Wow! Where did the first half of this year go?? I know that it’s not officially summer just yet but holy hell, with temps out here in the triple digits, it’s close enough for me!
And, don’t look now folks but we’ve only got 6 more months left of 2016.
I’m “prompting” my way through my blog this month.
June 1-5 prompts are brought to you via a lit’l site I found called, ‘Writing Exercises.’

TODAY’S PROMPTWrite about your day so far.

I started my first “Bullet Journal.” This one is to help me keep track and stay on task with my sewing/crafting.
I started out with a basic, blank journal. They have journals specifically for “bullet journaling.” I don’t think it matters either way. You could even use a 3 ring binder if you wanted to, which I plan on doing in the future.
This is what I’ve got so far.
Obviously, I have much more work to do on it. I’ll cover the front of it and doodle it up more on the pages but it is a fun way for me to keep track of my projects in the making.
This is one of my current works in progress. The one I have listed in my BuJo (bullet journal.)
This blanket is scheduled to be complete by the 7th of June.
Another first. I had never crocheted on fleece before. It’s super easy and this project is super fast. It will be a 12 block/square pattern with 3 or 4 inch joining stitches and of course a border. I have no idea if this will be a crib blanket or an adult throw.. Won’t know until I start joining it all together. This is my own design so however big I make it is however big it will be.

So, that’s my day so far. Letting my creative juices flow.
I’ve also showered, consumed two pots of coffee, done a load of laundry, a load of dishes, swept the floors and the patio. And apparently am knockin’ out a blog post.
What’s your day been like so far?
The rest of my day will be indoors with the AC onย and a crochet hook in my hand watching CSI on Netflix.
Ooops. I mean Hulu…
Why am I just now watching this show??? Grissom, much like our weather, is HOT!
Be safe, be well, and Happy June, folks!

18 thoughts on “HALF WAY

  1. Um … We have just begun the 6th month …
    Cute idea for a blanket! I never plan on when I will finish anything, as soon as I do, Murphy steps in and makes me a liar. My lists are always ‘wishes.’
    Even heavier and older – Gil Grissom is HOT!


  2. Hahaha. It’s still the 6th month and only 6 more to go. – Thank you on the blanket. I had an idea and I’m hoping it turns out as cute as I imagine. I have to plan. I’m a planner and a list maker and I just have to get at least 6 things done a day! – And you are so right about Grissom. I don’t know how old he is and a lit’l extra cushion for the pushin’ doesn’t bother me in the least. There’s just something incredibly sexy about him and I can’t believe I didn’t watch this show when it was on.


  3. What a great idea to stay on track. Whatever works is a good thing.

    Love the blanket.

    I can’t find that CSI in my Netflix, but I’ll keep him in mind. I love all things CSI.

    Have a fabulous June. โ˜บ

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  4. You drank two pots of coffee? Damn girl! How is my day so far? I did a ton of errands & the grocery shopping, mowed the lawn, weed wacked and washed my car. I see a fistful of advil in my near future.

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  5. I have seen crocheting with fleece blankets before and thought they looked cute. I cannot wait to see your finished blanket. Great idea for the journal. My day has been very busy at work. I am so grateful this is a short week and my early week. I was able to come home and complete my Fairy Garden. . Now I get to visit my favorite friends who also blog. Have a good evening.

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      1. I am posting about it and it will post on my Garden Blog on Saturday and then I plan to repost it on my regular blog on Monday. Once in awhile I will post in both. I am happy with the way it turned out for now. I plan to add a few decorative things later.

        It is good to be back blogging. I still will not be blogging as much but I will have at least one post per week. I just need to get healthy. LOL


  6. Yup – love the bujo! Brilliant word, will be using that for sure now. SOooooo jealous of your summer weather – am sitting here in the UK feeling really cold on June the frickin’ 3rd! we have had three days of rain, wind and complete cloud cover – not sure if the sun is even up there any more! I love your prompts posts – where do you get your prompts – do you make them up? I love your blog because it’s light, happy, free-flowing and full of life – feels so spontaneous.

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    1. I can’t take credit for the bujo. I saw it somewhere and thought I needed to use it lest I be thought of as an old crone. Hahahahaha. – I will share my weather with you any day and I will take that rain. We have such bad droughts here in the summer and wild fires. Super scary. – I get my prompts from random Google writing prompt generators. Who knew they existed? – And I have to tell you Gilly, since I beat stage 4 cancer back in 2006/2007 I just let my spirit soar and do whatever. When you have 3 teams of drs. tell you, “You need to figure out what you’re going to do with your kids because you won’t be here next year,” ya’ kinda’ just prioritize life real quick and it’s all about the living and loving and laughing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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