I started this post yesterday and my day got away so it has now become a “twofer” post except Wordless Wednesday will not be very wordless.

No reason for the title of this post other than I just wanted to change up the name because I know there are a million and one – I counted – posts titled Cinco De Mayo floating around the web today. And speaking of mayo. Do you guys remember the commercial jingle, “Bring out the Hellman’s and bring out the best?”
This commercial is from 1973.

***Falling under the “and now you know” and “useless information” categories of life…

Something I discovered while looking for the Hellman’s commercial is that Hellman’s Mayo is also Best Foods Mayo and they both have the same jingle. The proverbial killing of two birds with one stone. Marketing 1 product with 2 names with 1 jingle.
Very clever… I see what ya’ did there Best Foods.

This comment was below this commercial on YouTube. Fact or fiction I don’t know but it sounds legit.

Originally seen in 1966. “Hellmann’s” is sold as ‘Best Foods’, “west of the Rockies”, because the “Hellmann’s” trademark doesn’t extend across the entire United States. An alternate version, using the “Hellmann’s” jar, was also filmed.
Thanks Barry!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! And for the first time since this quarantine, I’m super happy I won’t be in any grocery store coming across a big ‘ol fucking cow head in the meat section! So gross. As is cow tongue and chicken feet! Who is eating this shit and whhhhhyyyyyyy?

And speaking of gross shit. My mom used to buy beef brains and put them in my dad’s scrambled eggs. Also gross. Us kids tried them because when Sgt. Ray said, “just try it, it’s not poison.” We believed him. My dad was always bringing home stuff for us to “try.” Chocolate-covered insects, octopus, caviar.
All gross, gross, and disgustingly gross.

I’m also super happy I won’t be in any stores seeing pig head in the meat section either. Also gross.
I went to a pig roast one time and after the pig was roasted and everybody had had their fill someone cracked open the skull and people started scooping out the brains on crackers.
Miraculously, I didn’t vomit at least not at this party.
I remember trying it “just to be polite” but I was told I was drinking mass quantities of alcohol at that pig roast so I don’t really know if I liked it.
My days of being polite at pig roasts and basically everywhere else are over.

I started my day with my grandson Aidan calling to thank me for the masks I made for him. That was really sweet and then he actually wants me to make more! Yay. They must’ve been a success. That makes me happy. That also makes me sitting at my sewing machine for most of the day and that’s okay by me!

My granddaughter, Aidan’s sister Kiernan, called me on Duo today and read me a Pinkalicious book which was really sweet of her!
The call from my grandson and having a book read to me by my granddaughter plus beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and doors and windows wide open to catch the breeze…
What more can a Mimi hope for?!

This post got away from me too because you know, I was at the sewing machine! I hope you’re all well. I like to check in with all of you. I think it’s good that we check in with each other. I hope the next catastrophe that we face doesn’t take our computers down because then what??? Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.


17 thoughts on “2020 – CINCO DUH MAYO ON RYE PLEASE

  1. You’s a mess! Ha. Laughed all the way through this. The brains, tongue, chicken feet as food comes from 2 eras. The Middle Ages without refrigeration when everything was eaten before it spoiled and the Great Depression when what was on your plate might be all you’d see for a while. Desperate times…


  2. Pig roast? Ugh, count me out. I hate pork. I can only ever eat pork if it is ham or bacon, and seeing people scoop out brains onto crackers would have me barfing in the bushes.


  3. Our local cat shelter, for the first time in several years, was unable to hold their annual Cinco De Meow Bowling Tournament. My cats have informed me that we all have it wrong, it should have been Cinco de Meow to begin.

    There are several Best Foods brands that change names, with the Rocky Mountains seeming to be the divide between names, and i’m not sure why.

    All that gross food, that’s one of the good things about being vegetarian, i can politely decline all “parts”.

    Hold your loved ones close in your heart and stay safe.


    1. That’s very true about being a vegetarian. Man, I’m going to use that as an excuse when people want me to try gross foods. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


  4. When it comes to Mayo, we’re Hellman’s folks. I quite frankly prefer Miracle Whip on sandwiches. You kill me with this post. Very funny.
    I wrote a funnier comment about 2 am, but I must not have hit publish! I think it was funnier. But, it was 2 am.
    Have a GREAT Thursday and stay healthy.


