Seems I had a bit of a crash n’ burn with the month of January. I’ll try to do better this month.
Apparently by starting 4 days into the month.
***Did any of you get the chance to see the super blue blood moon?
– I missed it. The clouds were all over the place down here in the valley and it was way too early in the morning to go trekking up the mountains.

***What about Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of 6 more weeks of winter? True or false? Yay or nay?
If that proves to be true it won’t bother me in the least! We’ve had record breaking temps into the 60’s and that is a beautiful thing!

***Are you watching the Super Bowl today and if so, who are you rooting for? The Patriots or the Eagles?
– I know nothing of the Eagles but I’m pulling for them and ONLY because Tom Brady irritates me. The only time I root for the Patriots is when they’re playing the Seahawks and that’s only because EVERYONE out here is Seahawk crazy and they shove it down your throat with a pitchfork. Seriously.
Oh, and PS, I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. I’ll be Netflixing The Godfather trilogy.

***If you are watching and even if you’re not I suppose, what’s your favorite Super Bowl food?
– I like a good batch of chili and some pulled pork sandwiches and random chips n’ dips.
Too many irons in the fire! Crocheting, sewing, painting, Cricut. One day I’ll get around to taking pics and actually posting them here!

I’ve been cheating on Netflix with Hulu and just finished watching a great show, now canceled, of course, called Revenge.
It – was – amazing! And now I want to be Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke because she is badass.

I’m not streaming anything else at the moment. I usually only stream when I’m crocheting, it’s a mindless craft for me so I can watch while I crochet. Right now I’m painting and cutting with my Cricut. This requires my attention so it’ll be Dr. G Medical Examiner streaming in the background. You don’t really have to watch Dr. G to know what’s going on. You can listen. She explains things pretty thoroughly.
First and foremost, NO FLU! Not here, not with any of my kids or any of my grandchildren and I am SO incredibly thankful for that! I hope the same holds true for all of you! This flu that is going around is no joke! If you haven’t done so already, please, GET YOUR FLU SHOT!

However, despite not having the flu I am sickened. Sickened that one of our local priests – not mine – was arrested and charged with 10 counts of felony sexual exploitation and 1 count of a controlled substance. It’s beyond disturbing to me on so many, many levels.

Also disturbing? The USA Gymnastic sexual abuse cases. What the hell is wrong with people?? Is there no safe place for our children and grandchildren?? It’s so infuriating and kudos to the dad that went after that piece of shit team doctor, Nassar. The deputies should’ve moved a little bit slower and let that dad get in at least one good fist to that scumbag’s head! As my kids posted on Facebook, “Mom, this would’ve totally been you.” Yes.. Yes it would have.

I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time cleaning up my computer. Downloading and saving what needs to be downloaded and saved because as much as I hate to see my lit’l all in one Dell – that my kids hate – go, I think she’s on her last leg after nearly 5 years. Now the only decision to be made is laptop or desktop…
Going to make my rounds now. Reading, commenting, sharing, posting. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday today and if you’re rooting for a Super Bowl team, I hope they win!

13 thoughts on “FREE TRIAL MONTH

  1. So there you are. I wondered what happened to you. You do tend to disappear from time to time. Just saying.

    Revenge was a great show. Watched it some years back. Got hooked on it right away. Hated Victoria, but she played her part well.

    We got our flu shot last September when they came out. Get them every year, because if we don’t we’ll get the flu. every. single. time.

    No football for us. We don’t like all the politics, so no football.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. ♥

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    1. Here I am. Taking a break from life for a minute and trying to get back into blogging. My mojo just wasn’t there.. – I TOTALLY thought of you as Emily Thorne back in the day! Totally how I pictured you! 😀 – I’m not doing the football thing either. Too many other things to do but I’ll just end up Netflixing. 🙂 So happy you’re on WordPress!


  2. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who hasn’t been blogging much. Your true supporters will always be around, regardless. Missed the blood moon, don’t like (American) football (love the other kind, known as soccer in these parts), equally disturbed about all the sexual misconduct going on and echo your thoughts. What the hell is wrong with these people??! 😦 Even though he doesn’t know anything about this game (and doesn’t care), hubby is enjoying a “male bonding” evening at a Super Bowl party. I’ll be binge-watching Grace & Frankie. This household is half Italian and we loved the Godfather trilogy. Enjoy!
    P.S. Would love to see photos of your completed work. You’re so talented! ❤
    P.P.S. to Bernadette, above: Mrs. Maisel is one of the best series to come along in recent memory! We loved it.

