I’m not entirely sure what the Japanese toy manufacturers are trying to do to their kids but holy hell. We may be banning the wrong people from coming into our country.
Japan appears to be a breeding ground for nutsos.
What child could possibly resist this warm n’ fuzzy snuggle whatever the hell it is?!
Can you imagine putting one of these on your kids’ bed or in their crib??
japan-creepy-faceUm. I don’t know. Su-SHE..??Is this the Japanese equivalent of a “wet willy??”
Not sure if this is a kid’s toy or an adult toy…
And the creepiest misfit Japanese toy of them all????
You can shave the baby??? What do these Japanese people think we do over here?? And apparently only to “ginger” babies because there are no brunette, blondes or black haired babies to shave. I checked.
This is so disturbing…
And yet. The Japanese are known for their science and technology..
If American kids had these toys they’d become serial killers. Just sayin’.
It’s almost the weekend. Anybody have plans??
My plans will change with the weather.
If it’s nice I’ll be out. If it’s not I’ll be in.
I’m pretty easy peasy that way.
Mimi’s quote for the day – (Maybe his parents were Japanese..)

18 thoughts on “#14 – THE COUNTRY OF MISFIT TOYS

  1. All of those toys are just so weird! That pink stuffed monstrosity would give me nightmares. And OMG what is that shave your baby doll, creepy! Yes, very disturbing, all of it!! LOL on the Rodney Dangerfield quote.

    Have a fun weekend, Mimi! 🙂

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    1. Can you imagine that thing on your bed or in your room?? I don’t even know what that thing is but if I walked into my room it would scare the shit out of me! And that doll??? SO creepy! – Rainy weekend here. I’ll be inside. Have a great weekend JLil! 😀

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  2. Yikes! Those toys are definitely scary. That kangaroo looks like a porn star. Shave the baby??! Weirdest thing I’ve seen in a long time and truly gross. The Japanese should stick to food and electronics.

    We’re in a deep freeze this weekend, so, I’m trying to get my A to Z Challenge posts done. Spring returns tomorrow, apparently, Such crazy weather!

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  3. What a completely nightmarish freaky set of toys! I once remember seeing a Japanese “chair” –ostentatiously to make those who sat in it feel loved. Ya know – the sort whose arms would go around the person sitting in it. It didn’t look very friendly though. I would NOT want to shave a baby, or eat a someone in my sandwich. And that cuddly toy is what sleepless nights are made of!

    Good to see you back. Hugs!

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    1. Oh I would NEVER want that chair! I barely want people hugging me let alone some creepy chair! Hahaha. – I think we can all agree that Japan may have the creepiest toys ever. If another country has creepier ones I don’t want to see them.



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