2020 SELF ISOLATION – Things I’ve Learned

I now have a favorite pair of pajamas, a favorite nightgown, a favorite pair of slippers and a favorite sleep mask.

I can wear my hair up or down, straight or curly, spiked out or greased flat.
I can put on a wig, long or short.
I can dry shampoo, regular shampoo or shampoo not at all!

I can do my make-up like the Joker in Batman or like a really hot hooker with lashes for days, smokey eyes and luscious lips.

Unfortunately, I can also eat an entire pie, cake, a dozen donuts, two dozen cookies, a bag of Tostino pizza rolls, 3 boxes of hot pockets and every granola bar we have in the house PLUS all of the chocolate milk and ice cream!
Basically, anything sweet and/or filled with carbs. I’m there.

That being said, unless there are men out there – other than the ones who go for the Kartrashians and their big ‘ol construction-grade, silicone injected fat asses – who like a little more A LOT MORE cushion for the pushin’ it doesn’t look like my lashes for days, smokey-eyed, luscious lipped hooker gig will be a go.

Needless-to-say, my low carb lifestyle has gone out the window but not before I lost 15lbs. Now, I’m afraid to get on the scale… It’s so much safer on the couch. The couch doesn’t judge me or weigh me!

I hope that all of you are staying in – if you can – and staying healthy. I hope the coronavirus’ tentacles haven’t reached too far into your families, certainly not health-wise and hopefully not employment wise.

In the midst of all of this chaos I am finding much to be thankful for and I hope that you are too.

I’m thankful that my family and friends are healthy.
I’m thankful for all of the people who are out there working daily among this virus to take care of us in every way. Those people truly are the heroes.
And I am so very thankful for my faith and the gift of being able to believe without seeing.