Seriously… Omg… I can’t stand repair work being done around me and I feel like such a bitch about it but honestly, it just drives me bonkers. Especially since the work is being done in two of the rooms we frequent the most. – Thank the gods that be that we’re having no issues in our bathroom!

Plus, I feel like I’m being held hostage by the Gomer waiting on when/if he chooses to show up. He never shows when he says he will and we’ve had some beautiful days that I would’ve much rather been on the trails in the sunshine than waiting on that jughead.

And I know that I don’t have to be home for them to come in but I’d rather be, ya’ know? I mean, I don’t know this guy. He could be one of those weirdo panty sniffer idiots I see on all of my creepy crime shows. Who knows?? Plus, just the idea of a stranger in my home and I’m not here. Yeah, no. Call me paranoid but no. Not happening.
My future daughter-in-law tho, finding the positive in everything that happens, did take advantage of this annoying situation..

She decided to dry her leggings collection… And trust me. She has waaaay more than this and more coming in the mail!
So. There’s a silver lining. Killing two birds with one stone, as it were.
The fan is gone AND the Gomer got fired! Not because of us but apparently, his work, in general, was a bit shoddy. – Ya’ think???
We have a new maintenance guy and he appears to be on the ball and he’s certainly 100% more professional than the Gomer. We still have holes in the dining room and kitchen and the one in the dining room is going to get a whole lot bigger before all is said and done. I don’t even care. I just want it finished!
We’ve had some great weather but that took quite a turn. Cooler temps with rain/hail/snow mix but that’s okay because I’ve got plenty of projects to keep me busy indoors!
More about those later..
Passing along a “must see” show. If you have Hulu, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is excellent.
It’s also a book by Margaret Atwood but I haven’t read it – yet.
Have any of you read the book or are you watching the show? It’s so creepily fascinating.
I am determined to get this posted today! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week. I’m coming around to catch up on everybody now and hopefully, there will be enough hours at the end of my day to write a post for tomorrow!
Mimi’s Quote for the day –



I was looking for a Tuesday bloghop linky thing to join and yeah, there aren’t any. Let me specify. There aren’t any for me. All of them have that lit’l clause in their list of rules “must be FAMILY FRIENDLY.”
Well, first of all, as all of you know, Mimi is not a rule follower. The only rules I have ever followed in my entire life were my dad’s.
Side Note: Following the law is exempt here because following the law is not necessarily following “the rules.” Following the law is simply complying with the authorities that govern my state and my country. Thereby, I am law abiding, not rule following.
#piecesofme #reallifeshit – I’ve never been arrested and I’ve only gotten one ticket. Speeding (surprise!)
So yeah, no Tuesday bloghop/linkup for me. Instead I’ll share some projects I’m working on.
pghostDoing something fun with these lit’l ghost faces.

And these skulls.

And these trees.
Pics of finished projects to follow.
I made this Pokemon kiddie tote. No pattern. Just kinda’ winged it but it turned out super cute and I already have orders. Go me!My soon-to-be, daughter-in-law, aka, “Puzzle Girl” is making jewelry. She does a fantastic job. She works with puzzle pieces a lot because she is a champion of Autism Awareness and works with disabled adults. We’re going to try and swing a couple of craft show/festivals together this fall.Today I’ll be working with this fabric.
In other news – It’s really not news but unless you live in a cave. You may have noticed, it’s fucking hot out!
FYI, this is one of the many reasons I can’t do bloghops with rules. When the it’s fucking hot outside, I say it’s fucking hot outside.
I suppose I could reword it to something like, golly gee, it sure is warm out there but golly gee, it sure is warm out there doesn’t cut it when you step outside and melt into the concrete because why? It’s fucking hot out!
Mimi’s quote for the day –
Stay cool my friends!


Wow! Where did the first half of this year go?? I know that it’s not officially summer just yet but holy hell, with temps out here in the triple digits, it’s close enough for me!
And, don’t look now folks but we’ve only got 6 more months left of 2016.
I’m “prompting” my way through my blog this month.
June 1-5 prompts are brought to you via a lit’l site I found called, ‘Writing Exercises.’

TODAY’S PROMPTWrite about your day so far.

I started my first “Bullet Journal.” This one is to help me keep track and stay on task with my sewing/crafting.
I started out with a basic, blank journal. They have journals specifically for “bullet journaling.” I don’t think it matters either way. You could even use a 3 ring binder if you wanted to, which I plan on doing in the future.
This is what I’ve got so far.
Obviously, I have much more work to do on it. I’ll cover the front of it and doodle it up more on the pages but it is a fun way for me to keep track of my projects in the making.
This is one of my current works in progress. The one I have listed in my BuJo (bullet journal.)
This blanket is scheduled to be complete by the 7th of June.
Another first. I had never crocheted on fleece before. It’s super easy and this project is super fast. It will be a 12 block/square pattern with 3 or 4 inch joining stitches and of course a border. I have no idea if this will be a crib blanket or an adult throw.. Won’t know until I start joining it all together. This is my own design so however big I make it is however big it will be.

So, that’s my day so far. Letting my creative juices flow.
I’ve also showered, consumed two pots of coffee, done a load of laundry, a load of dishes, swept the floors and the patio. And apparently am knockin’ out a blog post.
What’s your day been like so far?
The rest of my day will be indoors with the AC on and a crochet hook in my hand watching CSI on Netflix.
Ooops. I mean Hulu…
Why am I just now watching this show??? Grissom, much like our weather, is HOT!
Be safe, be well, and Happy June, folks!