So, yesterday, while I was visiting all of my regular blogs on my blog list I came across a few blog titles from other bloggers that caught my eye so I clicked…
Wow. What a mess!

I thought maybe from the titles these would be blogs I might want to follow but once I got to their page all I saw were ads, ads, and more ads!

Two lines of blogging, a big ‘ol ad and then two more lines of blogging all the way thru the post. It was so distracting I couldn’t stay interested so I just left.

I checked around on the world wide web and only 2% – 4% of “pro-bloggers” actually make money blogging. It’s crazy…

I’ve blogged about this before in this post and seriously, blogging is definitely not what it used to be.

Which brings me to an announcement…
Because I soooo long for the days of “old school” blogging I started a Facebook group specifically for us old school bloggers!
EVERYONE is welcome to join and to share your blog posts to a group of kindred spirit, old school bloggers.

It’s as simple as clicking on that photo right there or on this link,
‘OLD SCHOOL BLOGGERS the originals.’

ALSO – If you know any bloggers who would be interested in a blogging group with more emphasis on blogging rather than selling, please do send them to this group!
Okay… That was exciting butttttttttt………
NOT as exciting as the season finale of Game of Thrones…
It’s over and I just want to cry!!!
I heard chatter that people were upset about the ending. I was not one of those people. I loved everything about this show and am really kinda’ sad that it’s over.
Jon Snow was my crush and I seriously wish dragons were real.
Got caught up on another show that I absolutely love, Lucifer on Netflix.
Can’t wait for season 5! Thank you, Netflix for saving this show!
Well, it’s Monday and I’ve got lots to do today. I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. What did everybody do over the weekend? I’m still on my vacation laundry and re-organizing which is just as well because it’s still raining here.
Time – 6:10am
Temp – 50 degrees F/High today, 57 and SURPRISE…
Mood – Awake!!!
Bitch, bitch, bitch – A shallow bitch for the day. I broke a nail so far down it looks like I only have a nub! This never happens to me. Wahhhhhh.
Best thing – Up early starting my day!
Be well.

27 thoughts on “AD-ITUDE!

  1. Can’t stop laughing, Karen! Hugs!

    I know what you mean about the ad-crazy stuff. Not only are they placed after every two lines, but also pop up from all over the place! And between comments.

    Good to know you’re settling back down after a lovely vacation – loved your photos! Sorry about that nail. Can hurt like hell! Take care of it!

    Great idea on the old-school blogging group!

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    • Yay! I’m not the only one! And YES!!! Those pop-ups that come from every direction!! I don’t mind a few but when the whole page is blinking like the lights in Las Vegas I’m done! – And thank you, Vidya. Yes. I am settling back down. I’m still not on Idaho home time but that’s okay. I wake up early and get a head start on things. 🙂 – I hope you will join the group. We’d love to have you!

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  2. If you approve me I joined the group on Facebook.

    I love Lucifer. I’ll be watching the next season as soon as we get through the 14 seasons of Supernatural. Love this show. We’re on season 11.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Big hug. ♥

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    • Yep. I sure did! OF COURSE, I DID!!! 😀 – Lucifer is just a nice twist on an old story and it helps that Lucifer is totally hot… Hahahaha. – Supernatural is like the Every Ready bunny, it just keeps going and going and going… Seems like every time I hear it’s the last season we get more! I hope that stays true. 🙂 – Thank you for joining in the group, Sandee. Hugs to you… ❤

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  3. I was not able to get into GOT, too complicated, could not understand the dialog, could not tell who was who, etc etc, usual old people complaints, but Mrs. C got hooked and she loved the ending.

    I will look into your Facebook page, I agree with you about old school blogging, today is not the same. Ocne people figured out they could not make money they started dropping out. I remember when I would get three or four new followers every week…mostly people looking for a re-follow and never really read mine. Now If I get a new follower or two in a year it is surprising.

    Blogging now is like the Bachelor TV show, you have to be there for “The right reasons!”

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    • Hahahahaha. I think men don’t get GoT because they don’t see Jon Snow the way women do. 😀 Also, what woman doesn’t want to be called the Mother of Dragons and actually have dragons??! – You’re definitely in on the Facebook group and you posted and that’s all there is to it. 😀 Thank you so much for joining in! You can also invite other old school bloggers to join in. 🙂 – My hope is for us to take back our blog-o-sphere! I really did search high n’ low to see somebody actually making money on blogging and I didn’t find anyone. No specific names just percentages and those didn’t look in favor of turning bloggers into millionaires. – I like the stories and the opinions and the down to earth connect of old school blogging and I’m happy that others do as well. 🙂


  4. I visit a few blogs that have ads, but they are not that bad. The worst for me is on Pinterest, when I want to look at a recipe and I have to scroll down a mile just to get to it because of the ads or their photos of each step. Because I need a photo of someone stirring??

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    • Omgosh… I KNOW!!! Pinterest is bad! If I have to wade thru a million add to get a cookie recipe obviously I don’t need that cookie recipe.


    • They’re just ridiculous and seriously unless they’re making a substantial amount of cash, is it really worth it?


    • I wish I had your will power, Mimi. So many times I wish I hadn’t joined but I’ve found more pros than cons and now I’m hooked! 😀


  5. You are so right, blogging is not what is used to be. Many of the bloggers I once knew don’t blog anymore. And I do not like the ones with all those ads!!

