10 thoughts on “2020 – MONDAY RAIN

  1. Ok, don’t kill me, but is that a vibrator in your tea? LOL! The Monday Vibe with that oddly shaped green thing is throwing me!

    Awful news about Kobe. For years, my husband and I have said we would never ever ride in a helicopter. People go down all the time in Hawaii on those tours and it freaks us out. I feel just awful for his wife and other kids. Unimaginable.


    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Stay tuned… On ‘Wordless Wednesday’ I’ll reveal my “vibrator” just for you! Also, I’ve never said those words to anyone in my life and probably never will again! Hahahahahaha! – Omgosh… That crash… I hope they were unaware. It’s just too sad to even think that they may have known they were in trouble.


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