Frosty rooftops, snowy ground, and the sun trying to poke thru.

Silence and it’s wonderful.

2022 is a healthy year for all of us. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

This headline is a big fat lie!
Michelle Kwan Gave Birth To Her First Baby & We’re Obsessed With Her Name
Seriously? Okay, just so you don’t have to actually click on the link, the baby’s name is Kalista Belle.
—> WOW MICHELLE! Really??? That’s so original! I’m so fucking obsessed! <— <Insert eye roll here.>

It’s actually the audiobook and so far it’s really good.
Q & A – Do you think listening to a book counts as reading one?
I struggled with this for a long time. I even judged others – I know! Not Mimi, right??? – I totally doubted their reading comprehension and mentally lowered their IQ’s
not really, okay maybe based solely on the fact that they chose to listen instead of picking up a real book and reading it the old-fashioned way. Mimi, you’re such a bitch.

—> I was wrong of course. <—
(Take a screenshot, you won’t see that admission often.)

And now I really like listening to audiobooks. Not all the time because I still prefer a book in my hand but there is a time and place for audiobooks.
What say ye’??????
Is listening to a book the same as physically holding and reading one?

I did watch the movie The Tender Bar on Amazon. (Subscription)
I reeeaalllly liked it and I do recommend it. It’s definitely a feel-good movie and the cast and characters are great. I have to say, the actors brought their A-game to this movie.

I watched season 1 of Under The Vines on AcornTV. (Subscription)
It’s a really cute show and I can’t wait to see season 2.

I’m currently watching My Life Is Murder, also on AcornTV. I’ve just started season 2 of this show.
It stars Lucy Lawless a.k.a Xena: Warrior Princess. If you’re old enough, you may remember her like this.
Yeah, she doesn’t look much like that anymore but I think she’s still just as beautiful.

I recommend watching this show too. Nothing intense. No blood and gore. More like the old-fashioned Columbo Mysteries.

A warm n’ cozy gray n’ pink long flannel nightgown which I’ll remove before going to bed because my pajamas and sheets fight in the night and I don’t like being strangled.
Not that you asked…

This beautiful teacup and saucer that I got from my daughter-in-law and the wonderful tea that I got from my other daughter-in-law.
The tea is so yummy and with the teacup set, it just makes my tea time very special and I love it. Soooo relaxing.

Space for all things I will be creating! Ha!

Whew! Okay, late post. Long post! Criminey! It’s like I think all you have to do all day/night is read my drivel! Or skim my drivel! Whichever it is, I’m just happy you’re here!

My whole weekend was all about stuff – organizing it, sorting it, tossing it, or putting it in the Good Will box! My goal is by the end of January to have gotten my shit in order so I can get on with my next goal which is creating more stuff to sort thru next year. I know. Genius!

How was your weekend? Anything thrilling and spine-chilling happening?? Altho for some of you, chilled spines is exactly what you’re getting with that artic air back east!
Bbbrrr. Wrap yourself in a blanket but bare your soul in the comments! I wanna’ know what’s happenin’! I’m nosey like that. You all know.


Be kind ~ Be thankful ~ Be loving ~ Be you!

❤ mimi ❤

16 thoughts on “MOODY MONDAY

  1. I think audiobooks are great! They make mundane chores easier to handle. I hate the drudgery of housework and want to run screaming from the room without some kind of distraction. Loud rock music also works for that. 😀 Thanks for your recommendation about the Tender Bar. I was thinking of watching it and will for sure, now. My Life is Murder is a great show. We finished season two a while back and are eagerly awaiting the next one. Huge fan of Lucy Lawless, in all of her guises. Michelle who? Oh, right, the figure skater. Why is that even news about her baby’s name? ~Yawn~ Have a good week!


    1. I’m listening to audiobooks while I crochet and for some reason, I always listen to Celtic music while cleaning house. I have no idea why but I’ve been cleaning house to that vibe for years now. 🙂 – I finished My Life Is Murder season 2. Now I wait….


  2. The silence of snow is beautiful. I especially love when snow is falling at night and everything is still. I haven’t tried audiobooks yet but I’ve been thinking about it. I still love the smell of a new book and the feel of a book in my hand, but sometimes it might be nice to listen too.

    LOL about your PJs and sheets! I love your pretty teacup and saucer. And I love the creative way you put this post together with the different headings.

