Soooo, this is a real thing now.
No. Seriously. Real clowns. The fun kind – if there are such a kind – started this movement.
See. They’re having a march and everything!
Clown Lives Matter is a real thing now.
The whole idea of this just makes my head hurt.
Are people really this stupid???
And not just the Clown Lives Matter people but the other jackasses dressing up like clowns too!
What is the deal with these clowns??
It started with a report of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods.
Then clowns were being arrested for terroristic threats.
Then clown Halloween costumes were banned at some schools.
Then there were rumors of clowns being shot and real clowns being afraid for their lives.
AND THEN – Clown Lives Matter.
What is the end game here?
The real clowns, the fake clowns, the Clown Lives Matter movement.
What are people hoping to accomplish with this??
I don’t get it.

Are real clowns seriously comparing their “plight” with that of the Black Lives Matter movement??
Has there been even one – true – headline about cops killing clowns?
Has there been thousands of reported cases of clown on clown crime??
I’m gonna’ go with “no” on all counts.

Here’s the thing clowns. Before you get too caught up in this baseless movement of yours, remember this.
At the end of the day, you can always take off your clown shit.
Black people can’t take the color of their skin off.
I do NOT support the Black Lives Matter OR the Clowns Lives Matter movement.
IN OTHER NEWS – It’s supposed to be near 80 here today and even tho it’s a beautiful day and the outdoors are calling to me, I must stay on task and get my “to do” list done TODAY!
Car maintenance, errands, and laundry!
Hopefully, there will enough day left in my day to get out and enjoy one of the last warm days of the year.

I was happy to see that Hurricane Matthew has calmed down a bit. Not to say he hasn’t and still isn’t wreaking havoc down south but it could have been much, much worse and I’m thankful it was not. Fingers, eyes and toes all crossed that there isn’t a hiccup, a change of wind, anything that would cause even more destruction.

Here’s to plenty of sunshine, fleeting rains and calm winds ahead for the weekend.
Mimi’s quote for the day
Special thanks to Stephen King for intensifying my fear of clowns.