#6 – FACEBOOK FRIDAY – CREEPIN’ and trollin’


Not gonna’ lie. I belong to a few Facebook groups. Okay, more than a few and then a few more since I got my Cricut for Christmas. Mostly sewing, quilting, crafting, writing and now Cricut groups and I gotta’ say. I didn’t think these groups would be quite so saucy.

I read this in one of my sewing groups…
“Make a crotch sausage when fitting.”
Um.. Okay…
Didn’t have a clue what they were talking about even after I saw the pattern.

And I found these gems in my Cricut groups.
Not even kidding.
Apparently, men’s underwear is a hot topic.
These say, “Give me those nuts.”
cricut-give-me-those-nutscricut-choking-hazardcricut-it-aint-gonna-suck-itselfAnd someone was making his and her superhero t-shirts…
cricut-batmanI think this Christmas decor is kinda’ funny if you’re a ‘Christmas Vacation’ fan.
cricut-griswoldAnd this last one. I just have no words.
Someone wanted some help with a project…
“I need help, bought this for the hubby. Do you think htv will stick to this? Very serious question, help!!!!”
Very serious question. Are you joking me?? You need help all right but you’ll find that in the psyche ward not the Facebook Cricut group.
Dumb ass.
And really?? What kind of husband is going to strap a nut sack on his back and walk around???
He sure as hell wouldn’t be walking around with me.
What the actual fuck?? Dissssssgussssting!
2017-divider-line-blue-icyI had to order my vinyl for my Cricut and it won’t be here til next week then I’ll be able to make all kinds of fun stuff on mugs and wood and glass and such. In the meantime, I’ve been using it to cut some fabric appliques for some upcoming projects.

Goofin’ around with these birds on a “wire.” Not sure if it’s going to be a pillow or a tote or what. Maybe I’ll add some words or something. I dunno. I just play around until it feels right.
I cut out these two little guys for a Halloween table runner I’m working on. I know. We just got done with all of that crap but another goal of mine is to have all this holiday stuff done before the holidays this year.
skeleton-dog-cat1And when my vinyl comes in I want to make this for
Father B.
catholic-priestAnd this for me.
catholic-perkatory2017-divider-line-blue-icyWell, we’re currently under a state of emergency and we’ve got two more storm systems heading this way. It’s supposed to drop over a foot of snow, along with rain, sleet, negative temps, whipping winds and we may have flooding. Our city is not at all equipped for this kind of weather. The National Guard has offered to step in and help and I know we’re all grateful for that.
2017-divider-line-blue-icyWhat’s happening in your corners of the world?
Oh, did you see the news?? Kim Kardashian is BATTLING psoriasis on her face!
Omg, the horror of it all!
All of the rag mags are yammerin’ on about her courage and how she’s facing this head on.
If 2017 is going to start killing off celebrities I know where it can start..
2017-divider-line-blue-icyMimi’s tip of the day –
Sounds good to me!

17 thoughts on “#6 – FACEBOOK FRIDAY – CREEPIN’ and trollin’

  1. That Cricut group really is saucy (and saucy is an understatement!). OMG about the underwear, all of it, and the superhero t-shirts!! That backpack is so gross esp. with hair on the nut sack, disgusting!!!! Just creeped me out. Who buys That for their husband?! No man with any respect for himself would be caught dead wearing it!!

    I like your birds on a wire, and the dog and cat, nice. Have fun when your vinyl arrives. I bet Father B will love his mug, and I love the perkatory one too.

    Take care with that monster storm! We’re expecting snow this weekend, just maybe an inch or two, not a big storm.

    I hadn’t heard the news about Kim K., and I don’t mean to be cruel but that just made me laugh. She can’t get a hangnail without it being breaking news LOL! Love Mimi’s tip of day. 🙂

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    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JLil!!! I know. That backpack is probably one of the grossest things I’ve seen in a long time and that poor girl was *serious* about wanting to know if heat transfer vinyl would work on it. Are you kidding me??? – I’m having lots of fun with the Cricut without the vinyl, I think I’ll probably go nutso when the vinyl comes in. And I love those Catholic themed mugs. I knew you’d appreciate those. 🙂 – And seriously. Of all of the celebrities to miss in 2016.

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  2. In the midst of doing my care home chores 😀(Not really but feels like it – in a good way) this made me scream with laughter (not good – father has a weak heart). This is so funny – all of it, but the bit about telling 2017 where to start with celebrity deaths is hilarious.