    1. I am when I go back east but here it’s all about Best Foods. Now… Miracle whip and real mayo are always such a debate with people. I use Miracle Whip mainly in salads and deviled eggs but not always… Also when I make my tuna fish salad I’ll use Miracle Whip but my egg salad I use Best Foods mayo. My daughter and I cook very much the same but the boys are not fans of Miracle Whip. So weird. They’ve eaten it all their lives… And yes you did comment earlier and it is funny! 🙂


  5. So, I know you grew up in Michigan with Hellmann’s, but do you have Best Foods in Idaho? Did I ever tell you that I was in my 40’s when I realized what Ore-Ida referred to? LOL!

    I can’t handle any type of ‘offal’ (I learned that vocabulary word from watching Top Chef!) My daughter-in-law, who is Chinese, eats all that crap. Her idea of a treat growing up was bunny head. How disturbing is that? And it’s not lost on me that this is why we have Covid19!

    That’s sweet to hear about your grandkids. We FaceTime our 2.5 YO grandson and read him books. He always says, when we get a book out, “Can you turn the pages?” Nope, Nolan, we are going to sit here and look at the cover all day! Bahahaha!


    1. Yes. Best Food out here, Hellman’s back there. I never knew. And that’s so funny about Ore-Ida1 But, ya’ know. A lot of people never figure it out. We have a store out here called Winco. And when we get newbies in town they assume it’s a store owned by the Winn Dixie stores. Nope. Winco is Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. Hahahahaha. – Yeah, I’m not a fan of all of the body parts and for the life of me can’t figure out what people use chicken feet for. I would think VooDoo. Lol.. – I had a sister-in-law from the Philippines and I never ate anything she made. NO WAY. And I can’t even imagine bunny head for a treat. Gross. I hate rabbits, they freak me out. – Hahahaha. Nope. No turning pages. Hahahaha.


  6. I did know about Hellmann’s and Best Foods. I’m a Best Foods kind of gal. Just saying.

    Yay on the masks.

    I don’t want to think about no computer either. I would be at a loss for sure.

    I linked this post to my Wordless Wednesday post. You crack me up.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you and a big hug coming your way. ♥


    1. I’m Best Foods too. I don’t think we have Hellman’s but I know we had it in Michigan. – Thank you for linking me even tho I am rarely ever wordless, on Wednesday or any other day of the week. – xoxox

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been but not as busy as some. My friend has made 500 masks already and probably over that by now! That’s busy! – Omgoodness, I am so enjoying these talks with my grandchildren. I look forward to them so much. They really make my whole day. 🙂


  7. A post on Cinco De Mayo about mayo. Love it! So clever. 😉 Hope you had a happy Cinco De Mayo. I remember that Hellman’s commercial. Well, I basically dislike mayo expect once in while in a potato salad but only a little bit. I don’t know why but I just never liked it since I was a kid. I never liked peanut butter either (even though I love peanuts by themselves). I guess I’m just different LOL!

    Ugh about cow’s tongue and chicken feet, and beef brains on scrambled eggs. That must be an acquired taste. I have heard that chocolate covered insects can be delicious (and crunchy LOL!), but I prefer not to try them. Never been to a pig roast but I’d need lots and lots of alcohol to get through it if I ever did. My Italian mother used to eat pickled pig’s feet. Tried it once and It made me gag, gross! But one of my sisters liked it.

    Your grandchildren are sweet! Mimi’s thought for the day is very poignant especially during this time. ❤


    1. Hahahaha. You are not so different. My daughter and son-in-law’s pub makes an amazing potato salad with NO mayo. I didn’t think it was possible but it’s really yummy. Also. My son is with you on peanut butter but he too loves nuts. I’ll have to let him know that more of his people exist on this planet. Hahahaha. Those insects WERE crunchy and just so gross. We ate octopus and we chewed on the suckers and they just got bigger and bigger, Alaskan bubble gum my ass. They can have it! Now… Pickled pigs feet I too like. 😀 I know. Weird but I do. I haven’t had them in forever but they were always in the house growing up. 🙂 – And yes, my grandchildren are sweet but ya’ know I’ve got those 2 grandsons both 13 so you know how teenage boys are. Right now I’m gonna’ have to go with my granddaughters being sweeter than my grandsons altho I love them all equally. ❤

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