When I wasn’t melting into pools of human flesh this past weekend, “Puzzle Girl” and I set about to hit up a few yard/garage/estate sales.

Okay, first of all, people, when you post your entire life story on Craigslist and then proceed to throw grandma and grandpa under the bus by saying you’re “regretfully” having an estate sale to pay off all of grandma and grandpa’s debt that they left behind – I’m certain because they were bailing your lame asses out of jail – OR, you advertise the biggest yard sale of the weekend, not to be missed, one of a kind items, something for everyone.
Have the fucking sale!
After driving all over hell and back, “Puzzle Girl” and I arrived at no less than 4 posted sale sites and not a one of ’em going on!

Second, if you’re having a garage sale. Have the sale IN your garage.
If you’re having a yard sale. Spread that shit all over from property line to property line.
And if you’re having an estate sale? Here’s a tip.
Three saucers and two chipped cups that belonged to grandma and grandpa sitting on a cardboard box on your front porch for 25 cents a piece or a dollar takes all sign, does NOT count as an estate sale!

Needless-to-say after traveling from one end of the city to the other and beyond, the few sales that we did make it to had nothing of interest to us. So for all of our driving, all of our climbing in and out of a hot vehicle, walking up and down streets and sidewalks and traipsing through backyards and melting every step of the way.
We ended our sale day empty handed.
All was not lost however because the day actually started out quite fantastic. A designated “Girly Day.” “Puzzle Girl” and I finally got to the try the authentic French Pastry shop we’d discovered a couple of weeks back and wow. Talk about amazing.

Authentic, homemade eclairs = Delicious!
“Puzzled Girl” opted for the strawberry topped one which is pistachio with strawberry filling – real strawberries – topped with fresh organic strawberries and pistachios. I went with the chocolate covered traditional eclair.
You can’t get these in the grocery store or donut shop folks. Seriously, not even close.

“Girl Next Door” was coming over for brunch which quickly turned into a French-themed brunch.
We had to pick up these lovely croissants.
So light and airy and buttery and HUGE! They went fantastically well with the homemade crepes that “Puzzle Girl” made us.
FYI – I declared this day my “free” day on my otherwise liquid diet.After the French pastry shop and brunch, “Girl Next Door” had to go back to work so “Puzzle Girl” and I headed out to a couple of shops we hadn’t been to. We both picked up some fun jewelry.
I went with “whore hoops” and a really cool key ring.Side note: The earrings are not seatbelt friendly.We combed the thrift store for some frames for “Puzzle Girl’s” vision, which turned out to be this.photosShe says it’s not done yet but she’s done a great job so far and I think it looks super cute!Then, of course, the fabric sales and swaps.
This is day 3 for me. Days 1 and 2 are either already in totes or in the washing machine/dryer.
I got behind on my crochet/fleece doggie blanket so I’ve been pulling double time on it. I have it scheduled to be complete on the 7th. That would be tomorrow.. Yeah.. I might be bumping that out a couple of days. We’ll see. It’s hotter than two squirrels fucking in a wool sock here but next weekend we’ll drop back into the 70’s so I’m okay with it for the moment. A/C is a wonderful thing. I don’t mind the heat. I sit out in it long enough to soak up some vitamins and deepen my tan but I do like coming into the nice, crisp air.What’s happening in your corners of the world? Did you hit any sales this weekend? Discover any new places??? You know I’m a nosey bitch and I gotta’ know, so spill!
In the meantime, stay cool, stay dry, warm, whatever you need to do, do that. Be that!


Reflections From Me

Joining in with the Facebook group, ‘Friday Reflections.’

1. Tell us about one of your grandparents.
2. Share your favourite TED video / talk and tell us why you love it so much.
3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? How have you harnessed this in life and/or in what you do for a living?
4. What are your top life hacks?
5. Who or what inspires you?
Bonus VLOG prompt (for blog or your FB page) – In 90 seconds or less tell us / your readers about yourself.
I’ve chosen #1 – “Tell us about one of your grandparents.” I’ve chosen this prompt because just yesterday I canceled my subscription to Ancestry.com after coming up empty handed once again. It’s a love-hate relationship I have with all of these genealogical sites because I think they’re hugely wrapped up in false advertising.
We’ve all seen the commercials, it looks so easy doesn’t it? Just type in a name of one of your ancestors and all of these lovely leaves – your family members – start popping up all over the place until, ideally, you find yourself staring at a lush, mighty oak on your computer screen. A limb by limb ancestral record, complete with photos, of all of your blessed loved ones from the great beyond.
Yeah.. Not so much. I’ve been an Ancestry.com member off and on for years and still my paternal grandmother’s history remains a mystery!
I watch those shows, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ – And FYI, they’re never who they think they are… – And the other “sister” show, ‘Finding Your Roots’ and miraculously everybody finds their genetic back story. I’m convinced this is an option available exclusively to celebrities.
Seriously. Let a celebrity sit down to a computer – someone who can barely find the keys on the keyboard – and by the time they henpeck their grandma’s name in, boom! A whole tree unfolds.
False advertising.
I don’t know how many of you have tried “finding your roots” but it takes hooouuuuurrrrrs of searching. Despite Ancestry.com’s extensive library of all things genealogy, for the non-celeb it can take weeks, months and years to find your ancestors, unless of course, instead of a family tree you have a money tree, in which case you can hire the pros to do all of the leg work for you because the leg work inevitably involves travel. Travel that will land you in libraries and courthouses across the country. Travel that will take you to old cemeteries and neighborhoods that may or may not exist anymore.
‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘Finding Your Roots’ both make available to their “A-listers” sit down sessions with countless top notch historians. They get tours of their ancestors stomping grounds and access to rare books and articles regarding their ancestors. These options aren’t available to us common folk, unless of course, you hire the pros at a rate of $20 – $100 an hour, per FamilySearch.org and even then, there are no guarantees.
Out of sheer frustration, I have set aside my search for my grandma – for the moment.
Until I find what I’m looking for I will never stop searching, and all I’m looking for is a photo…
My grandma was only 29 years old when she died of diphtheria. She left behind my grandpa and 4 small children, ages 9 years down to 4 years. One of them was my dad..
My grandpa was so grief-stricken when his young wife died that he burned everything that had anything to do with her, including all photos. My dad, uncle and aunts relied only on their memories of what their mom looked like.
1.) Tell us about one of your grandparents
****According to 4 little kids left heartbroken in Chicago back in 1935, my grandma was tall and had long, dark wavy hair…
According to my grandpa, she was beautiful…