What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
October, the beginning of all things pumpkin spice and all things scary.
FYI, I am not one of those people who dig the scary stuff, especially scary movies.

This is a perfect example of me watching anything even slightly scary.
I do aaalllll of these things and I may do them a hundred times in one night!
The scariest movie I’ve ever seen I first saw when I was about 7 yrs. old.
It terrified me then. It terrifies me now.
What were my parents thinking??  They thought it was so funny that I was so scared. I remember my mom telling me repeatedly that “it’s fake, it’s fake” – thru her laughter – and then she asked me,
“Oh, what are you afraid of???”
Seriously? I’m fucking 7!
This is what I was afraid of!
I grew up in Michigan. We had birds lined up on wires every day!

***** What’s your favorite NOT scary movie?
Well, it being the Halloween month I’ll go with a few I watch every year.
My all-time favorite not scary movie is this one and I watch it a bazillion times a year. It’s just a cool movie.

***** Happy 3rd Birthday to this sweet girl, Miss Evelyn Rose.
And Happy Anniversary to these two lovahs… Tommy & Laci.

***** Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl.
Also, thoughts floating thru the universe for my sister who passed away 2 yrs ago today making for a bittersweet birthday for my daughter…

***** In the crockpot.
Pork chops and tomato soup.
I’d never eaten this before my DIL made it and at first, I was all, eeewwww. Then. I tasted it and I was all yummmm.

Here’s a recipe that I found on Pinterest closest to how my DIL makes it.
(Minus the onion and tapioca.)
Mom’s Crockpot Tomato Soup Pork Chop Recipe

***** Something around the house.

And on the 7th day, Mimi rested…

I hope all of you are well.
Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report?

I’m taking a break from my personal FB and Instagram – again. So much nonsense going on and lately, I’ve had enough crap in my own day to day real life.
I’m still on Twitter but mostly just craft stuff now. I was getting politically out of hand over there and I just had to stop and shift my focus, which is what I’m doing at this very moment.

Since my sister died 2 years ago this week the whole beginning of October is an emotional rollercoaster for me now.

I love the start of fall but my sister died.
It’s my granddaughter’s birthday but my sister died.
My son’s wedding anniversary but my sister died.
Then, my poor daughter…
Happy Birthday, your aunt died this morning.
My daughter also got rear-ended in traffic that morning.
She was okay but talk about shittiest birthday ever…

It’s a tough time for me. I don’t do well with death at all.
Physical pain I can take.
Pain in my heart and soul? Not so much.

I hope you’ve all had a great week and I’ll be coming around to catch up!


2020 FAST FORWARD – August

Are you there blogging world? It’s me, Mimi.
I’m alive and doing okay.
I’ve been trying to get back into the vibe of posting for sooo long…
I wrote this last month.

Wordless Wednesday

Dear July, don’t be an asshole.

This is my wish for July.
And August.
And September, October, November, and December.
And please oh please to the powers that be…
Let 2021 be the dullest, most boring, humdrum, ordinary, uninteresting, tedious, commonplace, monotonous, routine, prosaic year ever!
Except for that part where I win the lottery.

I’m with you John…

Sooo… This happened…
My son and his boyfriend got engaged at Lake Michigan today and I am over the moon for them! And for me! And for the whole family! They are such good, kind, and hysterically funny people.
Image may contain: Bear Moore and Michael Ludeman, people sitting and drink

Oh, and this happened too!
Both events cause for fireworks!
Both signs of freedom.


Happy Birthday to my 1st born!!!
Somehow my oldest boy will always be my baby boy…
So proud of the man he has become.

And then the rest of the month was just the rest of the month…
Plus or minus a few hundred tears and a few broken hearts.

Our cups runneth over…

And so, here we are. August 2020.
But just your heart because I’m pretty sure singing with your mouth is no longer allowed.

We’re in the middle of some heatwaves out here but not many wildfires so that’s a bonus.
I’m definitely ready for some cooler temps but the sunshine can stay as long as it wants.
I wish it was the medicine to make this Covid crap go away!
Super, super done with this whole mess.
The virus, the politics, masks, no masks, rioting, and just all of the hatefulness…

There’s no way I can catch up on a month’s worth of blog post readings but I’m definitely going to do what I can.
When I drop out of the blogging world I really drop out of the blogging world and I always miss you guys so much.

