This post was going to be titled, Friyay!
But then it dawned on me that I’m not in my 20s anymore!
I know, like a mirror and my clothes wouldn’t have given me any hints over these past 30+ years…

So, I retitled the post, Friyawn, and made up my own definition because you can do that.
I am okay with Friyawns. How ’bout you????
Any plans for your Friyawn???

I think I’m going to make it a movie night and watch that new Ben Affleck flick, The Tender Bar.
It’s gotten some great reviews so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.
I’ll let ya’ know!


Be kind ~ Be thankful ~ Be loving ~ Be you!

❤ mimi ❤

14 thoughts on “FRI-YAWN…

  1. I’ve been having Friyawns for years now, ever since I retired. I’m not a socially active person anyway so it hasn’t made a big difference here.


  2. I’m just happy to be home now. It was a weird day. It went sideways at the beginning. Things eventually worked out. But I’m tired, so I’m feeling a Fri-yawn.


  3. We’ve been staying home for almost two years now! YAWN is right. 😛 Not that I have the enthusiasm to go anywhere, anyhow. 😄 We go out with the dog and that’s mostly it. #COVIDSucks Enjoy the movie!


    1. There are actually a lot of places here that are still open without restrictions but I’m still not quite on board with close crowds. My kids go to the movies all the time and are out n’ about a lot more than I am but I’m a germaphobe anyway so this pandemic hasn’t helped me a whole lot. Mostly I like being outside anyway so patio drinks and hitting the trails suit me just fine.

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  4. We used to always go out for Happy Hour on Fridays if hubby could leave work early. Covid killed that fun tradition! Now we just drink at home. Lots of Friyawns here. Hope your movie was a good one.


  5. Oh my goodness. I so love your humor. Our Friday night we went grocery shopping to get it out of the way before our ice storm today hits. We picked up sushi for dinner and watched Iowa Wrestling…very Friyawn. Have a good weekend my friend.


  6. Had no plans for Friyawn, so I guess it really was a Friyawn lol! It was just a dreary, rainy day, good for tv watching. I hope your movie was good. 🙂



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