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As most of you know that read my blog. I am not a t.v. watcher. I know my pal ‘The Cranky Old Man’ is, and you should go over to his place and read his posts, “Watching T.V. With Mrs. Cranky” and ‘Yelling At The T.V.‘ – He’s written others about t.v. viewing but these two are my favorite. Oh, and the one about the remote
So, being a professed, non-t.v. watcher – and no, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vudu, and Amazon Prime binging don’t count… – I found myself missing local t.v., namely, the local news. And in truth, it wasn’t even the news I was missing, it was the familiarity of going to bed after the news, that I’ve missed.
Apparently at age 52, I need an alarm clock for my bedtime.
Sad but true.
When all the kids were home I had cable and inet. Mainly because I never wanted my kids to carry that stigma of being “that family.” You know, the weirdo family on the block that doesn’t let their kids watch t.v. or have pop? Yeah, “those people.” I wasn’t going to be one of “them.” Plus, it’s a lot more fun watching t.v. when you have someone to snuggle n’ giggle with. Once that was over so was my need for t.v.
Fast forward to now and inet streaming. I reeeallly don’t need t.v. now, but I want it.
And now it’s just the idea of it. I feel like our local cable company is trying to force me into signing up with them and I’m just not going to.
I’m not.
We have wifi through our local cable company. We had to pay a $200 deposit because we hadn’t had service with this company before. Fine. I’ll pay, with the understanding that the $200 deposit does, in fact, come back to us because we’ve paid our bill on time for x amount of months. Perfect. There should be no issues with this since it’s an auto pay right off of the credit card.
Now, being established wifi customers and having paid our $200 deposit for never having had service with them before, and having apparently passed whatever credit checks we needed to pass, I decided to call our wifi provider and inquire about adding basic cable.
All I want is my local news. How expensive could that be??
– And here’s where I turn into the “Italian Jew girl.” –
To add basic cable to our wifi plan, they want another $200 deposit  AND a $250 deposit on their cable box, or $350 if we want the DVR.
Another $200 deposit? But we’ve already paid a $200 deposit. We’re already customers. We passed all the tests. We’re not new. We have credit.
Yeah, not so fast…
 – The new $200 deposit is for the cable service, which is separate from the wifi service.
* Really? So I’ll be getting two separate bills? One for wifi, one for cable?
– No. It’s all one itemized bill.
* Great. Then why another $200 deposit?
…..And here’s the part where I consider how many months of prison time I’d like to endure….
– Because it’s a separate service. Wifi and cable aren’t the same.
….Really dumb ass? I didn’t know….
* So, if I had ordered cable at the same time I ordered my wifi I would’ve had to pay a $400 deposit plus an equipment fee of $250/350?
– No.
* Then why do I have to pay an additional $200 to add cable to my already existing service?
– Because it’s a separate service.
Enter thoughts of homicide and my “wascally wabbit ears.” I hadn’t really thought about a t.v. antenna since I lived in the “Twilight Zone” of Arkansas, so far out in the boonies the only neighbors we had were the white supremacists. – Not even kidding. – We had a GIANT outdoor antenna semi-bolted to the side of our ooollllddddd farmhouse right next to our firewood window – true story, a small window, no screen, to pass firewood through. – Which was super handy for when it rained, which was nearly every day, and the picture went out on the t.v., which was also nearly every day.. We could just reach out the window and give our towering antenna a little spin and boom! Just like that, we were watching t.v. again.
Not even kidding folks. Just a sliver of my life…
That experience was pretty much my last with any kind of an antenna. Until now.
It’s the year 2016. I figured this whole t.v. antenna thing had to have rolled with the times, right? And hooray, it has! We now have t.v.! All of the local channels and a few really weird cable stations but t.v. just the same, with zero to very little weather interference.
So, for $20 bucks, not another $200 deposit PLUS $250/350 for equipment fees, I have my bedtime alarm clock again!
Woo hoo! Go me, right???
It’s the little things folks…
I’m not in for a full day just yet but I could be…

15 thoughts on “WASCALLY WABBIT EARS”

  1. whatta clusterfuck. i can’t even with that kind of shit. makes no sense when people talk shit like that that makes no sense at all. i have no patience for it!
    i can’t tell you the last time i watched TV-TV. i have netflix we watch some series for a few hours at night then done.

