That’s the phrase that was stuck in my head this morning when I woke up. Copy that.
I didn’t have any weird vibe or negative vibe so I’m guessing everything in my dream was fine, whatever that dream was. Dreams are so weird. Sometimes there’s meaning to them. Sometimes you can connect the dream with things that happened throughout the day or something you watched. Sometimes they mean absolutely zero. I’m pretty sure this was that.

I also woke up to some wonderful rain and much lower temps that aren’t supposed to climb out of the 60’s today which I am totally loving. What I’m not loving? Waking up to these pain-in-the-ass allergies.  Omgosh. I feel like I just want to cut a jack-o-lantern triangle right at the bridge of my nose just so I can breathe!
Yeah. Sorta’ like that.

Currently, the girls and I are enjoying some loose leaf rooibos tea, with a bit of ginger, lemon balm, cinnamon, calendula petals, and all kinds of good stuff to help with my allergies. So far so great.

I’m also taking allergy meds. Supposedly non-drowsy allergy meds but I think that’s a big fat lie because they make me soooo tired.

If I can get my allergies under control I’m going to make some garlic hummus today.
And just in case you’re curious…
That’s a 5lb bag of garbanzo beans.
I can’t wait to get started!

1.) Today I am thankful for tea and allergy meds.
2.) I’m thankful for the much-needed rain.
3.) I’m thankful for a cozy bed to fall back into until the allergy meds work.

What’s on tap for all of you this Thursday?
How’s your day going so far? (It’s 6:43am here)
What are you thankful for today?
I hope you all have a wonderfully amazing day or a wonderfully chill day.
Whichever, whatever, just enjoy!



  1. Dreams are so weird! I’m lucky to not have any allergy issues. What the heck with that bag of chickpeas? I didn’t even know they sold them like that!

    Just a boring day here with laundry and ironing. I took a long walk this morning and I’m grateful to be alive and that I have 2 very sweet grandkids and one on the way. XO


    • Dreams *are* weird. – And these allergies… Ugh. I used to only be allergic to cats now it’s everything that blows in the wind. Blah. – I can’t wait to see what the hummus turns out like. I’m doing the chickpeas in the instant pot which should cut the prep time in half. We’ll see. – Omgosh. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who still irons! People look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them I iron. – Being alive and having those sweet grandbabies is a huge thankful!


  2. Copy that is a phrase hubby and I use.

    I’m sorry your allergies are going crazy.

    Wonderful thankful things.

    We’re heading to the boat today and getting it ready for a cruise weekend after next. We’re ready for that.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, Karen. Love you. ♥


    • That is so cool you and your hubs say that. With your background, it’s a natural I’m sure, and sweet. 🙂 – I’m so happy you’re doing a cruise. Where to this time or is it a surprise? Take pics. I miss seeing all of the boats back east. – Love you! ❤


  3. I never remember my dreams. Mrs. C always does and often tells me of them. I interpret them for her and the result is they always mean that she needs to do something…then she smacks me!

    A man can try.


    • I usually have a clear recall of my dreams but sometimes it’s just gibberish or keywords. I notice when I take medication my dreams tend to go off the rails and I’ve been taking allergy meds so maybe it’s that. – I fear our cool weather is done until October or November too. This cool and rainy day was a quirk. We’re back in the 90’s tomorrow. Yuck I wish it was spring and fall all year long. 🙂


  4. I found the best time to take antihistamine for my allergies is bedtime, if they make me drowsy I’m already in bed, so I sleep. This doesn’t work so well at the height of the season when I need to take the pills in the daytime too, but that’s what afternoon naps are for.


    • I would prefer to take them at bedtime but I take other medicine before I go to bed so I’ll have to check with my doc about drug interaction. It would be nice to get a solid 8 of hours of sleep at night instead of a broken-up sleep pattern, ya’ know?


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