crotch is NEVER a fit! – And no. You wouldn’t catch me dead in a pair of anything from the Kartrashians. Ridiculous, trashy look. And for two-hundred bucks? No way.


  3. I gave up jeans all together. I’m wearing the stretch pull on pants. I can lose and gain weight and they still fit. I’m calling my jeans granny jeans. So there.

    Oh that is one fat ass.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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    1. I did the stretch pull on pants when I had a big fat ass like that one up there. Seriously. – And I’ve seen pictures. You’ve NEVER had a fat ass. You are just wearing your stretchies for comfort. – Unfortunately, my fat ass was all natural. Then I lost weight and swore I’d never put on another pair of elastic waist pants. With the holidays coming up tho I think I might have to invest in a pair or five.

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  4. I don’t like low waisted pants so mom jeans are fine by me. I just can’t believe anyone would pay that kind of coin for pants that were ripped up like that. I preferred to wear the jeans out till they ripped.

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    1. I think something in between the waist up to my armpits and the waist that stops at my ass crack would be awesome. I would never pay that much money for those jeans or any jeans really. I too wore them until they had holes in them and then I did this really weird thing and threw them the fuck away!


  5. Can’t recall the number but I liked those button in front Levi jeans. Now for those so call skinny jeans. I’m to fat to get in to them. Have you every wonder why there zipper is so short. I have.
    When I was down in the bay area went to a store and they had jeans that look like buck shot was use and with price tag over $100

    I’m jean fan…Coffee is on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those would be called 501’s Dora and I LOVE them. There was a brand of jeans waaaay back in the 80’s called “bullet hole” jeans and that’s exactly what they were. Jeans that had been shot to hell and again. Over a hundred bucks! No thanks.


  6. A little late seeing this but OMG! I laughed my backside off as I read through this. You are such a brilliant humorist! Kartrashians? Brilliant. I have to share this on my Facebook page.

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