When I schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, mechanic, salon) I am always reminded that if I don’t show up or don’t call ahead at least 24 hours to cancel I’ll be charged for the appointment anyway and/or “let go” as a client.
When I show up to whichever appointment ON TIME, I am always left waiting at least a half hour to an hour! Does this happen to anyone else? I think I should be able to take a dollar off of my bill for every minute that they’re late.

Yesterday we had an appointment to have the carpets cleaned. The closest we could come to an appointment time was “somewhere between 9am and noon.” Perfect. I block out that time from my day. Aaannnd.. At 11:30am the carpet guy calls and says he’s running late he’ll be by “around 3pm.”
Really? That’s not exactly a 24-hour notice!

Ugh. In any event. He did show up “around 3 pm” but my whole day was shot waiting around for some jughead who clearly had no concept of time. His only saving grace is that he did do a phenomenal job. The carpets look wonderful and the place smells very citrusy. 

Other news on the home front:
It’s still hot. I’m still busy with a wedding. I’m still anxiously awaiting another granddaughter. And at the end of the day, I’m still crocheting, which I do everywhere now. According to my crochet groups that makes me an official “hooker.” Go me! 

Here’s a pic of my 3 WIP (work in progress) afghans. AND, one on the hook!
The one on the bottom, the stripey one, is so huge it will take me until I’m 100 to finish it! The rest go pretty quick. They’ll be done before the holidays.

I hook the granny square one (the one to the right of the skein of yarn) while I watch ‘Blue Bloods.’
Random question – Does Thom Selleck age at all? Holy smokes. He’s as hot now as he was when he played Magnum P.I!

No plans for the long holiday weekend except staying in with the A/C and off of the roads. I’ve seen so many accidents and heard so many sirens already and Life Flight is going non-stop. 

How about yous guys? Any plans for the long weekend? Whatever you do and wherever you go, be safe. Travel with care. People are so nutso on the roads during the holidays.

Also comes in handy when dealing with repairmen, carpet cleaners, doctors, etc., etc., etc.


  1. Happens to me all the time and I hate waiting around. You can really lose the better part of a day waiting around like that. I’m glad that carpet guy at least did a great job. 🙂

    When is your new granddaughter due? I like the afghans you’re working on. Official “hooker” LOL! I watch “Blue Bloods” and Tom Selleck really doesn’t age at all, and yes, he is still hot!

    No special plans for the Labor Day holiday. I have a lot of work to catch up on and oh yeah, housecleaning, my favorite…not LOL!

    Have you gone off Facebook for now? I couldn’t find you. Have a great weekend, Karen!


  2. I think that all of the doctors do that now. Mine also wants to be paid before I even see him. (They get you for any 'extra' charges before you can leave)

    I have yet to have a serviceman show on time. Good that your carpeting is done, you did check that off your list, right?

    You could put a sack over Tom's head, I like his voice. ')

    Deck is as saturated as the ground, staining will have to wait, so I guess we'll just watch TV and eat.


  3. My dentist never makes you wait…not once in 35 years. One Saturday i was 10 minutes late for an early morning appointment, he had to drill and started 5 minutes after the Novocain shot instead of 15 minutes…I have never been late again.


  4. No, most places make you wait. I just read when that happens. It helps a lot. I'm glad your carpets are nice and clean. We need to do that here.

    We are home this weekend. I hate going to the boat on a long holiday weekend. Every idiot is out and they are drunk. I'll just stay here and enjoy the quiet since most everyone in the neighborhood is gone.

    Have a fabulous day and long weekend, my friend. ☺


  5. I don't think Tom Selleck looks good at all! lol And yes, the doctors' offices are always running behind. What ticks me off is that they will take a walk in before a person with an actual appointment. And I'm always at least 15 minutes early too. Or I will have a 9:15….and it's 9:15…then the 9:00 person shows up and they take them. Excuse me? They are late and I am early, I should go first.


  6. Well, I'm glad I'm not alone on this. And I suppose when I look at it, it's the time I've lost that really irritates me. – The wedding is Oct. 3 here. My granddaughter is due Oct. 11 back in Michigan. 😀 A bit of a juggling act to be sure. – Blue Bloods is such a good show and the cast is perfect. I hope they don't go messing around with that too much. – I am off of Facebook for a bit except my fan page. 🙂 And I too will be doing the dreaded housework this weekend.


  7. Right! That was another thing. Now they've started asking if I want to pay as soon as I walk in the door. They're worse than car salesmen! – Hahahaha. Put a bag over Tom Selleck's head??? What??? I like everything about him, including his voice. 🙂 – Your weekend plans sound like a plan to me! 😀


  8. Ugh. Why do the idiots have to ruin it for everyone?? My son and his fiance' have a family cottage they go up to back east and they'll take the boat out to the sandbar and everyone is so mellow and wonderful. Just really friendly enjoying the water, family and friends. It's really nice. Out here? Idiots everywhere. You used to be able to go up to the mountains and have a great time but not now. Idiots ruin everything!


  9. Oh yes it happens all the time
    And then occasionally after waiting all day they cancel
    Love your WIP's. Good to see you have joined us, the happy hookers! Lol
    Stay cool


  10. Appointments! Don't tell me about them. Yesterday we went to the hospital for what was to be a 15 min procedure. We arrived at 10 am and left at 5.30 pm. Bah!
    Tom Selleck.. hehehe. So goodlookin! I just saw him in an episode of Friends.
    Karen, I am so coveting your crochet! Looks gorgeous. I once had a pretty sweater which my friend knocked off from me.
    Looks like lots to celebrate in your life! Wishing you loads of happiness!



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