I forgot to mention on my post the other day (Sunday) that my Jr. High/High School celebrity crush Paul Michael Glaser, a.k.a STARSKY turned 75 years old.
Trying super hard not to remember my dad’s 75th birthday party right now…

‘Starsky’ is the hottie on the right.

And here they both are within the last year.
Paul Michael Glaser/Starsky and David Soul/Hutch.
Still great friends after all these years.
Happy 75th Starsky! You’re still a hottie!
Trending on Twitter today is #MakeAnInsultShakespearean
I cheated and Googled a really cool translator.
My insult was – “Stupid is as stupid does.”
The Shakespearean translation was –
No more brain than stone is as no more brain than stone dost.” 

In Vulcan – “Stupid nam-tor u’ stupid tor.”
In Yodish (Yoda) – “As stupid does, stupid is.”
In Pirate – “Addled be as addled does.”

The translator I used is simply titled,
Fun Translations.’ 

There’s a whole list of languages and fun things you can do with language. If you’ve got a minute or two to goof around online check out that site. It is fun.
Speaking of a minute or two. That’s about all of the time I have to get this posted today!
Happy Tuesday – now Wednesday in some places.
Almost to the weekend. Who’s got plans??
I will be hitting the trails, enjoying the sunshine!

13 thoughts on “SO, THE OTHER DAY

  1. That sounds like fun, the fun translator!

    I love real-life stories of long term friendships, Karen! Simply because I am blessed with some.How nice to see Starsky and his pal David. Happy birthday to him!

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  2. Wow! 😍 Paul Michael sure looks great! 👌 Nice to know that Starsky & Hutch are still friends.

    That translator would be fun. I’ll try it tomorrow. Hoping to get some sleep now. Battling a mean case of bronchitis. 😫 Have a good night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no. Oh, get your sleep and rest, rest, rest. Bronchitis is a beast. I hope it leaves sooner than later! – Paul Michael Glaser DOES look great! I was going to marry him in my Jr. High mind! Hahahaha. Then we’d both be pushing Hutch around! Sleep well, my friend. Thanks for stopping by even tho you’re sick. 😦


  3. You were having a high amount of imagination lady if you thought you would Marry him. *sniff* everyone who knew me at that time, just knew; he was supposed to marry me! The fast blinking I learned in the mirror, (incase he could see me), the best dress and chalk pink lippy that adorned me (otherwise known as my watching gear). A teen teetering on the edge of womanhood waiting for her knight on motorbike. How you stir my memories… But I’d still fight you for him. 😉 nice post. I will go forth and translate the words of the mighty as you kindly suggest. Happy Wednesday 🤡

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  4. My cousin Diane was in love with S&H. She used to audio tape the shows on cassette (I did that with Emergency!). We never thought the day would come where we could own the entire shows. She met PMG a few years ago. He was in Maryland at a car show that featured their Gran Torino. Her grandmother knitted her a sweater to match Starsky’s when she was in Jr. High and she brought it to show him. He got a kick out of it! But the thing that makes me laugh now is that they are supposed to be undercover detectives and they drove the most conspicuous car on the planet…..parking right in front of Huggy Bear’s joint and everything. lmao

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    1. I met him too AND got an autographed pic AND I got that sweater for Christmas one year! I was hardcore. I had over 2,000 pics of Starsky and over 1,000 of Hutch. Scrapbooks, framed, posters, t-shirts, pillowcases. You name it. If it had to do with Starsky I was there. I wanted that car too but that, I didn’t get. – I can’t watch full shows of them now. I just can’t. It’s too painful but I do watch ‘The Great Houdini’ when that plays around Halloween. 🙂 I was a big Harry Houdini fan too and just magic in general fascinated me. Still does. – So many freaky layers to me! Hahaha.


  5. He wasn’t one of my heartthrobs. It’s all good though. I’m glad they are still friends as well. That’s rare.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and get my nails and toes done. ♥

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