Happy Peanut Butter Lovers Month!

Has the cold weather settled in where you are or are you still enjoying plenty of sunshine and warm temps? Out here in Boise, we are definitely cooling off. No snow in the valley just yet but plenty in the mountains. 

My oldest boy sent pics of the grandkids on Halloween and there was definitely snow on the ground in northern Michigan. They still went trick or treating of course because, well, it’s Michigan and that’s what you do.

So weird, Michigan gets free candy but apparently, here in Idaho, we give out something else for free. 
MARIJUANA! Not even kidding.
You can read all about it here.

We had a little bit of Halloween excitement on the home front but that’s for another post. Let me just say this, neighbors, ya’ can’t live with ’em, ya’ can’t punch ’em in the face…
Or can you??

In the “did you know” category of life…
I didn’t know this but I am definitely a peanut butter lover. 
I always choose Jif! 

Click here for a short – very short – read on all things peanut butter lover month. Including a brief history of peanut butter. Did you know that peanuts aren’t even nuts??? They’re legumes. Who knew?

Are you a peanut butter lover?? 
My favorite cookies are peanut butter. 
Peanut butter chicken is my favorite Chinese dish.
A guilty pleasure? Peanut butter, banana, and mayo sandwiches.
Do you have any peanut butter favorites?
What’s everybody’s November looking like? Can you believe we’re 2 months away from 2018?? 
Still bummed we’re not living like the Jetsons.. Just sayin’.

What are your plans for the upcoming holidays or is it too soon?
I think we’re having a low key Thanksgiving but a very social Christmas.
Welcome, November… The month of thankfulness.
What are you thankful for today?
Today and every day, I am thankful for my children and grandchildren.