We live in an apartment so our washer n’ dryer is a “stackable.” Stackables are not full-size machines but they’re better than hauling all your crap to a laundry mat.
– In my opinion.. –
This is our stackable.
Typically we keep the laundry soap, bleach and dryer sheets on top of the dryer which, just FYI, on 364 days of the year poses no problem.
Welcome to today.
Because the stackable is so small I like to get as much water into the washer as possible so for large and medium loads I always turn the knob to the large setting.
The “large” setting = more water for washing = cleaner clothes.
Small loads are always set at small loads because if you set the knob to large and you only throw in a couple of pairs of jeans, some socks, and a t-shirt, the stackable will, in fact, have a seizure.
Not even kidding.

Today the washing machine went off kilter while spinning out a large load. A true large load, plenty of clothes and water, with the knob set at large.
– It does this sometimes. The whole off-kilter thing. –
What it doesn’t do is start throwing shit at me!

Seriously. I heard the machine start to go a little wonky. The easy fix is to lift the lid and rearrange the clothes and send it back on its spinning way.
Not today.
NOT today…

Today I open up the door to the stackable to rearrange the clothes and a FULL bottle of 64 load liquid laundry detergent flew at my head. I ducked and splat! Onto the floor, it went. Needless-to-say, lots of laundry soap and a million pieces of the plastic cap eeevvveeerywhere! And of course, I was on my way to an appt.!

My son was kind enough to clean up the mess for me and shared his own story of a “laundry attack” that happened to him, only for him it was the bleach! It hit the floor, bounced, the cap flew off and bleach went shooting all over the front of his jeans! I am beyond thankful that it didn’t get in his eyes! And so is he!
Ya’ know, I’m thinkin’ laundry shouldn’t be quite this freakin’ dangerous…
Um, yeah. I’m gonna’ go with today being that day….
Our maintenance guy decided to give us a new shower…
Hey, gods of the weekdays. It’s Tuesday NOT Monday you jackass!

Well, as you can see. This will be my Tuesday. Sitting around the apartment waiting on maintenance men who never shut the door behind them despite me telling them over n’ over that we have a dog…
I might feel a lit’l bit better if our maintenance guy wasn’t such a gomer. He says he’s going to get up there and “dry things out” and we’ll be able to use our light tonight.
Really gomer?? Not on your fucking life.
I just hope he doesn’t fix it like this…
On the plus side. Our upstairs neighbors with the cement block feet moved out.
So yay, right???
Happy Tuesday folks. I hope yours is going waaaay better than mine!
Mimi’s quote for the day –

11 thoughts on “#16 – IT’S TUESDAY NOT MONDAY JACKASS!

  1. I’ve had those laundry days and more than once. We have new stuff and now it’s not a problem for now. I’m sure that will change down the road. I hate it when your home turns on you. This happens to all of us and it’s always at the most inconvenient time.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  2. Omgosh Sandee this is a nightmare. I’ll be posting more pics in tomorrow’s post. You won’t even believe.. I’m telling you the maintenance guy is a complete and total gomer. I’m only sad that I cannot have any alcohol on the Whole30. Ugh.


  3. I’m not crazy about stackables…..we have one here. I’m a little too short for the dryer and it’s hard to see into the washer to make sure I’ve emptied it. lol Sorry you had such a rough day though!

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    1. Thank you JoJo – Stackables aren’t my first choice but they’re definitely my choice over going to a laundry mat because I don’t know how to work the crap at a laundry mat! And laundry mats are always so steamy n’ hot and they smell. Lol…


  4. Go to bed and pull the covers over your head!

    Why do all upstairs neighbors wear heavy shoes and drop bowling balls on the floor ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did, sort of. I turned on Law & Order: SVU and picked up my crochet hook. 🙂 – I don’t know why! I’ve been an upstairs neighbor and I tried to be as quiet as a church mouse.. I certainly won’t miss those concrete shoes, bowling balls and screaming babies at all hours of the night. There were 8 people living in a 2 bedroom apt.!


  5. I, too, have my dryer on top of my washer – family sized front loaders. Thankfully, nothing sits on the top, as it’s set under a shelf. When it decides to rock and roll, the dogs hide.
    No way would I use that light tonight!
    He does sound like a gomer …

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