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  2. I was going to suggest mentioning a satellite service if they couldn’t cut you some slack. These cable people cut deals all the time to get or not lose business, you just have to make noise or talk to a supervisor. Your solution was waaaaay better. An antennae! Who knew or remembered.

    I remember when the Giants played Philadelphia in NY the game was blacked out. Pop would climb on the roof and twist that thing towards Philly and we could get a snowy but acceptable picture. It took a lot of yelling out the window “Better…better…worse…better…” but it was worth it.

    Thanks for the mentions!! I’ll have to share on Facebook. Is that self-promotion? I guess it sort of is…so what!

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    1. We can’t have any kind of dish here in the apts., and I have no idea why the cable company are being such assholes. I mean we’re already in. We passed, we paid, we continue to pay. It’s nuts. So, for $20 bucks I got what I needed and I couldn’t be happier. The crazy cable channels that came with are a hoot! – And of course all of the mentions! I love your posts! 😀 And thanks for sharing mine. Much, much appreciated!


  3. No kidding Tracie! And no matter how I approached that additional $200 deposit, I got absolutely fucking nowhere! It was like jumping on the merry-go-round of stupidity. And what’s even more irritating is that I know on the other end of the phone is some smartass 12 yr. old pretending to be a grown-up. I just threw my hands up and was done. The antenna works great but I’m still not totally sucked in.


  4. Their brains are a paperweight like my post today. I gave up on cable years ago. You never get the channels you want either. You can’t pick them you have to pick their stupid package and each package has one or two channels that you want. What a scam.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  5. Thank you! I think it’s a scam too! And you’re right. You don’t get to pick your channels and of the ones they pick for you 99% of those are sports! Ugh. I’m quite happy with my tiny little antenna. It hides behind the t.v. or sticks in the window. Super small and picture perfect. 😀


  6. Ugh, don’t get me started with cable!!! You definitely needed to skip the 12 year old and go straight to the supervisor after the first round of circular illogical infinite stupidity! But hey, $20 and no monthly fee is even better.

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  7. Cable bills are outrageous and we basically are doing the same thing. I need to get internet but I don’t need all the tv channels. Perfectly content with what we have. I just don’t watch a lot of tv anymore. I spend more time at my piano playing that than anything else. My music keeps me sane.

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    1. I don’t mind them making cash. They’re in business, that’s their job. They provide a service but there’s no need to rape people with their over the top charges. It’s just not worth it. Besides. You really can get everything online.


  8. Well you know it’s because I’m a total Jew, Joe. I just don’t think anything that cable has to offer is worth $200. It should be like Netflix. $8 bucks and you watch whatever you want, and really with the way you can stream everything online now I’m surprised the cable and dish companies aren’t bending over backwards to get and keep people. My sister has Dish and her bill keeps going up n’ up.


  9. I don’t get it. The cable companies bundle everything and you don’t have to pay deposits. At least I never had to. How weird. Is it Comcast/Xfinity? I pay an outrageous bill for cable and internet, but I do watch TV and sadly they’ve put 2 channels I watch into a package with 400 channels I don’t watch. But I pay for that package for those 2 channels. I have a landline I don’t use. I don’t even have a phone hooked up to it. I see when someone (always a solicitor since I don’t even know the number) is calling on the TV screen but no way to answer.

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  10. Here you have to pay a deposit if you haven’t been with this company before JoJo. Which of course, we haven’t because it’s a western provider and not a mid-west/eastern provider. So, you pay the deposit which they apply towards your bill after x amount of on time payments with them, which, easy peasy, comes right off the card, always on time. THEN, they have the packages but if you don’t buy the WHOLE package, ex: wifi and cable or wifi, cable, phone, all together then they double dip – or attempt to – later on. Such as when I called to find out how much it would be to add cable to our existing acct. That would be an additional $200 plus the equipment fees. No thanks. They’re penalizing me for not swallowing their package the first time around? PLUS the monthly bill that is almost $200 a month for basic?? Yeah, no. (Pun intended btw.) So screw it. And like you, I didn’t want 400 channels and only two that I’d actually watch. I’m happy with the antenna. It’s so small unless you looked for it you wouldn’t see it and the picture is crystal clear because it’s the HD whatever, whatever antenna.


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