snowflake-gray-lineRaise your hand if you saw this mix mash of holidays when you went into a store near you.
Now raise your hand if you’re sick of seeing this mix mash.
Yeah. Me too.
Seriously retailers, slow your roll!
This jam packing all of the holidays into one giant sales ad shopping spree is ridiculous. Is it really too much to ask to let us get thru one holiday before you’re dropping the next one on our heads??
And just a question to all of the powers that be in retail and marketing.
Do any of you have kids??
This is hell on parents!
“Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…”

#HolyFuck    #ItsOver    #NoMoreHolidayMixMash
snowflake-gray-lineSide note – Notice there’s not a whole lot of marketing for Thanksgiving??
Obviously, Thanksgiving is not a money maker to the powers that be.
Obviously, these same powers that be have never gotten the receipt for my Thanksgiving meal!
snowflake-gray-lineWhat say ye’? Do the stores pull out everything too soon?
Lemme know in the comments below!
snowflake-gray-lineIN OTHER NEWS –
I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve blogged. Geesh. Seems like one day runs into the next and then the next over the holidays.  I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving with lots of great people gathered ’round eating lots of great foods, making wonderful memories.

It was just the 3 of us – my son, his girl and me – for our feast and we made enough food to feed a small country, most of which ended up in the freezer!
But it was delicious and will be delicious again in stews and soups and casseroles and peanut butter n’ jelly n’ turkey sandwiches..
Yeah.. I pretty much never want to see food again in my entire life.
Sort of.
snowflake-gray-lineI’ve been busy with all things holidays. I did not, however, go out on ‘Black Friday’ which was really ‘Black Thursday’ for some places. Nor did I glue my ass to the computer for ‘Cyber Monday.’
Did any of you? Where were the deals?
I didn’t even look. I’ve been checking off my “list” for a while.
Now it’s just all about getting things mailed out on time.
snowflake-gray-lineI will try to be much more present in the blogging world this month.
Unfortunately, when I step away from my blog, I step away from the whole blogging realm – you…
And honestly,  it’s not that I’m not thinking of you, I am and I’m trying to get everything done so I can catch my breath on this end and catch up with all of you. In fact, I’m heading to as many of you as I can right now!
Happy December everybody! Here’s to a month of good will toward all men…
snowflake-gray-lineMimi’s quote for the day –


  1. Hugs Mimi! I missed you in my mailbox, because you are usually so prolific. Jeez, tell me about the blackfridaycybermondaythanksgivingandthejoyofextendingeverythingjustforyou! hahaha. My mailbox is groaning and “delete” is my favorite key right now.

    I am smiling at your freezer full of food. On the plus side….:-)

    Sending you a warm hug–good to see you back!

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  2. Aw, thank you for missing me Vidya! Omgosh.. My freezer… What in the world am I going to do and now with Christmas coming?? PLUS, a friend TOTALLY stocked my freezer with elk meat! I can tell you. The Thanksgiving leftovers will go before the elk that’s for sure! – Heading your way!

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  3. We have all missed you…it has been almost a year for me! My intent was to just step away and regroup…well, then “stuff” kept getting in my way. YES, retailers trot out the Christmas stuff WAAAAAYYYY too soon. Before Halloween?!?
    Food? Yes, we had PLENTY…I did deep fry 39 lbs. of turkey after all. But with sending care ackages home with everybody we really didn’t have that much left.


  4. I know! Now it’s time to step back in! You’ve got pleeeeenty to blog about so get on it! I can’t believe you missed out on the whole election without blogging. Holy crap. I’d of paid to see those posts! 😀 I can’t even imagine nearly 40lbs of turkey! Holy smokes! I could imagine that much ham tho.. 🙂 Christmas is right around the corner. Super excited for it. – Come back Joe. Write. Share. Tell your stories!!!! We ALL miss you!!!!


  5. I hate to see stuff out for Christmas and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. That goes for the Christmas music too. I don’t shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Rudest bunch of people on the planet.

    Have a fabulous day and it’s good to see a post from you. Off to get my coffee. 🙂

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  6. I absolutely hate that the stores can’t let the world celebrate one holiday at a time. I celebrate each in its own time stubbornly. Thanksgiving isn’t thought about till the weekend before…and Christmas? The weekend after Thanksgiving is soon enough to start thinking about it. That is when we decorate the house for Christmas. This year is a lot more jolly than last year since this year we are all in good health. YAY! My daughter and I made a feast that was devoured. We had leftovers but they were gone in about 4 days. Blogging? Well I don’t do that anymore. I do other stuff, and I’m good with that. I basically have stayed in the shadows on that and only peeked out when someone like you post, because I love reading you and yeah…I want to know whats cooking in your neck of the woods. So there you have it. So happy to hear you and yours had a good holiday, you are alive and well and sewing away as I know you should to achieve the highest level of “Mimi” happiness.

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    1. I haven’t given up on your blogging Kathy so you shouldn’t either! 😀 I keep checking!! – So happy nobody is sick this year. That is the greatest blessing of all, isn’t it??? And yes. Sew, sew, sewing I am. Seems to be non-stop but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. – Now, like I told Joe. Get back to blogging!!!!


  7. There isn’t much talk about Thanksgiving anymore, it’s all about the day after and the sales. Oh, and what sales! After the 10 good items are sold, they have people looking and buying practically anything because they are in buying mode! I do hate stores …
    Happy to hear you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

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    1. We were just talking about those “door buster” deals and how once they’re gone, that’s it, that’s all. Thus, I stayed home. I’ve gone out in the past but holy smokes. Just not worth it anymore.. And thank you. Yes. Turkey day was quite something. 😀


  8. I’ve never done black Friday. But should experience it a lease once in my life. It a long story but I missed cyber Monday and giving Tuesday. But the world survived.
    That Walmart looks pretty calm.
    Coffee is on


  9. Yes you should Dora! Everyone should at least once. I used to really enjoy it but a group of us would go and then my daughter got old enough to go. It was a lot of fun. And we did hit a lot of great deals. I don’t know that you missed much with cyber Monday. That Walmart looks calm because everyone is standing in line at one of the two cashiers they have open! Hahaha. 😀


  10. Time does slip quickly any more. I agree with how the stores mash all the holidays. Just wait soon we will start to see Valentine’s day stuff too.

    This year we only went to one actual store for our Black Friday shopping and walked out with diamond earrings and a diamond ring for me. My Christmas present. We did all of our Black Friday shopping via Internet. Many of the stores are giving their Black Friday and Door Busters online if you start early with them. We are just waiting for them to ship to us, other than that we are done.

    I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving my dear friend!

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  11. Good luck my sweet friend you are going to be one very busy lady this weekend.

    We did this type of gift exchange at work one year. It was a lot of fun.

    My plans this weekend is to decorate, wrap and see what I need to finish Josh’s box to be mailed on Monday too. Oh, and tomorrow we will be doing something fun with Taj. A Christmas train ride to see Santa.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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    1. Oh I love those Christmas train rides! I haven’t been on one since my kids were little. – And yes. Very busy weekend. I swear the time to mail gets bumped up every year. Pretty soon we’ll be mailing in November. – Post pics. I want to see your decorations. 😀


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