In the words of Elton John…

What did I miss??
Is everybody still blogging?

Hey, guess what? It’s September 1st and a Thankful Thursday post!

I am so, so thankful September has finally arrived! It’s time to give this scorched flesh earth some much needed color AND a cool down!
Holy hell!

After a busy summer – volunteering, weddings, grad parties… – I am thankful for a slow down.

I am super thankful for all of the love.

I’m thankful for my friend teaching me about freeze-dried salt water taffy! I’d never even heard of it! Turns out you can freeze dry just about anything. Who knew?
Have any of you ever had freeze-dried candy??
I can’t be the last person on planet earth to hear of this.

Yes, bye, bye! Be gone with your triple-digit heat and your fucking flooding! Our planet needs a chance to heal. 

I hope all of you are staying cool and/or flood free. I don’t know how people in the UK manage without AC. We have our AC and fans going non-stop! It’s a fucking wind tunnel in here and there may be some dried-out eyes, noses, and throats but so far nobody has died of heat stroke! My kids are constantly telling me, “Mom, relax. You’re not dying.”  No, I’m not but I could!
They’re mean to me.

I know, I’m a whiner but heat is not my vibe and this has been the hottest summer in Idaho since they started keeping records! 

I am so ready for this…

And then this… I’m super excited for this!

What are you thankful for?
What has your summer looked like?
How are you guys beating the heat?? 
Are you looking forward to fall and winter??
You know I want to hear all about it!
Comment luv, please!

Yesssss! I’m serious. If you don’t want to stress over holiday baking, ya’ gotta’ start early!

Happy September everyone!

❤ mimi ❤

16 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY

  1. Omg, WTH have you been??? I thought of you this summer when my spouse took me to a comedy club and the comedian was showing from his computer (projected onto wall) a Craig’s List Missed Connection guy he was messing with. I was laughing my ass off!!

    We had a great summer! Lots of breweries and a trip to Kentucky, which sounds like a redneck summer, doesn’t it!? I actually love the heat, but could do without the humidity. I HATE snow, so it’s downhill for me when September hits.

    Missed you!

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    1. It’s been busy over here! Omg. That comedian! Man, I would love to see where that went! Kentucky has so many cool things about it tho. It only sounds redneck if you haven’t been there. I could roam from ranch to ranch to watch those bazillion-dollar horses (if someone didn’t shoot me first.) They’re so beautiful. There’s a lot of money in K-Town! Thank you for missing me. You have no idea how much I miss all of you and I LOVE catching up!!


  2. I’m thankful for this post. I’ve missed you so much.

    We are currently in a triple digit week here. It will last through Tuesday. We’re staying in as much as possible. I’m ready for fall and cooler temperatures. It’s been a hot summer.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. Love and hugs. ♥

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    1. ❤ Thank you, Sandee. So much love and hugs right back to you! This summer was record-breaking heat and man, anybody who loves that stuff can have it. I'm so happy that I haven't had to go out in because that's just a big, fat no from me! Lol…

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  3. No, I had not heard of freeze dried salt water taffy. Where would one acquire something like that? As for heat, yeah, I’m done with it. Sadly, we’re having a heatwave right now, and it looks like it’s going to continue for about a week. I hope it cools a bit after that, but around these parts, it’s likely to remain hot through October. Sigh.

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    1. Apparently, they sell it at state and county fairs. I’ve never seen it but my friend has and now she makes it! – Next Thursday our temps are supposed to drop into the 80s. I hope all of the scorching temps around the globe drop!


  4. I’m on the other side of the equator, so I’m looking forward to our weather warming up. I know our mild winters are laughable to you all up there, but I’m so darn sick of shivering even with several layers of clothing. I can’t run the heater 24/7, it’s just too expensive.

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    1. Where are you in general River? Australia? Does it get hot where you are? I think it totally sucks that your basic heating and cooling is so expensive. Our electric went up $50 running the A/C this year but it was record breaking heat here. We don’t usually have that much of an increase. Man. Well, I would happily send you some heat River. If I could, I really would. Hopefully you won’t be shivering for much longer. Hugs.


      1. I am in Australia, in Adelaide in South Australia. It will be too hot here soon enough, although they are predicting another wet summer as we had last year, so it will also be humid. But at least cooling is a bit cheaper than heating and I won’t have to use the tumble dryer to get my washing dry.


        1. I just watched an International House Hunting show where a couple moved to Brisbane. The kids wanted a pool because they’d heard it gets hot there. – Oh, I remember that humidity from growing up around the Great Lakes. It’s like you have to cut a hole in the atmosphere just to breathe! I don’t miss the humidity that much but I do miss the rain and thunderstorms. And clothes, sheets, anything, dried on a clothes line smells so much better than any dryer sheet!


  5. Welcome back to the Blogosphere! So nice to see a post from you, Karen. 🙂 It’s been hot everywhere, but unlike you, I love it and am thankful that it’s still warm out. Early fall is nice too, but after that? 🥶 Freeze-dried taffy sounds delicious. Never heard of it before. We’ve been going to concerts and movies and revelling in the normalcy of it all. Two years of lockdowns left an impression. 😛


  6. I took a break blogging trying to figure things out. I bought a laptop before we went on vacation so I can blog again. Blogging from my phone is not fun.

    I am glad you are back.



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