Not to be confused with that really cool show from the 70’s called
The Mod Squad. I loved that show! They were so groovy, man.
Did any of you watch it???
YouTube has a few seasons and it’s totally worth watching – again.

Anyway, thanks to 2020 and a pandemic we now have…
It’s true. Those people you live with or the ones you feel are safe enough to interact with during this pandemic? Yeah. They’re your pod squad now.
Here’s the breakdown –
***The people you live with, they’re your family pod.
***The people you feel are safe to interact with, they’re your social pod.
***And for you parents out there, yep, there are academic pods as well.
And that’s my PSA for the day. – You’re welcome.
Also. I have one family pod and one social pod.
How many pods do you have???

If you have aches n’ pains go out and get you some of this!
My back pain is almost completely gone AND I have to share this…
When I was going thru chemo in 2006/2007 I got neuropathy in my feet. It is the most excruciating pain. Your feet feel like they’re on fire or encased in blocks of ice or like you’re walking on shards of broken glass. Sometimes all at once!

I was using horse liniment on my feet to make the burning sensation at least bearable but there was no hope for the freezing feeling or the feeling of walking on shards of glass UNTIL this miracle in a jar! Seriously. This will be in my house always.
Thank you again, Joe and Mrs. C – The Cranky Old Man – You’re a lifesaver and a life changer!
❤ XoXo ❤

17 thoughts on “THE POD SQUAD

    1. Hahaha! I know the feeling. – Yes. The cream works. I just did a buy one get one on the Hempvana website. The stores around me were totally sold out.


  1. I remember The Mod Squad, but I don’t dare go to youtube, I may never be heard form again! There are so many things to click on and watch. On my own I am an individual pod, I guess I could include my cat, Lola.


    1. Oh I know that YouTube rabbit hole. Somedays I fall all the way down into it! Lol. – And, Yessss. Lola is absolutely in your pod. 🙂


  2. That’s amazing about the hemp cream! I’ve talked to a few people who have tried cbd products and couldn’t see any improvement. I don’t understand the ins and outs of all the different products.

    I have a prayer pod! That’s really the name of it! It’s three other women from my church that meet once a week via zoom to chat and pray. Just started about 6 weeks ago and I think there are probably a dozen pods going on through church. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.


    1. Omgosh. A prayer pod is the best. What a great idea! That’s something everyone could benefit from. – Yes. This hemp cream is the real deal. I ordered a different brand on Amazon and it doesn’t do anything! I’m so thankful to Joe for recommending it!


  3. I just have the hubby pod. We did hang out with a boating couple for most of last year. I’m sure we’ll do that again this year.

    I’ll have to get some of that cream for my occasional aches and pains. Thank you.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you bunches and a big hug to you. ♥


    1. The hubby pod is a great pod to have and so is a boating pod! I’ll be so happy when we don’t have to worry about having pods. Yes. Do try the cream. It’s a lifesaver for me. Love you. ❤

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  4. Yup, I was a fan of the Mod Squad. My pod squad is me, hubby and Zoey (fur baby), plus a couple of close friends. It’s getting tiresome, but, what can you do? 😔 That Hempvana sounds like a miracle cream and I’m glad you’re pain has been relieved! Neuropathy must be awful too. Glad to see this magic elixir is available in Canada. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the tip.


    1. I knew you would be! You’re the Peggy Lipton! 😀 – The pod life is getting tiresome and they keep pushing back the time for when we’ll be “normal” again. I’m guessing we never will be. – I’m loving that cream and ordered more online.

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    1. It is scary out there! A work pod is challenging because you have to rely on your co-workers to be safe while they’re out n’ about.

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  5. Glad you found a pain reliever that works for you. I have a couple, one that works really well on my migraines. I don’t have too many pods. Just the roommates, really.


    1. Thank you. Life is so much better with hemp cream. – A roomy pod can be a good thing and you’ll always have your school pod. 🙂 And your blogging pod!

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  6. I remember The Mod Squad, I loved the show! As for pods, I have a family one and a social one.

    I’m really glad the Hempvana worked for your back pain. I might try it for the pain I have from osteoarthritis in my feet and legs.

    Update on my sister: The hospital sent her home even though the doctors never figured out what caused her to cough up so much blood she needed a transfusion. They needed the bed for Covid patients. It’s very worrisome that she never had a diagnosis but she feels better and a hospital is no place to be these days anyway. I just hope it was only gastritis and nothing major that went undetected. Thanks for asking about her. ❤

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    1. That is scary and heartbreaking Madilyn, moreso scary! I hear about those situations on the news but wow, your sister is living it. I will most definitely continue my prayers for her. Coughing up blood seems like a stay in the hospital until we figure out what’s wrong situation to me. I’m so sorry…

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