Good Morning!
First up…
1. The last time I ____________was ____________________.
2. __________________isn’t ___________________.
3. _________ is a blessing in disguise.
4. My favorite word is _________.
#1 – The last time I ate caviar was the last time I ate caviar!
#2Crocheting isn’t knitting.
#3My cancer story is a blessing in disguise and I’m so happy it’s over!
#4 – My favorite word is…
You asked…
Sooooo, I’ve been on this time management kick lately on my quest to make the most out of my 24 hours and attempt to be ultra-productive.
I’ve literally been tracking every move I make every breath I take and feeling like a dog chasing its own tail! This time of year is so busy for me. It’s controlled chaos that needs a little less chaos and A LOT more control!
My issue is, I’m a jumper. I jump from one project to the next and before I know it I’ve got a bazillion projects started and only a few finished. Then, I get overwhelmed and bury my head in a vat of wine until about a week before everything is due and then I’m like a crazy woman trying to get everything done last minute!
Some people call this procrastination.
My dr. calls it adult ADHD.
I call it fucking frustrating!
So, day 1 of chasing my own tail involved setting timers and journaling notes from 5am to about 3pm then my time management mojo said fuck this, I’m out. I seriously could not account for one more nanosecond of my life!
I ended this day with 10 hours of controlled chaos. Go me!
I have zero plans for the weekend and by zero I mean Z-E-R-O. I’m doing absolutely nothing. For the most part, I’m unplugging. I’ll get my blog posts in and visit all of you but my phone will be off and I will be spending many, many, many hours outside. My indoor time will be split between my headphones, great music and creating AND/OR silence, hot tea and a great book.
What about you?
Do you ever just unplug and chill?
What are YOUR plans for the weekend??
I hope you can do something spectacular and can make some spectacular memories. Spectacular memories are good for the soul.

13 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOCUS

  1. I’ve never had caviar and I don’t intend to ever have it.

    I knew your favorite word all along. It’s so you.

    We are on our boat having our morning coffee. I’d visiting blogs and then when I’m don’t I’ll be unplugged for the rest of the day. Life is good.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Love you. ♥

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    1. Omgosh. Caviar is so gross. My dad brought some home one time because one of us wiseass 7 kids said we wanted to eat caviar like the rich people. – We must’ve seen it in old movies or something. – Boy, did we eat like the “rich” people. My dad spread that crap on like jam and we couldn’t take a drink of anything until we finished it. I.Thought.I.Would.Die. – My dad was very much an “everybody puts their pants on the same way, one leg at a time” and “the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence” kinda’ guy. 🙂 – Lesson learned. Ugh. – Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sandee. 🙂

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  2. Looking back I now realize my smother was the poster child for adult ADHD. And bipolar disorder. No plans other than trying to get errands done as I’m a bit under the weather. Have a great and quiet weekend!

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  3. I am glad that cancer is in the past for you now, that you kicked its tail and won!

    The whole crochet/knit confusion is very frustrating for me. I know how to do both, so know the difference. I have lost count on the number of freebie books that I’ve gotten from Amazon looking for patterns for the one and it being for the other. Folks are forever referring to crocheting as knitting. I have yet to figure out why they don’t know the difference. The tools are different, the process is different, the end result is different. OY!

    Caviar…ewww. I’ve never had it nor do I ever plan to.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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  4. The Female Human agrees with you about the caviar! Now I think it would only be fair of her to let The Tribe of Five try this fishy stuff but she said if we want caviar, we have to get a job. How rude!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,


  5. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! I have never tried caviar, and I don’t think I could ever muster up the nerve to do so. And I am so glad your cancer is a thing of the past! Your plans for the weekend sound like perfection to me. Unplugging is simply necessary sometimes. Have a beautiful day!


    1. Omgosh. I swear I’m going to bring back the Pony Express and Ma Bell! No texts, no emails, no messenger. Good old fashioned letters and phone calls. I think being plugged in all the time is our own undoing.

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