“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist.
Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.’
To the two ladies who graciously gave my dog and I a lift back to my truck on Friday, thank you!

Turns out, I broke my ankle on the trail so not having to walk that last ~mile out was greatly appreciated. Thank you again!

If you happen to know two ladies who gave someone a ride in the area on Friday morning, please pass along my thanks!
***Yeah… Ted Bundy has a similar story…Turns out he broke his arm…
      (The Deliberate Stranger:  The Story of                  Serial Killer Ted Bundy – YouTube)

If you happen to know these two ladies DO NOT pass along Ted Jr’s “thanks!”
Are you fucking kidding me right now???
THIS is Hulls Gulch!
                             (Photo credit, Me!)
I’m not picking up a quarter if I drop it let alone some guy I don’t know with a dog that may or may not be his or that may or may not be trained to rip my leg off!
People are so fucking stupid…

Happy Monday folks!
I’m a little late to the game today. Lots going on. I do have to say, it was fantastic seeing Halloween decorations up in every store I went into today. Seriously. It’s been so hot here ANYTHING that brings thoughts of cooler weather is okay by me!
Tomorrow is another early day for me, in fact, this whole week is going to be early days for me. We don’t have a definitive date for my sister’s surgery so I’m trying to get my schedule in sync and reschedule what I can plus get all of my personal appts., dr. appts., etc. out of the way. I am not looking forward to an MRI. Any of those kinds of tests always freak me out, plus I flatlined in one of them before so yeah, no fun for me at all…

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful start to your week. Don’t work too hard if that’s your gig and if you’re playing, don’t overdo it. That heat is killer out there and apparently, it’s the same all over the globe!

Be well and be safe.


  1. I love that Ted Bundy original Uber pic. That gave me a chuckle! I cannot stand the heat and humidity here. It’s brutal. Makes me nauseous and cranky and exhausted. Can’t go anywhere or do anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know. I wish I had one of those pins! – I’m just biding my time on this weather. It’s supposed to be 105 this week with a cooling trend in the 90’s for this weekend. Perfect weather for floating the river they said.. I’ll be floating in my living room in the A fucking C! – I have to agree. Humidity would definitely be killer for me too. It really is just nasty. I hope you get a break soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Vidya! I’m confident all will be well with my sis and with me, and yes. Ted Bundy is super creepy or was and what a shame he didn’t use his powers for good instead of evil. He was good looking and intelligent and sadly, a monster. – Hugs to you!


    • Hahahahaha. Oh, thank goodness you weren’t offended! I never know from one visitor to the next who’s going to tell me I’m going to hell. Like I don’t already know that.. 😀 Thank *you* for stopping by my place!


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