A couple of changes in case you haven’t noticed…
Something funky is going on with my whole Blogger/Google+ account. It’s been hit or miss letting me sign in or out! I’ve literally had to shut my computer down just to get out of the endless Google loop of not letting me do what I wanted to do! I don’t know what the deal is but I’m happy I backed everything up because today was another “no go” for me and Google+. So, until I figure out what the issue is, here I am, hangin’ with the angels and devils once again.
SIDENOTE: My kids think it’s my POS Dell computer.
Sooooo. What’s new and exciting?? Anything thrilling and spine-chilling┬áto report?
I’ve got nada for this post. I finally pried my crochet hook out of my hand and have replaced it with my sewing machine. Lots of projects out the door and in the works and some to be saved for Christmas.

Today in Boise it’s going to be a wonderful 61 degrees and then, boom, a 20+ degree temp drop and I’m okay with that. The summer of hideous heat is still fresh in my mind and I am still enjoying these cooler temps.
There is so much to chat about and catch up on. I’m heading your way! Oh. And for those of you on Facebook with me. I deactivated for a while. I’m kinda’ hangin’ out in Instagram-land and Twitter-ville. Less tempting for me to sit on my ass for hours on end and waste time and a little more low key. I’m diggin’ it for now. I’ll probably come back to Facebook eventually. I always do. Not sure when.
1, 2, 3! Everybody hold your breath!
Sometimes I write things to simply amuse myself…

I’m still posting on my FB fan page and you can visit me there by hitting that cool little like button on my FB badge over to the right. Grazie!
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