And I’m probably the strangest of them all.
Just thought I’d throw that out there.
Violence, anger, sadness everywhere you look.
No rhyme. No reason. No answers.
I have nothing to add to the conversation but my prayers.
I can make neither heads nor tails out of much of anything anymore.
Things I gotta’ do today.
**Take my vacuum apart and clean it. I don’t know why my vacuum has 5 million filters in it nor why it must be taken apart and cleaned every other week but that seems to be the norm and so it must be done.
**Water my plants. Seriously. If I posted a pic of them someone would call PPS (plant protective services) on me. Droopy n’ dry. – Much like my sex life.
**Finish up my daughter’s skirt and another outfit – at least – for my grand-Princess.
I’ll post pics when I get stuff done.
**Work on my bujo.
**Work on my afghan. Yeah. The one I bulleted for completion on the 7th.
Not even close.
**Figure out some flippin’ time management skills.
**Figure out an acceptable bedtime or resign myself to the fact that I will never sleep another day in my life.
I’m still crushin’ on ‘Grissom.’ (CSI, the original.) I’m not sure why people keep referring to him as old and fat. He’s in his 60’s. That’s not old. He certainly doesn’t look old and I wouldn’t call him fat. I don’t know who’s looking for a beanpole, young buck but, not it.
Okay, except Ryan Gosling, and he’s in his 40’s.
Anyway, I’m on season 5 now and I don’t even know how that happened.
It’s like eating Pringles. Once you pop you can’t stop, except I can because I don’t like Pringles.
Other stuff I gotta’ do today?
**Come back and visit and comment and share.
I’ve gotten awards and honorable mentions that need to be addressed.
I need to visit my “Tribe” which is now not the thing. I need to change all of you to my “squad.” Apparently that’s the new word of the year because everybody’s out hangin’ wit their squad.
Our temps dropped like a rock and I was freezing last night. I resisted the urge to turn on the heat and instead just layered up and went to bed. – Late.

Got hit on Monday with some personal hoops to jump through. Not at all looking forward to that but whatever. – Prayers, good vibes welcome.

I hope wherever you are you’re finding joy in this wonderful day because no matter the hoops, no matter all of the negativity, hatefulness and sadness swirling about us. This life is a gift.
We should probably pay a lit’l bit more attention to that.

Be well. Be happy. Be loved. Show love.

FRIDAY FEATURE – You Gotta’ See This! #002

Good morning folks! Thank you all so much for being so encouraging and receptive of my new Friday feature! If this is your first time here my “Friday Feature – You Gotta’ See This!” is simply a day to showcase the amazingly talented people I see around me or come across online.Last Friday it was my pleasure to showcase Miss JoJo from ‘Tahoma Beadworks and Photography.’ She is multi-talented in multiple mediums. A rare find to be sure. If you missed the post you can read it here.This week I’m showcasing another talented woman.
Dawn Johnson, owner of ‘Paisley Soap Works.’
Dawn has been crafting handmade, all natural soaps for nearly 40 years. A craft she says she learned from her grandmother.

Q&A with Dawn from ‘Paisley Soap Works.’

1.) When did you start making soaps?

Dawn – I have been making soap since 1979 when my grandmother showed me the basics. When my son was born, he had rather sensitive skin for a time and I was so glad I knew how to make my own soap.

2.) How long does it take to make a bar of soap?

Dawn – I make soap using the “cold processed ” method so it takes about an hour to regulate temperatures, 24 hours, to rest prior to unmolding, another 24-48 hours to allow the soap to cure before cutting, and finally 5-6 weeks to fully cure. A long time but totally worth it.

3.) What is the difference between handcrafted soaps and store bought?

Dawn – The difference between handcrafted soap and the bars that you get from the grocery store is that the bars in the store aren’t soap at all…they’re detergent in solid form. Handcrafted soap is made from 3 simple ingredients : fat/oil, water, and lye…no worries, there is absolutely no residual lye in a properly made and cured bar of handmade soap.

Dawn’s personal favorite soap?
“It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite but I think “All Buttered Up! ” would be the one… it has lots of moisturizing cocoa butter, creamy shea butter, and exotic mango butter…yummy!”

Mimi’s personal favorite?
Based solely on the name…
Dragon’s Blood – “A rich and spicy scent likened to the fragrance of Dragon’s Blood resin. The scent is a luxurious blend of amber and myrrh with rich sandalwood and earthy patchouli and is made with Dragon’s Blood resin infused olive oil.”
This is a busy time of year for Dawn as she is attending several festivals throughout Michigan.
If you’re in the area please be sure to stop in and see her!
**June 25th & 26th you can find Dawn here.
‘Log Cabin Days.’ Located at the Fish Hatchery Park in Waterford MI
**August 6th Dawn will be here.
‘Annual Highland Games’ at Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia MI on Saturday, August 6th.
To place an order for Dawn’s wonderful, all natural, handmade soaps you can contact her on her Facebook page, ‘Paisley Soap Works.’ – Be sure and hit the like button while you’re there!
Visit her at her website, ‘Paisley Soap Works‘ to place your order there and learn all about the art of handmade soaps, lotions, body butters, body polishes and scrubs. Bath salts, bath oils, perfume oils and more!
Here’s a lit’l look-see of Dawn’s products.
The “Good Morning” bar. – “A crisp, energizing fragrance with may chang, orange, lime, pink grapefruit,  rose geranium, and neroli. Accented by colorful swirls reminiscent of a perfect morning sky with bright yellow, sky blue, wisps of cloud white and sunrise pink.”

Lemongrass Shea – “The wonderful moisturizing benefits of shea butter combined with the freshness of lemongrass essential oil.  Swirled with yellow and green.”

I really love the look of this one.
Honeycomb – “Contains pure wildflower honey that draws moisture to skin and a sweet floral honey scent. Natural color, loaded with pure honey with a honeycomb design.”

I love the artistry of this one too.
Dawn does phenomenal designer, custom order bars as well.
Full Moon Over Sand Dunes
‘Peacefest 2016’ – Waterford, Michigan

Before being sold out!I know this Friday Feature was a bit lengthy but when artist/craftsmen/women have turned their talents into a marketable product I turn into a carney shouting, “Step right up, step right up!
“Ya’ Gotta’ See This!”
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Dawn for allowing me to showcase ONE of her many talents.
And thank all of you for reading along and being a part of shining a light!
I appreciate you all!
Now, get on over to ‘Paisley Soap Works‘ and show some love!