Yay for those of us being in the coolest blogging group on the world wide web!

And a standing invitation to ANYONE who wants to hang with the “cool kids.”
C’mon. You know you want to…
Just click on the pic below to join in!
I’m SO happy to have some of the best bloggers I have ever read all in one place!
Thank you all for participating and making this group possible.
Now it’s OUR group and not just mine.

Group hug! Group hug!
Raise your hand if you’re happy to see Monday in the rearview mirror.

I finally got caught up on my vacation laundry and then I started cleaning and reorganizing my room, a.k.a the craft room with a bed in the middle of it, and now I have moooorrrrre laundry!

My reorganization is slow going. I’ve tossed a lot of things but I think I need to do more…
Maybe I need to call Marie Kondo.
Have any of you watched this show on Netflix????
So annoying…
I don’t know Marie… I didn’t feel like I was sparking a lot of joy yesterday…
Oh, and this?
This is never happening, Marie!!!
You can keep your tiny Asian voice and those tiny Asian hands outta’ my stuff!

Ya’ wanna’ know why???
Because every single one of my fucking craft supplies SPARK JOY!

Needless-to-say, you’ll probably never see me on an episode of
‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’ but you may see me here…
On tap for today?? MORE tossing and organizing!!
I’ll also be working on some crafts and crocheting.
My goal is to use up the craft/fabric/vinyl/paint that I have now before purchasing anymore.
So far, so good.
This is so true…
If you do, how do you most express your creativity?
If you don’t consider yourself crafty, do you have any other hobbies that “spark your joy???”
You know the drill.
Leave ’em in the comments because you know what a nosey bitch I am.
Time – 12:48pm
Temp – 53 degrees F/High today, 58 – Rain off n’ on
Mood – Feeling like a sloth.
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Really shitty sleep last night.
Best thing – Open windows!!!
Be well.

30 thoughts on “GROUP HUG!

  1. Thirty books? What. I’ve got two bookcases full and still have books stacked up here and there.

    I’ve not watched this gal, and I’m not going to either.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Big hug. ♥

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    • RIGHT?????? I have bookcases full too! I like seeing them and having them gives me comfort. My options are wide open with my reading AND my crafting! 😀 I’m taking that big, big hug! I need it! – Happy Tuesday ❤

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    • Seriously, I never thought about it that way before, Joe. She really is making a living off of her OCD disability! I wonder how I can make a living off of my adult ADHD….


  2. “My goal is to use up the craft/fabric/vinyl/paint that I have now before purchasing anymore.”<–ROTFL
    Is that anything like knitting the stash before buying more yarn? I wish you well (but don't believe you for a minute).

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Liz!!!!!! You’re right… The words almost didn’t make it off of my fingertips BUT… I haven’t purchased any in a while but I did bring some back from my vacation… Hahahahahahaha.


    • Well, that’s a talent, Mimi! That’s a talent people get paid to do! 😀 But I’m sure there’s something you have a knack for that others would find creative specifically to you. ❤


  3. My “hobby that sparks joy” isn’t anything creative, I simply enjoy surfing through real estate sites looking at the homes for sale. I enjoy being nosey and seeing all the different ways people arrange (or disarrange) their homes. I get ideas too about the “dream home” I’d love to have one day if I ever win the lottery. It’s less fun now than it used to be, because a lot of places are painted white and staged with ‘neutral’ furniture, there’s no charm or character, just bland samesamesame.
    As for having only 30 books, that’s just nuts. Any reader worth her words will tell you that’s unthinkable, I currently have four bookcases. Astonishingly, I’ve heard there are people who don’t read, haven’t read a book since leaving school!

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    • Ooooh. That’s a great hobby to have, River. Do you go to this site? CIRCA Old Houses
      They’ve left the charm in almost all of the houses on there. I may be guilty of wasting a ridiculous amount of time on that site.
      Sometimes I look for castles for sale in Europe and islands for sale all over. It’s fun to dream. 🙂


  4. I used to do different crafts, back in the days of embroidery, cross stitch, and macrame. Now, I just use creativity to repurpose stuff or make it new. I had some framed Williamsburg prints from the 80’s that I reused the mats and frames and blew up some recent vacation photos from Maui and Napa that went with the mats. I’m proud of how good they look.