    Besides taking pics of snow around the yard and my dogs, which I’ll be posting on FB, I marked my calendar and started making preparations for 2 upcoming surgeries. First, the cataract surgery I mentioned which I’ll do in Feb. That will take up appts most of the month with the pre-op visit, left eye surgery, a week later right eye surgery, then follow-up visits. Then in April, I’m finally having the midfoot fusion surgery for osteoarthritis knobs on my left foot that I’ve been putting off for years because it’s a long recovery. I don’t like having any surgeries of any kind! In the end though, it’s all for the better.

    Karen, stay warm there and enjoy your tea! A cup of tea really is a cup of peace (perfect quote)!
    Wishing you a healthy and happy 2022! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, JLil. You’re so kind. – I too love the smell of a new book and the smell of old book stores. 🙂 – Well, I’m certain that your surgeries will all go well but I know that foot surgery can lay you up for a few weeks, I think like 6-8 weeks? I don’t remember how long it was for my little sister. In the end tho, like you said, it is all for the better. – Please keep me posted. – And you stay warm over there! Geesh. Your weather looked frigid!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much, Karen! With the midfoot fusion surgery I’m having on my left foot, I’ll be on a knee walker for 3 months. The orthopedist said full recovery is 9 to 12 months, yikes. Plus there’s weekly physical therapy. Such an extensive recovery is why I put it off for so long but it needs to be done. Yes, our weather out here has been downright frigid!! Another reason to wait until spring for foot surgery.


      2. My dr was on one of those knee walkers forever it seemed like but she zoomed around everywhere so it didn’t look so bad but once you’re out of it I imagine the pain settles in. I’m sorry for that but I know you’ll feel so much better but oooph, that recovery time… Almost a year. You’ll definitely be in my prayers.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I have heard good things about the book you are reading errr listening to. 😉 Thanks for the movie suggestion. You tea cup is beautiful. You are one lucky woman.
    My weekend, well the freezing rain fizzled which was okay in the long run for folks here (And my joints.) Our Hawkeyes won the match on Friday and Sunday. My big project for January is making over our spare bedroom Kera lived in the past 2 years. It will be a guest room/office. I will finally be out of my bedroom. I spend way too much time in there since the pandemic. I take maybe 10 steps from my bed to my desk. 10 steps to the bathroom. Most evenings if we watch television we are in our room. Crap, the laundry room is in the Master bedroom too. I think you get the picture. I am in hopes by next Monday to be working in the other room. Decorations will not be done but by the end of January then on to the next project before it’s nice outside again. I hope you ha e a good week.


    1. I saw, your weather has been brutal. I hope you’re staying warm! And I totally get the whole 10 steps this way and that AND the laundry room in the bedroom. Make the spare room your woman cave. 🙂 – Oh. My Christmas decorations are still up…


  4. It has been very cold here. I did walk with a friend on Saturday at a golf course on the cart path. Something different to do in the winter! Otherwise, we’ve just been hunkering down against Covid. I tried audio books once, but couldn’t pay attention long enough. I just like holding a book in my hands. I’m currently reading Daisy Jones & the Six and enjoying it. I love a nice cup of tea, but had to give up black tea because of kidney stone. I’m trying different herbals and love the Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice.


    1. Hey, that is a great idea for walking! I’ll have to let my little sister know. She’s a walker. 🙂 – We have an inversion happening here in Boise and stagnant air warnings for days now so I’m just staying put. Of course having a head cold at the moment doesn’t put me in the mood to do much but drink tea, crochet and watch my Acorn TV. 🙂 – Stay warm over there!!!


  5. Kalista is a fine name, but I would not be obsessed about it. That headline was clickbait. I try not to succumb to those as I know they won’t be true, so thanks for letting me skip the article.

    Audiobooks… I can’t. When I read I like to focus, and when I’m doing things, I don’t focus. Although, they might be something I could knit to instead of the TV.

    That being said, I think it’s reading. I love to use audiobooks in classes where they’re reading something. It’s better if they can follow along as we read. But some people process better hearing rather than reading. How one gets the story isn’t the important part, really. I also approve of graphic novels (and comic books).


    1. Right? And who obsesses about a name?? – That’s interesting that you brought up listening to an audiobook while knitting because they are perfect for me when I’m crocheting but just to sit in a room doing nothing but listening to an audiobook? Yeah, that wouldn’t work for me. – You know, as a teacher, you’ll get this. My youngest had so much difficulty picking up a book and reading it but he had zero difficulty reading video game content on the computer. When I told his teacher she put all of his reading assignments on the computer. She said the same thing pretty much that you said, as long as he’s reading. 🙂


  6. I hate that click bait stuff. I always see “Soandso stuns in pink bikini!” Obviously just to make me click on it like how hot could anyone be to actual STUN? One of these days I am just going to pass on that crap.

    I will only read books. My wife says I am not a good listener.



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