Not to be confused with that really cool show from the 70’s called
The Mod Squad. I loved that show! They were so groovy, man.
Did any of you watch it???
YouTube has a few seasons and it’s totally worth watching – again.

Anyway, thanks to 2020 and a pandemic we now have…
It’s true. Those people you live with or the ones you feel are safe enough to interact with during this pandemic? Yeah. They’re your pod squad now.
Here’s the breakdown –
***The people you live with, they’re your family pod.
***The people you feel are safe to interact with, they’re your social pod.
***And for you parents out there, yep, there are academic pods as well.
And that’s my PSA for the day. – You’re welcome.
Also. I have one family pod and one social pod.
How many pods do you have???

If you have aches n’ pains go out and get you some of this!
My back pain is almost completely gone AND I have to share this…
When I was going thru chemo in 2006/2007 I got neuropathy in my feet. It is the most excruciating pain. Your feet feel like they’re on fire or encased in blocks of ice or like you’re walking on shards of broken glass. Sometimes all at once!

I was using horse liniment on my feet to make the burning sensation at least bearable but there was no hope for the freezing feeling or the feeling of walking on shards of glass UNTIL this miracle in a jar! Seriously. This will be in my house always.
Thank you again, Joe and Mrs. C – The Cranky Old Man – You’re a lifesaver and a life changer!
❤ XoXo ❤


This is my vibe today and this whole day is going to be “I meant to do that.” Except for the dream that jolted me out of bed an hour earlier than usual this morning. That I didn’t mean to do.

I dreamt I was having sex with this really hot guy I went to high school with – FYI, he’s still hot but that’s beside the point. – It was so unsettling and irritating. First, because I woke up an hour early. – I thought about calling him and waking him up early but he’s in Michigan so he was already awake and at work. – Second, because I could’ve had sex with him in high school if I wanted to and I didn’t then so why would I have sex with him now?

It’s going to take me all day to shake that feeling of my space being invaded even if it was only a dream. I hate dreams like that. They make absolutely no sense. I didn’t watch or eat or have a conversation, anything at all, that would’ve caused me to have that dream. So weird.

Also weird, every morning I ask Alexa to play me a song to start my day with. What does she play?
It’s like Alexa and Frank are both telling me, “it was a dream. Suck it up.”

Now I feel like I need to explain who Alexa is. Hopefully, these photos will help. You can do so much with it.
#1 – What it looks like, the name, blah, blah. 
#2. – You can load pics on it and it’s a continuous loop of whoever/whatever you want it to be.
#3 – You can say, “Alexa show me the recipe for…” 
#4 – You can have Alexa play any podcast you want to listen to.

I always check my news, weather, and traffic in the morning. 
You can watch movies and tv shows.
You can get on YouTube. It has total internet access.
I love it because it’s just so handy! Like the other day I wanted to know how many tablespoons were in 1.5 ounces dry. I asked Alexa and Alexa knew.
– 3 tablespoons. 1 tablespoon = 1/2 an ounce. –
You can ask Alexa anything except to say swear words. She can’t say those but you all know I had to try because that’s just me.

Anyway, so that’s Alexa for those of you who didn’t know and she comes in many shapes and sizes with and without photo options.

First and foremost, getting some of this that Joe (and Mrs. C)
over at ‘The Cranky Old Man‘ turned me onto. Thanks again, Joe!
THEN, I’m going to get my organizing done! I really have to make room for the new Christmas stuff and I’m also getting myself organized to start selling some of the things I make/create. I don’t know whether I’ll do that on Etsy or Facebook or wherever but it’s on my list to do but first, organization!

I know a few of you out there sell your creations as well. What platform works best for you?

Okay, I’m jumping off of here. Have a great Monday and be safe!
Oh, and while I’m thinking about it…
Raise your hand if you’re planning on getting the Covid vaccine.


❤ XoXo ❤