#7 – MEOW..

That’s what my Detroit Lion’s roar is sounding like tonight.
But ya’ know what? Kudos for a GREAT year Detroit. We were hoping for a lit’l Chicago Cubs magic but clearly the refs were not going to let that happen. And that’s not sour grapes. That’s the truth. If any of you followed the Lions at all this year, you know the refs were brutal.
Oh well. There’s always next year, right?
2017-detroit-lions-fan2017-divider-line-blue-icyThis will be a short post because I’m a lit’l tired and I want to get in bed n’ snuggle my pup. We’re supposed to get round two of snowmegeddon and who knows what that will bring. I went out today because the news said it’s supposed to be worse tomorrow.
This is pulling into the parking lot at Albertson’s to get some groceries. It’s wet snow too. Heavy and sloppy.
2017-snow-albertsons2017-divider-line-blue-icyI don’t often long to be on a tropical island but today I am longing.
Today I’ll take sand n’ sunshine by the sea over snow all over the place!

Be well everyone. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Stay safe!
2017-divider-line-blue-icyMimi’s quote for the day –

17 thoughts on “#7 – MEOW..

    • Snow, sleet, rain. A break and then more of the same all week long. The plus side to this or so they’re saying is that we will have warmer temps. Hahahaha. Into the 30’s… I’d like some temps into the 80’s right about now.. Stay safe out your way! Is your snow still hangin’ around?


  1. I was rooting for the Lions to beat the Seahawks (esp. since my two local teams, the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens are out of the playoffs). But the Lions really did have a great season so good luck for next year!

    Wow about your snowmegeddon there! Glad you made it home safely from Albertson’s. I think wet, heavy snow is the worst. I only like the dry, fluffy stuff. We got just a little bit of snow today, only about an inch but Sadie had a ball running around in it in the backyard. I’d take sand n’ sunshine over snow any day! Have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂

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    • Oh, my lit’l Luci does NOT like the snow on her belly and hoo hoo. Plus she’s so little and the temps are so cold here. I’ve been putting piddle pads in the bathroom and having her go in there. When we go outside the cold hurts our faces. Luci would be a pupcicle! – Oh my Lions… We keep on cheering and they keep on losing. They did have a great season but still disappointing. I think Lions fans are the worst. We hang on when all hope is gone. Thanks for cheering us on tho!

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    • Ugh. As you know the SeaChickens rule out here and that’s the worst. The fans are not quiet winners. They’re in your face, shove it down your throat, we won, you lost fans. I don’t like that and I can’t remember ever being “that” fan. My thing is, unless you’re one of the teams actually going to the Superbowl you’re no different than my Lions. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.


    • Not a fan of the “Slackers” either. 😦 For whatever reason, the “Slackers” and the “SeaChickens” seem to rule out here in the northwest. It’s the weirdest thing but I guess if you’re a state that has no professional teams of any kind you pick something close which would explain the Seahawks but not the Packers. I’ll be cheering for your Giants. 🙂


  2. I don’t follow sports so I’m not up on who’s doing what or who’s doing not much. I did back in the day, but then I lost interest. I’m not sure if it’s the attitude of some of the sports folks, but I believe that’s what it is.

    Yikes on the snow. I wouldn’t like that one bit. I do know that I could live on a tropical island most of the time though. Okay, all winter would do it.

    Have a fabulous day and stay safe and warm. ☺

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    • I totally get the attitude thing. Out here the Seahawks fans are so in your face your first instinct is to pop ’em in the head. They have no idea about sportsmanship or graceful winning. It’s annoying… Ya’ know I used to make fun of people who went to warmer places for the winter but I’m ready to join ’em. Not necessarily down in “God’s waiting room” Florida but Arizona is nice and sounds wonderful right about now..

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  3. First of all to answer your question about rag rug. I cut cotton in two inch width. Strips length can very.
    Living a smaller community it seem if you move from a large area you bring your team with you.
    I know people who comes out Denver there Bruno fans, Detroit tigers, Cleveland Browns. But actual there a lot Green Bay fans in my area.
    Coffee is on

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    • Okay, thank you for the info about the rug. 🙂 – And yeah. I noticed A LOT of Green Bay fans and Steelers fans. So weird. You’d think they stick with the Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Who knows. All I know is that my beloved Lions have lost their roar once again. Boo.


  4. You must have our snow! Looking out my patio door, I can see lush green grass (sorry, that’s just cruel😀). But STILL people here are scurrying around wrapped up in winter clothes (it IS quite cold) and complaining about the weather. It’s fucking JANUARY people!!!!!!!!! It could be so much worse, as you know, and many people won’t see grass again until the spring. I remember it snowing in JUNE once in Toronto. Keep warm and enjoy that Cricut cutter while you have an excuse to stay indoors!


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