Soooooo, as most of you know I recently acquired a troll on my blog.
I believe we’ve all come to know her, thanks to Cranky, as “Sandi with a fucking i.”

In a nutshell, she’s a fucking nut job. Another Christian wanna be spewing forth hate in the name of God. The burr up her ass is homosexuality. Shocking.

Butttttt, thanks to my magical, mystical blogging posse whippin’ her ass in the comments I think she’s gone! Yaaaaayyyyyy!
Thank you all SO much!!!

Ding dong the witch is dead!
Interestingly enough, this article was on the online People Magazine yesterday.
The headline is killer.
‘Christian Group Calls for Netflix to Cancel ‘Satanic’ Show Good Omens — Problem Is, It’s on Amazon’
This is soooo funny! You really should read it. There are some pretty cute comments between Netflix and Amazon.
Nothing on tap for me today or aaalll weekend so hopefully I’ll be getting my latest quilt done and finishing up a blanket I’m crocheting. I really do love the days when I have nowhere to be and nothing on the schedule.

The weekend is here. Plans anyone??? Our temps have gone down into the 60’s so I foresee a little reading and some coffee on the back patio this afternoon.

Anybody else just stayin’ home and reeealllly relaxing just doing whatever the hell you want?  As always, please share in the comments below.
To Magical Mystical Mimi’s posse.
You’re the best!
Time – 6:07am
Temp – 44 degrees F/High today – 67
Mood – Determined!
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Zero
Best thing – Quiet new neighbors!
Be well.


Remember that time I told you about watching an old game show episode from the 70’s/80’s and Monte Hall was a total dick to the couple because they were living together and not married? And how curiosity got the better of me and I had to stalk look up this couple to see if they made it, which they did and it was very cool because now they were grandparents???
You can read it here if you missed it.
Well. I did something similar watching one of my creepy crime shows.
leaves barWhen I sew, I turn on the creepy crime documentaries playlist on YouTube. I listen to them more than watch and all of the sudden I hear them mention Boise, Idaho.
I stop sewing and start watching. It was a horrific crime that actually took place somewhere else but the people involved had some kind of ties to Boise. Well, me being me. I had to know if this story, much like the game show people, had a happy ending for the girl who survived. Thankfully it did. She lives here in Boise! In fact, she and all of her sisters live here.
– And that’s as far as my stalking looking her up to make sure there was a happy ending goes. – But then I had an awful thought…
Psycho Hangman.
leaves barPsycho Hangman was born in Michigan. Psycho Hangman is like regular Hangman except all of the words are like straitjacket, murder, axe, knife, blood, zip ties, etc.
A group of us would go out to eat at some lit’l hole-in-the-wall, 24-hour diner with sticky cramped booths and paper placemats. Well, while we waited for our food we’d flip the placemats over and start playing Hangman. Inevitably the waitresses would pass by and try to hustle in on our game by shouting out answers. I’m like, hey, not your game. No shouting out answers. So, all of the games thereafter had creepy crime clues. Once the waitresses saw a few of the words they stopped butting in.
Mission accomplished and Psycho Hangman was born.
leaves barFast forward to Idaho. We still play this game. Now I’m wondering if we played it in a diner where maybe that girl from the crime documentary or her sisters may have worked! I would feel horrible if we left our placemat for all the world to see and one of them saw it!
What if our simple, lit’l twisted game served as some kind of trigger that caused some kind of mental distress for one of them?
Thus, the “death of Psycho Hangman.”
G_ _ _D   BY_    PSY_H_  HANGMAN.
Y_U’LL   B _   MISS_D.
leaves barBeing the bitch that I am I often don’t pause before opening my mouth and saying – or writing – something that may be potentially harmful to someone else.
But. Being my father’s daughter, more often than not I do pause.
I never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings unless I don’t like them. At which point and time I may give them just a little tongue lashing pop up side their head to let them know back off. Or, if they’re stupid and choose to continue on. I will shred them with my tongue and then they’ll back off.
Again. Being my father’s daughter. I also take no shit.leaves barMy point is this. We all go thru our days living our lives being our fabulous selves, and sometimes not so fabulous selves without much thought as to how our fabulousness or not so fabulousness affects those around us.
More often than not we don’t pause.
More often than not we should pause.
leaves barOne of my most favorite bloggers, Joe over at ‘Cranky Old Man‘ wrote a wonderful post about seeing certain situations from another’s perspective. It’s titled, “What If?” It’s a great read and you really should go over and read it if you haven’t already.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – I think I’m on the tail end of my “bug.” Yay! My right ear is still plugged up and I’ve got that whole drippy/stuffy nostril thing going on but for the most part the marshmallow head is gone. Our weather is cooperating with temps in the 80’s so I can sit outside and let the beautiful sunshine warm my bones.
My week ahead will consist in attempting to get back to normal and actually get some projects done!
I hope your week ahead is filled with much sunshine and please, remember to pause from time to time and pay attention to those around you.leaves barMimi’s quote for the day – leaves barfeather