    So sick of these people – however, not sick enough to stop watching ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother which has just begun in the U.K. And as if we don’t have enough Z list celebs of our own, as usual we have a few of yours – and Kim Kardashian’s ex boyfriend is one of them. WTF are these people? Are they just famous for being obscenely rich or do they have any kind of talent? Thank you for the laughs right when I need them! Will email you my YT link by the way – still haven’t got to my PC but hopefully will today.

    Oh and that nut sack – ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!

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    1. Yay. Always happy to make a caregiver laugh. My lit’l sis was the sole caretaker of my parents and I still regret not being there for her. God bless you all. It’s a huge taking on and so under appreciated. Hugs to you Gilly… – I actually found your YT page and subscribed. How very cool that you do that.I love it. You need to do more. Also, your other blog. Loved that too. I’m looking forward to seeing those transform. – I’m sorry you have to put up with our ridiculous “famous for being fucking famous” moron celebrities. We finally got rid of that ridiculous ‘Honey Boo Boo’ trainwreck but for whatever reason we’re still hangin’ on to those Kartrashians. Ugh. – And the nut sack?? I agree. So gross but how could I not post it?

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  3. Hubby and I laugh over a site called nutsack where you can get man bags. I’ve not gone there, but he swears there is such a place. I’m not surprised. Some of those saying on those shorts made me laugh out loud. My husband wouldn’t be walking around with me with any of this stuff either and i wouldn’t even have to ask him to leave it at home. We’re on the same page here.

    It’s raining here right now, but we won’t get any snow. We have two days of huge rain so I’m guessing you’ll get snow instead. So far so good here.

    Who, I repeat who, gives a rats ass about that whore Kim Kardashian. We all know how she got her fame. Can’t stand her or that no talent husband of hers.

    Have a fabulous day. Stay warm and safe. ☺

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    1. YESSSSS!!! I Googled it Sandee! There is a nutsack site BUT I also found out that the nutsack pack I posted is actually called ‘The Scrote n’ Tote.’ Not even kidding. There’s YouTube videos and like a GoFundMe page. It appears to be a joke but I dunno. There’s so many weirdos in this world it could be true and that woman in the Cricut group did say she bought it for her husband. It sells for $69! Obviously she has more dollars than sense. – Yep. Our storms are coming in from Cali. And so far, at 1:12pm there’s not one snowflake or raindrop to be found. It is however super cold. We’ll see what happens. – ZERO people give a shit about her. She’s making headlines now because she’s treating her psoriasis outbreak like it’s cancer. She is a whore, that whole family needs to fall in a sink hole and they can take all of their spouses and former spouses, boyfriend, girlfriends, with ’em!

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  4. Shannen Doherty….SHE’S the courageous one. Who cares about Kim Kartrashian. I will never understand the big attraction to that train wreck of a family. Those projects from your group(s) are so crass. I hate that backpack too. Several years ago, truck balls were really popular in Washington State. Almost every pick up and SUV had them, in various colours too.
    And no matter what I do, I can’t stop pronouncing Cricut as ‘Cry-cut’. lol

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    1. I never like Shannen Doherty until I saw her on that show she does with the other chick from ‘Charmed’ where they go on road trips?? Anyway. She is funny and seemingly not so much as the press has written. I feel for her. She is definitely courageous. She is in the fight of her life and I wish that on no one… – Hahaha. I remember those truck balls and I always thought what douchebag is buying those??? – I love my Cry-cut which is now what I will be referring to her as.


  5. They sell a lot of disgusting things, on and off the net.
    I thought I would have a lot of fun with my Cricut, it didn’t last – the thought, I mean. Most of my vinyl is still rolled up in the box it came in. The cute cartridges don’t have as much variety as one would think and a person could end up in debt trying to get this one or that one.
    Celebrities – I don’t know who half of them are anymore or how they got their celebrity status, guess I am no longer in the loop.

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    1. I totally agree SJ. I remember two stores in the mall that sold “adult” gifts, Spencer’s and Fredrick’s of Hollywood. 🙂 – I can’t wait for my vinyl to come in! My Cricut is the wireless one that you don’t have to use the cartridges with. I do everything online and download 99% of my designs for free. I’ve seen those cartridges and they are pricey and I’ve heard other woman complain as well that you don’t really get the variety. They were buying cartridges for one or two designs and the rest they didn’t use. – Hahaha. You sound like me when my son starts talking to me about the new superhero movies that are out. He might as well be speaking a foreign language.



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