Lake Michigan – St. Joseph, Michigan
(Not my photo)
Just curious as to why the homes in the paths of hurricanes aren’t built more like lighthouses. Lighthouses remain standing for years.
I read that Domino’s Pizza and Ford Motor Company are teaming up to test out a self-driving pizza delivery car.
This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. I understand that this is classified as progress but nobody is going to want to go out to a car and punch in a code to get a pizza. 

Is this some kind of vending machine on wheels?
And what about the people who live in a high rise or those who are wheelchair bound??

The whole idea of ordering a pizza to be delivered is that it’s actually de-liv-ered, not just parked in the driveway! 

I think it’s interesting that this is being tested in Michigan. They should test it during the winter months and see how many Michiganders want to go out in the snow and cold to fumble around with some ridiculous code to get a pizza.
I can tell you how many will go for this.

This is such a waste of money and resources.
Hey, Domino’s and Ford!
How about putting this time and money into the city of Flint, Michigan which is currently on year 3 of having no drinkable water, not to mention for use in personal hygiene.

Call me silly but I think the basic needs of human beings come before all of this advanced technology which, FYI, is helping no one.
In ten days my baby will turn 24 and in thirty days he will be married.
How is this possible? I wish I could turn the clock back to when all my kiddos were babies and just leave it there a little while longer..
Anybody else up past their bedtime thinking thoughts of nothingness?
Last day of the long weekend tomorrow and I think I will do absolutely nothing but lay on the couch and watch Netflix. 

No running around, no wedding prep, no crochet hook in hand. I’m not going to look at one list, schedule or flight itinerary. 

Mindless Netflix watching. That’s my Monday. 
What’s yours look like?


  1. I don't like the pizza idea either. Things change though and who knows, it may work out better than we thing. Or not.

    I'm not doing anything today either. No labor for me.

    Have a fabulous do nothing day. ☺


  2. That self driving pizza idea is going to be a disaster. So what happens if the person refuses to go out and punch in their code? Will the vehicle just sit there? It will automatically back up out of the person's driveway? That's too creepy for me.


  3. Right! So many things could go wrong. Especially while it's cruising down the road. I mean is it going to have the ability to break in the event that someone cuts them off or somebody walks or bikes in front of it? I see many, many accidents happening..


  4. White Chapel is on Amazon Prime. You are not the first to have been put off by the initial story-line of Broadchurch, but it was a fantastic series. If you find Orphan Black, you might give that a try…


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