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    • That’s awesome Bijoux. I like to repurpose too and I’m a thrift store junkie and depending on the store, a dumpster diver. Hahahaha. Anything to be creative. I still do embroidery and cross stitch. It’s relaxing to me. – Did you post some pics on your blog? I’d love to see them. 🙂


  5. I’m loving this group you set up Karen, and feel honoured to be one of the “cool kids”. 😀 Thank you so much for the invitation! ❤

    Marie Kondo seems way too anal for me! Only 30 books? WTF? And, all that stuff neatly sitting there. Does anything even get used or is it just for display purposes? I bet she would get along well with the über-annoying Martha Stewart. 😛

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  6. 30 books indeed! Bah! As much as I enjoy being organized, Ms. Kondo can never be my guru. Love that pic about the books. Yep, my nightstand floweth over and I am happy about it.

    Joined the group yesterday, Karen! Thank you.

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  7. I’ve never watched Marie Kondo, and I really don’t know anyone whose joy is sparked by tidying up. And she thinks that people should keep less than 30 books? Not for me! Love books; I can never have too many books. In fact, I am in need of more bookcases. I’m not really crafty but I admire people who are. I express my creativity through writing when I can, and through photography, just taking pictures of flowers, birds, my dogs, the moon, whatever and whenever I can. Now that sparks joy; tidying up never did. Love Mimi’s thought for the day. 🙂


    • Hahaha. You’re not missing anything, JLil. 🙂 But, if you want a laugh at least watch one. – And yes. Your creative spark is most definitely in your photography AND WRITING which I know you’re going to get back to. 🙂

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  8. Yay – it actually worked this time when I hit like! Must have been Safari – I’m using Firefox now. Just hope this comment works this time. Marie Kondo is crazy! We don’t get her show here but I’ve seen her online – she’s nuts! 30 books? THIRTY books! When you put tidiness above reading material you have a problem. And anyway – bookshelves – duh!

    I’m still laughing at the craft supplies picture. That’s the only time a crafting area ever looked like that – posed for a picture. It’s this kind of crap that makes people feel inadequate. When you see this and then look at your own mess, you do wonder what is wrong with you (well, I don’t, but some people probably try to be like that).

    My craft room used look like there had been an explosion at a Hobby Craft store. I had to give that up and have everything in big units in an outhouse now so it’s not too bad but holy hell, i’ve never seen anything as bad as that tidy table. Horrendous😂😂😂

    And good luck with your efforts to use everything up before you buy more craft supplies. Been there. Didn’t manage that. 🤣

    As usual your wit has made me laugh out loud all on my own here. But I’m really ashamed to confess the pictures of Marie Kondo made me want to punch her (and I’m a pacifist😳) So that’s a little worrying.

    Thanks for the group hug!


    • Hahahahahahaha! Aside from the fact that she wants to throw all of my shit away, it’s her tiny little voice and tiny little hands that creep me out and her connection to clothing… Ugh. – Today is an odd day for me. I only have crochet out. 3 different projects but only one medium so I’m good with that. That to me is organized. 😀 – You know I should’ve counted the days since I’ve made a craft purchase. I could be breaking someone’s ridiculous record right now! Sorta’ like my lit’l sister holds the record in our family of most grocery bags carried in in one trip. Or the fact that one of my nephews has the biggest head in the family. Yep. We’re that competitive and weird as I read what I just wrote… Hahahaha. – SO happy the comment issue has been resolved! I’m using Chrome but I might switch to Firefox.

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  9. Haha! Very funny! Your nightstand looks like mine. I did read Marie Kondo’s book and watched the Netflix series. I think she is onto something but I need her to come and help me. I thought I was supposed to save heirlooms so my son could sell it in a yard sale some day. I didn’t know they were supposed to bring me joy! Have a great weekend. Glad you started the facebook group. Hugs!


    • Omgosh, right?? I’ve given things to my grown children that have sentimental value and also cash value. I’m pretty sure once I’m dead all my shit will be on ebay! Hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by and SO happy to have you in our group!

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  10. I ha e watched her show and I have applied some of her techniques. I was creating happy places, who knew making your laundry closet pretty would make you smile until you realize what the room is for. Her folding technique does save room. I just don’t thank my clothing. It’s just not me and if I getting rid of I am not thanking it either.

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    • Hahahahaha. Yessssssssss. I guess that what I find most annoying with her, that whole thanking each object thing! Totally distracts me from the rest of the show!


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