What happened to the “Original Blogging Community???” I used to love peeking into the windows of my fellow bloggees who so graciously shared their little corners of the world with us and I with them, you… Anybody, everybody.

We were connected back then and what we wrote was the real deal. We didn’t sugar coat shit. If somebody was having a bad day, they shared it with us. If someone’s kid was being an asshat, that was shared too. Husband issues, work issues, family, neighbors. WE SHARED! And most importantly we supported one another. We encouraged one another, we cheered each other on and when one of us laughed we all laughed and when one of us cried, we all cried.

We used to give out awards! What the hell happened to those??? I was the award whore. I LOVED getting awards! Did we all suddenly become so fucking busy that we totally disconnected from our sacred community where we once shared our hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows, and sometimes, deep dark secrets with one another???

The answer to that is yes and no. We didn’t totally disconnect.
Some of us stayed connected JUST enough to gain followers and sell our products.

One word destroyed our tight-knit neighborhood.

Our bloggee minds became so clouded by the need to be the next JK Rowlings or Oprah or Martha Stewart or Kate Spade, okay maybe not Kate… the next Vera Wang that a huge majority of us didn’t even know why we were blogging anymore.

“Sorry, I’ve got a book/dress/hat/mugs/t-shirts to sell, an article to submit, omg, The Huffington Post wants me!” – I get it and there’s no shame in the game. Everybody has that brass ring they’re reaching for. I honestly do get it.

I sell shit so I know the importance of having a broad audience.
I also know the importance of not losing touch with the tried and true.
The audience who was there and continues to be there from your first word on your blog to your first book/tv show/podcast/magazine cover, etc.

Basically, I just miss the original bloggees from the hood and kickin’ it old school.
Just my opinion. Agree. Disagree. That’s the vibe I’m feeling.
Lemme’ know in the comments below.

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Bitch, bitch, bitch – Zero bitching today.
Best thing – Starting a new project.Be well.

30 thoughts on “YOU DOWN WITH OBC??? – #5

  1. I’ve been bugging for almost 10 years now, I think I got in late after the original blogging community. I never had a niche I’ve only decided to be myself, I have nothing to sell, I’ve never made a dime of the blog, HuffPost has never come calling. But it’s my therapy, and I’ve made so many cyber friends, and that means a lot

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    • Exxxaaactly. That’s old school. You just kick it and write whatever you want. Lord knows I do! Here’s how old I am. I had my first blog on Angelfire… Anybody remember that site??? Mark Zuckerberg had a page there when he was 15 yrs. old… I’m a dinosaur. – Your blog rocks and I really need to get over there more often. I need to post in Bloppy Bloggers too. What happened to all of those bloggers???


  2. The venue has changed quite a bit. Love your posts, they are old school.

    Did I ever award you with a “Walter”> Stopped this year as half the winners quit blogging, I might still have one in my closet.

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    • Thank you and NO! I have not received a Walter!!! Start diggin’ in that closet, Cranky! I’m still an award whore! 😀


  3. I’ve never really done much of anything on my blog. I certainly don’t care about numbers and I don’t sell anything. I am a link whore though. I’m well aware of that.

    I don’t think folks share as much as they used to because the trolls are out and get all preachy on you if they don’t like what you say. There are so many trolls out there too.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Love you. ♥

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    • Okay. Hold up. My eyes just popped outta’ my head and I may have spewed my coffee. YOU said a cuss word!!! What??? And even tho you typed it, it still sounded sweet. All of my cuss words come sounding like a nasally, Fran Dresher voice. Hahahah – I never worry too much about trolls with the spam plug in on WordPress but I get where people wouldn’t want to put up with them. I’ve seen a lot of trolling on FB and that’s plenty for me. – Here’s to an amazing week ahead! Love you right back! ❤

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  4. Let’s hear it for niche-free, personal blogging! For me, it’s a creative outlet and a means to connect with talented people on a worldwide scale. The blogosphere has definitely become more commercialized. Personal engagement is declining because of it and that is sad. As for those awards, they’re more of a pain-in-the-ass than anything else. Too many rules and stipulations, mostly. Takes a long time to put one of those posts together. 😛 Mind you, it’s always an honour to be nominated. 🙂

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    • Hahahaha! I LOVE those awards!!! 😀 – Hey, ya’ know what, Debbie??? If Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back, we can sure as hell bring back the original blogs in the hood! 😀


  5. Oh my goodness! This is brilliant. You are SO right! Niche free blogging really was ok. And there was me berating myself for years thinking I made a gynormous mistake back in 2014 when I started my blog that had NO niche. I called it ‘anything except housework’ specifically so I could write about whatever I wanted. Then all these people started saying “you gotta have a niche! You gotta have a niche!” I got sick of numbers and feeling ‘nicheless’. I didn’t want to sell my products or have a ‘brand’ on that blog so I started another one that had a niche and promoted my products a bit. Then I started a YouTube channel that grew very well. So all my attention goes on my channel and my other blog. BUT – after reading this – I am going to go back and give my old blog some love! You are SO right! Thank you for giving me a kick up the btm! I suddenly feel nostalgic for when I used to write without a reason other than I loved it.

