Look, we’ve all had enough of your hot flashes, okay? We’re done. Turn down the fucking heat or I swear I will strip down naked and start running thru the fucking town stopping at every business that has a pool and/or a walk-in mother fuckin’ freezer!
It won’t be pretty Mother Nature. Trust me, nobody wants to see a curvy 60-year-old woman with her tits-a-floppin’ and her once firm, gorgeous skin justa’ flappin’ in the wind! No, Mother Nature. Nobody fucking wants that!

And, now, after my mother nature vent, I must ask you. Are you guys still happy I’m back??

Holy hell…Β  When will it end?

Oh. I wanted to share with you that I learned something very important about myself this summer…
ANY volunteering that involves witnessing – NOT FUCKING TOUCHING – any kind of bodily fluids is a big fucking hell no for me! DO NOT put my name on that list!
In the words of Meatloaf…

And speaking of Meatloaf did you know he had his own clothing line???

Okay, real-life stuff. It’s Labor Day Weekend. Does anybody have plans or recipes they’d like to share for those family bbq’s?

I’ll share a photo of our favorite dish to pass but please don’t ask for the recipe. It’s a family secret.

Oh. Sorry for the blackout spot but it sorta’ gives away the secret ingredient to our secret recipe.

(Cue laughing Karen Walker…)

Alright, it’s after 9pm and I need to get around to read and comment on some of your posts! Thanks guys for your kind words. I’ve missed all of you too!


❀ mimi ❀

16 thoughts on “DEAR MOTHER NATURE…

  1. There’s that wicked sense of humour we all know and love! πŸ˜† I won’t ask about the bodily fluids, but it sounds gross! Happy Labour Day long weekend to you. 🍹


    1. Hahahaha! Well, I wouldn’t say “we all know and love.” My wickedness may have gotten me an enemy or two along the way. Hahahaha! Ugh. The fluids… It was animals! I felt like they were playing a game me, I’ll show you mine and you can puke all over and show me yours!

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  2. Yes!!! I am sure I am glad you are back. Your post brings me laughs.

    Labor Day weekend, we are going to start it at The Balck Canyon of Gunderson and will end it at Pikes Peak.


  3. Tell us how you really feel. You crack me up. I laughed out loud with the panties.

    We’re staying home this weekend. It’s to hot to be out doing our usual activity. Boating that is. When it cools down we’ll go. Currently they are remodeling our bathroom and laundry room.

    Have a fabulous day and holiday weekend. Love and hugs. β™₯


    1. Hahahaha! The panties are hilarious. πŸ™‚ – I don’t blame you for staying home. Every year I wonder how Cali folks make it thru the heat and smoke from the fires, especially those with breathing issues. It’s awful. – Yay for remodeling! Always a blessing and a curse. πŸ™‚ Dust, noise, really hot guys who have to work without their shirts on… That last bit would be the blessing part. Hahahaha. And of course the gorgeous results in the end.

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  4. Lol, ok now I need to know what you volunteered for!! Was it the American Red Cross? I have a few funny stories about them. One, my grandfather HATED them after WW1 and two, I know multiple people who donated blood and became one and done (my spouse included) because the experience was THAT bad!

    If it’s something else, ignore my comment I guess! Lol! I appreciate your ICE recipe. We are hosting on Monday and I have no clue what we’re having yet besides panzanella salad because I’ve got tomatoes all over the place, thanks to a prosperous garden.


    1. It was not the American Red Cross! And now I will make sure to never have a run-in with them! It was animals… I love them but holey moley I can only take so much of the bodily fluids and smells. I don’t go near the cat house because I’m allergic but between the goobery eyes and hacking up whatever it is they hack up I’m glad I was on the outside looking in! – I’m so jealous of your garden with fresh veggies. I think this last week alone I’ve spent at least $20 on small tomatoes, and at the farmer’s markets, I can’t find anyone who sells green tomatoes for frying. – I hope you took some pics of your weekend. Your photos are very Better Homes and Garden. Really, it’s like looking thru a magazine. πŸ™‚



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