I forgot to mention on my post the other day (Sunday) that my Jr. High/High School celebrity crush Paul Michael Glaser, a.k.a STARSKY turned 75 years old.
Trying super hard not to remember my dad’s 75th birthday party right now…

‘Starsky’ is the hottie on the right.

And here they both are within the last year.
Paul Michael Glaser/Starsky and David Soul/Hutch.
Still great friends after all these years.
Happy 75th Starsky! You’re still a hottie!
Trending on Twitter today is #MakeAnInsultShakespearean
I cheated and Googled a really cool translator.
My insult was – “Stupid is as stupid does.”
The Shakespearean translation was –
No more brain than stone is as no more brain than stone dost.” 

In Vulcan – “Stupid nam-tor u’ stupid tor.”
In Yodish (Yoda) – “As stupid does, stupid is.”
In Pirate – “Addled be as addled does.”

The translator I used is simply titled,
Fun Translations.’ 

There’s a whole list of languages and fun things you can do with language. If you’ve got a minute or two to goof around online check out that site. It is fun.
Speaking of a minute or two. That’s about all of the time I have to get this posted today!
Happy Tuesday – now Wednesday in some places.
Almost to the weekend. Who’s got plans??
I will be hitting the trails, enjoying the sunshine!