Joining Sandee over at Comedy Plus for her weekly linky, “Tuesday Fun!
All you have to do is…
“Post a funny picture. Post a not so funny picture. Post whatever weirdness you want. That’s it.”
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Hhhmm. Looks like I was way off too.
I thought it was a urinal.
Also joining Sandee for the Tuesday blog hop, ‘Tummy Tuesdays‘ hosted by Cactus Catz.
Per Sandee’s instruction…
“Post anything about food: a restaurant review, a recipe, food photography, a funny food quote, an essay on food — anything food-related because you know like the song says, “Food, glorious food.””

I just came across this in my Facebook newsfeed and I can’t think of anything more disgusting.
My contribution to ‘Tummy Tuesdays.’
Just the thought of this makes me want to vomit.
Happy Tuesday, folks!
Have fun, be weird, drink weird shit…
Hey, whatever tickles your pickle!


From faux Monday to Monday from hell.
Yes. I know it’s Wednesday.
Let’s just forget about this loud ass monstrosity of a floor fan that must run all day, all night, all weekend and into next week.
I know. It doesn’t look very big but trust me, it’s loud as fuck.
And let’s forget our “Gomer” maintenance guy’s chop shop repair.
A hole in the dining room. A hole in the kitchen where a ton more water came pouring out between two light fixtures. No worries, right? I’m sure there’s no water in between point A and point B…

So, just to put it together. The loud ass floor fan is on the floor pointed up at the big hole in the dining room with the idea that that small hole in the kitchen will serve as ventilation to dry everything out to prevent mold and the ceiling collapsing.
Uh huh…
Yeah. Let’s forget about all that other jerry-rigged ridiculousness going on up there and let’s take a moment to focus on this close up of our Gomer maintenance guy hard at work.
Yep. That’s our Gomer. And I get to spend the next couple of weeks with him.
I know ladies, be jealous…
I know I said the most challenging aspect of the Whole30 Plan was not being able to have my fancy coffees. I take that back. It’s not being able to have a vat of fucking wine when I need it!
Welcome to my Wednesday, aka, the faux Monday from hell.
Please, share with me some fun stuff that you’re doing that doesn’t involve creepy Gomers in your homes!
Mimi’s quote of the day –
Yep. This is pretty much where I’m at…