    Karen, I think it’s fantastic that you started a Facebook group specifically for us old school bloggers (love the name and image too!). I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging for a while now, it’s just been a matter of finding time. Between this week and next week alone, I have one dental and two doctor appointments, plus work and various contractors at the house for major projects to be done. But I really want to find a way to carve out time for blogging again. Hopefully soon (although soon now is looking like June at the earliest!). I spent the weekend weeding and cleaning up the yard. So much rain has produced a ton of weeds! The backyard is a mud pit from all the rain, and the dogs running around in it trampling what little grass we have left didn’t help. I think we’ll finally see sun this week I hope your week goes well. Have fun with that vacation laundry, been there LOL!


    • The door is always open and I KNOW that one day you will get back on the old school blogging train. No hurry, no worry. 🙂 I hope your dental and dr appts go well. Sending lots of good vibes for those. Wow. Contractors in for renovations. Always chaotic. Poor you… And omgosh… I’ll pray for sunshine for both of us! Geez o’ Pete! Rain there, rain here… BUT… No tornadoes or flooding so I’m thankful for that. Muddy dogs… Hahahahaha. Every spring/mud season in Michigan. I don’t miss that! 😀

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  6. I don’t think I’ve seen any blogs where the ads pop up every couple of lines or so. I know I don’t read many blogs, so maybe I’ve just been lucky. There were a couple that had ads on the side that would blink or move somehow and that sort of thing causes migraines for me, so I stayed away from those blogs and I’ve installed an ad-blocker on my computer, so I don’t get any ads popping up anymore
    I never watched Game of thrones, always saying I’d wait for it to finish and then buy the entire set to watch. Not sure if I will though. I have the books on my kindle, so I can read them at leisure.
    I’ve recently been introduced to Lucifer, he is a cutie, I haven’t watched more than the first episode though as I’m working my way through a bunch of other series and doing it alphabetically.
    I stay away from Facebook, so won’t get to see the old style bloggers.


    • Omgoodness, those ads are everywhere I look and I’m always thinking, wow if I’d of wanted to view a catalog online I’d pick one with better stuff! – As for GoT, I’m sure everyone has told you. The books – which I have also – are so not the show and that’s good and bad. I enjoy them both but got hooked on Jon Snow in the series. 🙂 – And you sound like me with your alphabetical show watching. 🙂 I do that a lot and I stick to it for a good long while and then.. Well, Lucifer pops up and here I am.


  7. Oh yes, those ad-clogged blogs are SO annoying, especially when they have a bunch of pop-ups! That said, I do have a couple of ads on my site, but at the bottom and off to the side. I was hoping to earn a little money to offset the costs of maintaining a self-hosted website. Ha! In the six years since joining Adsense, I’ve made a grand total of about $50.00. Since they don’t pay out until you reach at least $100, I’ll be old(er) and grey(er) before that happens. 😛 Love your idea for the blogging group, and I’ve shared it around.

    Never got into Game of Thrones, but we did see a few of their filming locations while touring Croatia. They even have some excursions geared to those specifically! Lucifer is one of my favourite shows, and I was thrilled when Netflix brought it back. Finished the final season 4 episode last night. Can’t wait to see what happens in season 5. How could they NOT renew it?


    • Aren’t those blogs just hideous??? It’s like an immediate migraine for me! Also. Your site is NOTHING like those seizure causing sites. Holy moly… I’m sorry you’re not making 6 figures with your blog. Ugh. I doubt anyone is even the blogs that supposedly teach you how! – How cool that you got to see those places! I would love to go everywhere they filmed! – Ooohhh. I am so waiting for season 5 of Lucifer but if he really gets together with Det. Decker and what if she gets pregnant?? It will feel like those Twilight movies so I hope it doesn’t go in that direction!

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      • I think the only way to make money through blogging is to use Adsense PLUS affiliate links and have thousands of daily visitors. It would be a full-time job! Where’s the fun in that? 😛 For me, it’s a creative outlet and social activity, but I can’t do it on a daily basis. As for Lucifer, the celestial baby angle has already been done with Amenadiel and Linda, so I hope they don’t take that route with Decker.


      • I totally agree with you on trying to make money blogging. It would be a full-time job and that wouldn’t be any fun. – It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with Lucifer and Decker… Kinda’ can’t wait. 🙂


  8. I vowed when I started blogging I would not have ads on my blog. I do have a store that sells my book and doll but I rarely promote them. The other thing that makes me lose interest in a blogger is when they release a book and every blog post hence promotes the book. I have struggled thinking I need to find a niche, but don’t want to be restricted. I like the idea of the old school blogger! I’ll check out your facebook group. Found you from Gilly’s blog.


    • Omgosh. I am SO with you, Molly! And you know. I don’t mind people selling their stuff. I make things that I sell but every single post is not about that. And those ads.. For me to have that many on my blog they’d have to be making me a substantial amount of cash to keep me in Ibuprofen for all of the headaches I’d be having!

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  9. I’m gonna have to watch out where Google puts their ads! I think I have it set so that they can’t place any in the middle of posts – you’ve got me worried now👀 I do know what you mean – it’s awful when you scroll through a post on your iPad and you have to watch where you place your scolling finger in case you hit an ad that will dump dodgy cookies on you device before you can stop it jumping to the ad.


    • Oh no, your sites are fine. Seriously, I visited two blogs on the same day that had two lines of blogging and then giant ads, then two lines of blogging, then ads. It was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever seen! No worries on your end Gilly. 🙂


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