Apparently the A to Z challenge neither taught me nor instilled in me the where-with-all (where the hell did that come from?) to write daily. Sigh.
Catching up. First of all, let’s address all of you whom I consider online/real life friends – you know who you are – regarding my very own personal, “Missed Connection Monday – This Is Why I Don’t Date” post.
Thanks for wanting me to be happy to throw me headfirst into the arms of a serial killer!
Yes, he was cute. Yes, he seemed nice but guess what??? People said the same thing about Ted fucking Bundy!!!!
So, just to be clear.
– No, I am not going out with this guy! –
To be fair, things could have worked out muuuuuccccchhhh differently had my “Missed Connection” worked at JoAnn Fabrics. Of course, if he worked there he probably wouldn’t have asked for my number, just sayin’… Every fabric store I’ve ever gone in that had a guy working in it, that guy has been clearly and openly gay.
FYI, I now shop at Lowe’s for all of my hardware needs.
In defiance, I chose to sit home this long weekend. I made or attempted to make plans for the past two weeks and all but one fell through so now I’m just like, fuck it. I’ll stay home and be on my own damn schedule instead of waiting around for other people who don’t show up and plans that don’t pan out.
Color me irritated.
I’ve been working on some inventory for my “maybe, maybe not” Etsy shop. Not sure I’m going that route or not. I think I’m going to go with just showcasing things on Facebook and here, and then this fall hit up a few craft shows. I’ve already got people inboxing me about winter hats n’ scarves and baby stuff. Of course, all of you get the “sneak peeks.”
I’ve also started a couple of different journal ideas to keep myself on track in all areas of my life that would otherwise spin completely, and totally out of control. I’ll share those projects too.
Also, I’m starting my Christmas shopping. I know, I know but think about it, folks. Christmas is only 6 months away. I’m shopping, wrapping and cataloging it all! Laugh, sigh, faint away in disbelief but guess who won’t be stressing during this holiday season??? This girl right here.
I hope everyone had a safe, reflective Memorial Day weekend.
I’m off to visit some blogs now.
Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday!
Here’s a lit’l sneak peek of the baby quilt and toy I did..
I call it, “Puppy Love.”
It’s my very first “rag quilt” and I think I’ll be making a lot of these…
That’s all folks…

10 thoughts on “CATCHING UP

  1. If the guy figures out your shopping elsewhere he’ll quit and start working at the new place. I’m just saying.

    Hubby and I stayed home this past weekend. What a great plan too. It was quiet and peaceful all weekend. Doing this one again.

    Love the quilt. That’s adorable.


  2. He could have been “The One” I’m just sayin’.

    Christmas! Please don’t talk dirty, I can’t take it.

    Adorable little quilt and puppy stuffy. Now you get to make a pink set, and a green set …

    Sometimes, our best companions are ourselves.


  3. I love that toy and quilt so much. Adorable!!!! And back when I used to have a ton of people to shop for, I’d start my shopping in January. Get a couple of things a month, and then I’d be done by the end of summer! It’s awesome.


  4. I have to start with… I absolutely love your quilt. I wish I had a new grandchild coming. You definitely would get my order. Hopefully some day I will be blessed with another. Our one and only will be 5 in 6 days.

    I hope you had a good Memorial weekend home. Sometimes they are the best. Your comment about Lowes cracked me up. Thank you for being you and brighten my day!


  5. Weekend is pretty uneventful for me in North Idaho. To be honest usual every day is quite uneventful.
    Sure a nice looking quilt. I haven’t yet made one and would like to.
    Coffee is on


  6. So was Ted Fucking Bundy. Exactly.
    Waiting on others so annoying.
    Early shopping, very organized!
    Normally I start holiday sewing in June. Last year I didn’t sew any gifts because I was pissed at everyone…. no one noticed the lack of gift or that I was pissed. I showed them.
    I’m excited about your may-or-may-not Etsy… in the meantime you know I’m cheering you on and love seeing what you create!


  7. Love Puppy love!! You are so creative! Christmas is only 6 months away? Yikes, this year is gong by way too fast. I’ve been so busy and I am way behind on visiting blogs or even getting a post up on my own blog. At this pace, Christmas may be here before I get anything done LOL! Have a great week. 🙂


  8. That’s a beautiful baby quilt. Sounds like you’ve been having an interesting time – I must continue reading back through your posts to find out what has been going on! My fault for doing too much painting and not enough (like NONE) blog reading!

    Liked by 1 person


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