Jumping on the thankful bandwagon of my friend Sandee over at ‘Comedy Plus.’
The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by another blogger, Brian over at ‘Brian’s Home.’
This is super simple and a nice break in the day, just list some things that you’re thankful for.
Easy peasy.
When you’re done link up at ‘The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop‘ over at ‘Brian’s Home.’
1. – I’m thankful for great doctors!
***Unfortunately, my sister’s tumor surgery cannot be done in Idaho but we had a great almost surgeon here who referred us to a medical team in Utah.

2. – I’m thankful for great news!
***The great news is that the cancer doesn’t appear to have spread into any other organs.
The not so great news is that it has spread further into her stomach than the scans first showed so they will be removing her entire stomach.
3. – I’m thankful for modern medicine!
***Altho it sounds daunting and the medical procedures a bit extreme stage 2 stomach cancer is curable and this procedure has worked countless times and my sister is a great candidate for this surgery.

SO much to be thankful for.

What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. Great news indeed. I know this has been heaped a lot of stress on your family but a great prognosis is such a blessing.

    Hope you had a fabulous Thankful Thursday and I’m sure Brian is happy to see a new face for his hop.

    Love you, Karen. ♥

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    1. Thank you, Sandee. It’s so difficult to navigate thru. We lost our brother to stage 4 stomach cancer a couple of months ago and I’m trying so hard to make sure things go smoothly – as smoothly as they can – with my sister. – You know, I’ve been reading your Thankful Thursday’s and really, just all of the hops and hosting you’re involved with and you’ve so got it together. Something for almost every day and I struggle to get a post out about boys and farts! Hahaha. Not really but you know what I mean. You inspire me to do better Sandee and I am much appreciative and I love you right back! Muah!

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