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  6. The world has changed. The internet has changed. I think some of that community moved on to other venues, athough it won’t be the same there, either. The more things change…

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    • I’m waiting for the mass exodus of Facebook. I thought for sure it would be happening by now but ‘ol Zuck is still hangin’ in there. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on. 🙂


  7. Honestly no idea what the OBC was, but it’s been so long since I was a regular blogger … I know what you mean. I miss having a group of blogs to visit and read and we’d visit one another. Then … numbers. I blogged every day for a full year and I got burned out. It’s been two years of sporadic posting and I’m now trying to get back into a routine. Blogging seems harder when one is just blogging and not trying to make a dime on it!

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    • I made up OBC 😀 – I’m bringin’ back the old school FUN blogging and you are more than welcome to jump on board!!!! 😀 Welcome to the party! Again….


  8. I totally used to rant on my blog when I first started it. But as time’s gone, esp. w/ FB, I don’t share near as much cause I don’t know who is spying and trying to gather information about my private life and my struggles. When I started my blog in 2006, it was only other bloggers and one cousin that read it, and a couple of friends. In 2011 Russell told me that I share way too much private stuff and it’d bite me in the ass and it did. I dropped a bombshell on my blog about leaving Brian and how Russell & I met and our online courtship and that I was leaving WA to move back here. I didn’t know that his very angry ex girlfriend that he dropped when I told him I was in love with him was snooping the whole time and when she read that all hell broke loose one afternoon and evening. She was blowing up his phone and I’m trying to surreptitiously call him from WA while my soon to be ex-h is in the other room and she’s messaging me and her friend is messaging me and they left so many nasty comments on my blog I had to delete the post which was a shame cause it was a really great piece of writing. It almost tore us apart. Since then I’ve been careful about what I write.

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    • Wow. This is why I approve comments before posting. One day I’ll do a post on comments that didn’t make it to the blog.


  9. I know what you mean about blogging, so much has changed. I was only part of a couple of blogging communities and one of them has since closed down. I never cared about numbers and never really had a niche, I just blogged what interested me or posted pictures. I do miss the connections I had when I blogged. That I haven’t blogged in a couple of years was totally unplanned. There was personal stuff going on, I got depressed, but I didn’t feel I could write about it on my blog b/c my husband would read my blog and my depression had to do with him! Right before our 25th wedding anniversary two years ago, he matter-of-factly tells me how happy he is that there was only the two of us all these years because when we got together all he wanted was a relationship, not a family. Not a family, when all I ever wanted Was a family, children!

    Less than 6 months after we got together, I was hospitalized with endometriosis. After the operation, I had three-quarters of one ovary and lost the other. The doctor said I could still have a baby but it would not be easy and he suggested in vitro. I wanted to try that right away but my husband wasn’t warm to the idea of the cost or doing anything outside of just trying naturally, After a while, I lost my window of opportunity for in vitro. I came up with other options like adoption but he always had excuses as to why we couldn’t do it just then. I suspected he really didn’t want kids but he never admitted it. Just said the timing wasn’t right or some such bullshit.

    So he finally owns up to how he really felt all along 25 years too late for me!! It broke my heart that I never had children and I still have little cries about it. I realized too late I should have left long ago. Now at my age I stay because it’s really too late for me to have a family anymore, my husband has a steady job with good healthcare and I need that. But I don’t feel the same anymore. I became depressed and just shut down. I didn’t write and I didn’t blog. Now I’m picking myself up out of the funk. I will blog again! Karen, thanks so much for reading all this, my friend!


    • I am so very sorry, Madilyn. I just want to fly out and give you the biggest hug ever.. What a dirty trick for your husband to pull. Makes me so angry. No offense, but what a jerk! – I’m happy you’ll be blogging again and hopefully this time your husband won’t read it! I am just so, so sorry… ❤

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      • Karen, thanks so much, I could use that hug! Oh, I was having a pity party. Yes, it was a dirty trick and yes, he is a jerk! I never post about my anniversary on FB the way other people do, not even when I had my 25th. The sad reality is that it just doesn’t mean that much to me. After all the deception, for me it’s primarily a functional marriage. Because I’m not a gloomy gal by nature, even though I’m sad a lot and have little cries too often, I find ways to refocus and find joy, like taking pictures. You are such a sweet lady and I really appreciate the way you understand. Lots of hugs right back at ya! ❤

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      • Oh, Madilyn.. I wish I really could give you that hug! I’m happy you find ways to refocus and your photography is seriously, picture perfect. Still… If you’d like to collect some social security I’ve got a shovel… 😉 – You are an amazingly strong woman and I hope you will find your voice in blogging again. You write so beautifully and that’s another talent that should shine as well. I think you can block people from reading your blogs now. A million hugs coming your way. ❤

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  10. You said what a lot of folks seem to be thinking, and you said it better than anyone else I’ve found. I’m actually new at this, so I guess you could say I’m a new old school blogger. I’m so glad there are others out there.


    • Hi! Sorry so late in responding. I’ve been away planning shenanigans. 🙂 Welcome to blogging! And thank you! People are usually hot or cold with me. There is no in between. 🙂


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