I hope you’re all doing well. Surviving the heat and the virus.
I’m doing okay.
Missing my lit’l Luci. I swear I see her and hear her all the time. Sometimes it feels like she’s still sleeping with me.
It’s moments like those that turn me into a puddle of tears… I miss her so much. ❤

Anyway, Happy August. Stay safe.



“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist.
These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist.
Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.’
Seeking sleep test candidates ages 18 and up. Pay depending on successful completion of sleep test.
This is an in-home, overnight sleep test specifically testing for…
penile erection and erectile dysfunction.
Male candidates only.

– Okay, first of all I got way too excited over this headline.
Second, was the last sentence really necessary??
Male candidates only…
You’re shitting me.
Only men can participate in a penile erection and erectile dysfunction study???

Well, what the hell?
I guess we’re going to have to have our own sleep test ladies…

Boobs That Go Bump In The Night
Specifically testing for…
***The bed eater boobs.
Those side floppers that you end up laying on and then when you try to move it feels like your bed is trying to eat you.
Maybe. That could just be me.
***Killer boobs.
You know, the ones that end up around your throat trying to strangle you in the middle of the night!
Again, could just be me.
***OR, the haunted boobs.
Boobs that get tangled around your ankles so you feel like a ghost is trying to pull your blankets off.
Definitely me.

And then we’ll add at the end.
Female candidates only.

Well, except this guy. I guess he could join the testing.
I’ve been away. Most of you know why. My sister was battling stomach cancer and with so much sadness and sorrow, I share that she lost her battle.
Your love and hugs and thoughts and prayers across the miles really has been a tremendous comfort and I thank you all for them.

Now. To the part, some of you may not understand.
I can’t be sad anymore.
I’ve been grieving for my sister for a long time and now she is gone and out of the horrific pain she was in and I know that she’s in heaven now.

I asked her to be a guardian angel to my grandbabies and my grown babies and she said she would and then she died on my daughter’s birthday.
I dreaded calling my daughter that morning but one of the nurses did a little happy dance and said, “What a wonderful birthday gift! Your daughter got a guardian angel!”
That made me feel a lit’l better.
I like to think it was my sister’s way of letting me know that she was, in fact, watching over as she said she would.

Side note: My daughter got rear-ended on her way to work shortly after I called to wish her a happy birthday and to tell her that her aunt had died.
Pretty crappy way to start a birthday BUT my daughter wasn’t injured in the accident because why???
She has her very own guardian angel!

Day one in heaven – Score one for the angels.
Okay. Well. A blog post. Hopefully, there will be more.
Thanks for stopping by.


I forgot to mention on my post the other day (Sunday) that my Jr. High/High School celebrity crush Paul Michael Glaser, a.k.a STARSKY turned 75 years old.
Trying super hard not to remember my dad’s 75th birthday party right now…

‘Starsky’ is the hottie on the right.

And here they both are within the last year.
Paul Michael Glaser/Starsky and David Soul/Hutch.
Still great friends after all these years.
Happy 75th Starsky! You’re still a hottie!
Trending on Twitter today is #MakeAnInsultShakespearean
I cheated and Googled a really cool translator.
My insult was – “Stupid is as stupid does.”
The Shakespearean translation was –
No more brain than stone is as no more brain than stone dost.” 

In Vulcan – “Stupid nam-tor u’ stupid tor.”
In Yodish (Yoda) – “As stupid does, stupid is.”
In Pirate – “Addled be as addled does.”

The translator I used is simply titled,
Fun Translations.’ 

There’s a whole list of languages and fun things you can do with language. If you’ve got a minute or two to goof around online check out that site. It is fun.
Speaking of a minute or two. That’s about all of the time I have to get this posted today!
Happy Tuesday – now Wednesday in some places.
Almost to the weekend. Who’s got plans??
I will be hitting the trails, enjoying the sunshine!