Here in Idaho when it rains, it sprinkles. – For about a minute.
And that’s all we got today was about a minute of sprinkles. Boo. Now it’s nothing but gray skies, which today aren’t bugging me so much because I woke up sooooo stinkin’ tired this morning and no matter how much coffee and iced tea I drank I was still tired.
leaves barBUT WAIT!
Boom. Just like that, all of the caffeine decides to work and here I am, 11pm. WIDE AWAKE!
True story.
leaves barThe highlight of my day and the only reason I put a bra on today – seriously – was getting the car into the shop. Actually getting the car into the shop wasn’t the highlight, trying to get an Uber to get home was.

Have any of you ever used the Uber service? It’s an alternative cab service. It’s an app for your phone and you can read all about it here.
I would tell you all about it myself except OUR DRIVER NEVER SHOWED! Not even kidding. We waited almost an HOUR for NOBODY!
uberOf course, it was at precisely this moment that I needed to find a bathroom and nope, not one business around that had a public restroom.
– We (“Puzzle Girl” and I) were only dropping the car off. The shop wasn’t open. –
We ended up walking to a grocery store which thankfully did have a public restroom.
We did a little shopping and then called a cab.
leaves barI have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. The cab was clean and our driver wasn’t a serial killer although I suspect he fancied himself a pop singer… He had a sign on the dash that read, “Singing is allowed and encouraged.” I’m pretty sure that was meant for him personally because he sang along to the radio the whole way home. Not gonna’ lie, it’s kinda’ weird being in a vehicle with someone you don’t know who’s singing along to the radio with full lung power. It was sorta’ like our own personal version of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ minus James Corden and any celebrity passengers.

I was super surprised at the fare! In Michigan, you can’t get anywhere in a cab for under twenty bucks. Boise fare? Eight bucks WITH a tip. How crazy is that?? I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d take a cab everywhere for that price but hey when you’re in a pinch. It’s a nice, affordable option. At least in Boise.

ME BEING ME MOMENT – I did survey our driver from head to toe for identifying scars and tattoos. I checked for escape routes as soon as I got into the cab and I made sure there were door handles and functioning locks. I cracked the window just in case I had to kick it out and had 91 already dialed into my phone with my finger ready to press the last 1 if need be.
Shake your heads and laugh. I watch those creepy crime shows. They won’t take me without a fight!
leaves barThen, it being boy child #3’s birthday month… When we got home “Puzzle Girl” decided to decorate for his favorite holiday too. (I helped a lit’l bit.)

spiderweb lightThat candle makes the whole apt smell like you’re walking through an apple orchard. I’ll be going back and buying a case of those!  The spiderweb light? Just cool.
leaves barOkay. Well. That was my day in a nutshell. Now I’m off to go read about some of your days.
Anybody else excited for the upcoming holidays??
Which one is YOUR favorite?
Mine’s Christmas. Halloween is a very close second.
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
taxi quoteleaves barfeather

14 thoughts on “WHEN IT RAINS…

  1. The caffeine kicked in at 11pm? Bwahahahahahahaha. I’ve done that and it sucks.

    Love the cab story. I call that situational awareness. A cop term.

    Love the definition of dignity. That’s spot on.

    I love Christmas the best, but I hate winter.

    Have a fabulous day Karen. 🙂

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    1. Omg, it totally sucks CP! I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is but I finally fell asleep around 3:30-ish a.m. and was up, bright eyed and bushy haired around 8 a.m. so it wasn’t so horrible. – Yay for not thinking I’m stupid in the cab! Hey. I don’t know these jugheads. They could be anyone! As YOU know. – I’m with you on Christmas is best but these last couple of years, I too have started a strong dislike for winter.

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    1. I remember riding the L in Chicago. I had my eyes open so wide people probably thought I was on crack and then when my tiny lit’l, 5′ tall, size 0 Princess told me her and her gf’s were riding it at midnight I about died! I just like being aware. – My boys are big Thanksgiving fans too. They actually plan for it and wait like kids on Christmas! – Any day turkey and stuffing are cooked DOES seem like a holiday doesn’t it? So weird we typically only do it once a year. Maybe it’s the day after day leftovers that keep us from overdoing it throughout the rest of the year.


  2. Sounds like you’re a night person, like me. There’s never enough coffee in the mornings. Uber has recently come to Toronto and is making a big stink. The regular cab drivers are up in arms about the competition. I’ve never tried it, but if it’s less expensive than a cab, why not? (Assuming they show up!) Your cab fare was incredibly cheap. Love the singing cabbie! Hope he was in tune and thank goodness he wasn’t a psycho. Is that a real concern in Idaho? 😉 James Corden’s carpool karaoke is one of the best features of his show, IMO. The spider web light is definitely cool. Not a fan of Halloween (it’s a real pain with multiple dogs), but the whole month of December is festive, right through New Year’s Day. 🙂

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  3. I AM a night person but I’ve been trying to tame that beast in me by relaxing and getting into bed around 10-ish, midnight at the latest. Last night it wasn’t going to happen. I am going to resist all urges to take a nap this afternoon! – Uber causes a big stink everywhere. The cabbies here aren’t thrilled with them either, even our singing driver seemed a bit disgruntled when we mentioned Uber. He did say that during the holiday seasons Uber is big on jacking their prices up to way higher than what you’d pay for a regular taxi so that’s worth noting. And yes, that fare was incredibly cheap and not creepy, which is always a bonus. – Omg. I love James Corden and I agree, Carpool Karaoke is one of the best features on his show, if not the best. – I like the season surrounding Halloween and fun fall decorations. Nothing creepy. I like my decorations kid friendly but with boy child #3 and his fiance’ at the helm I may be outnumbered! – And YES! All of December through the New Year!

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  4. I’m hearing some bad things about UBER. I would never use them. I love the spider web light! Where’d you get it? I sure miss Fred Meyer….do you have those in Idaho? Fave store ever. Bet I could’ve gotten one there. I love Thanksgiving and Halloween. Christmas is OK I guess.

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    1. Yeah. I won’t be attempting to use Uber again. Once was enough for me. Besides, the cabs are so reasonable. I might as well stick with the tried and true. Altho I have family that swears by Uber.. – We DO have Fred Meyer but I haven’t been in one in months and they’re right by me. We got the light at that little grocery store we walked to. They have all kinds of cool stuff there too.


  5. That’s hilarious! All of it. The taxi thing REALLY made me snort with laughter (I know, very unattractive but I can’t help myself sometimes) – It was the 91 part – I would have done the same! I have a major phobia about getting into cars with strangers and don’t see how calling it a taxi makes it safe! In London, the whole time you are in a black cab, the central locking system keeps kicking in and out and it makes me nervous as I am never sure if they lock when the car stops to prevent non-payment, or if they lock while you’re moving to prevent drunk people falling out. I just avoid avoid avoid! Love the spider web! Oh and eat some lettuce next time you are wired from caffeine! Lettuce is a soporific and works really well for me.


  6. How miserable that you had to wait so long for nobody to show up for that Uber ride! I haven’t used an Uber as yet but I’ve heard complaints about drivers being late, poor driving, and one person I know had an Uber driver show up drunk (she did not take that ride!). I’m sure there are many fine Uber drivers but if I need to hitch a ride, I prefer cabs, they’re more reliable. Karen, I had to laugh about how you so thoroughly surveyed your cab driver (so funny the way he was singing!) ‘cause I do the same thing. Guess it’s the effect of all those crime dramas I watch too LOL! 🙂

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