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  3. Wow…you burned through a lot of topics!!! lol I’m rooting for the Pats cause I live here. BUT I LOVE THE SEAHAWKS! lol I missed the moon and I feel bad for the poor groundhog being pulled out of his den for that ridiculous ceremony.

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    1. I did! I feel like I’ve been away for a million years! I totally lost my blogging mojo and am so trying to get back in the swing of things. Life tends to prioritize itself and unfortunately, one of the first things to go to the wayside is my blogging. – So happy the Eagles got the win and I tell you this. Were it not for the hardcore Seahawk fans here I might watch them play a time or two but their ridiculous, over the top fans ruin it for me. – I love that the groundhog is still such a big deal. I remember this whole tradition from my childhood and as silly as it is, I hope it continues on and on. Also, 6 more weeks of the winter we’ve had? I’ll take it!


  4. Hello there Ms Lady!

    Yeah for no flu. I’ve never had a flu shot but probably next flu season I’ll do it… honestly I say that every year and every year I don’t get one… but maybe next year.

    Not a fan of any sport although hockey is number one in our house.

    Didn’t see the Super Moon, the inversion here is relentless from October through April. I think we were too far North this time anyway.

    Cricut is on my wish list of crafty tools must haves. My daughter has one and makes cool stuff. I go down a rabbit hole on YouTube watching what the thing is capable of.

    Other than that, happy February hope your nice weather continues!

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    1. Hey! So happy to see you! 😀 Very happy no flu for you and wow. I don’t know that I would chance a flu shot with your record of never getting it. There may be something to your choice. 🙂 – You will LOVE the Cricut! I love mine and I am in awe of those people on YouTube with their creations. You know they have a new machine now specifically for fabric… My machine cuts fabric pretty well so I don’t know that I’ll get one but.. Never say never, right? – Happy February to you as well my friend! And a continued fabulous year ahead! ❤

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  5. Didn’t get to see the super blue blood moon where I am. It was just too darn cold and cloudy. About Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction, not pleased and I’m sending my dogs out to find that groundhog and shake some sense into him LOL! Freezing cold and I’m done with winter. It is a beautiful thing that you have those nice temps there, enjoy!

    Yay that the Eagles won, I was rooting for them!! Tom Brady irritates me too, and so does his coach; I rarely ever root for the Patriots. The Eagles made some great plays, they were awesome. I don’t actually have a favorite Super Bowl food but pulled pork sandwiches sounds yummy. We just had pizza and later cheesecake for dessert.

    No flu for you or your family is great news! No flu here either, and I sure hope it stays that way for all of us because the flu is nasty this season. Got my flu shot early this time and I’m glad I did.

    So disturbing and sickening about one of your local priests. 😦 And the years of sexual abuse that happened with USA Gymnastics too. Those poor girls, my heart breaks for them. I say kudos to the dad who went after that piece of shit Nassar too! That man had 3 daughters abused by him, it’s too bad he couldn’t have gotten in at least one good punch. I hope Nassar is put right in with the general prison population, they’ll take care of him!!

    Happy crafting, you really do have a lot of irons in the fire! And good luck with a new computer purchase. I think I may need a new one later this year.

    LOL about Mimi’s quote for the day. 🙂 Have a great week!

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  6. You know, I always feel bad when I hear about family and friends still stuck in the deep freeze while we are enjoying spring-like temps out here. I seriously do want to send you all some of our amazing weather. They say misery loves company but for me, I just want some warm, smiling faces loving our temps all across the board! – Very happy for the Eagles. Now hopefully we won’t have to hear days of endless conversations about what went wrong for the Patriots with Tom Brady’s face all over. Ugh. – I’m so upset about our local priest and I thank God that he wasn’t ours but still, he was someone’s and my levels of sadness and anger just seem to rise and rise the more I think about it. The church better not sweep this under the rug! – Crafting, crafting, crafting is what I seem to be doing these days. It keeps me outta’ trouble. 😉 Here’s to a great week ahead for all of us and miraculous warm weather and melting snow for you!

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