Don’t ask me! I don’t know the time or the day! What I do know is that I’ve missed two days of posting and well, here I am now.
I’m still trying to make my life normal again since my sister died. Failing miserably. I spend too much time in bed. Apparently, I’m preparing for my debut on that show, ‘My 600lb Life.’ Seriously. Eating and sleeping is mostly what I do now.

Oh. I also show up to appts an hour early. Send birthday gifts that arrive a day late and on my super cool moments, I gift someone a gift they’ve already got!
Yep. I’m that super cool.

I don’t do death well. – There. – I’ll just leave it at that.
I know Wednesday is ‘Wordless Wednesday’ around the blog-o-sphere and I thought about posting but my photo would’ve been this.
And I missed Thursday because I just missed it. The day got away.
Now it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us.
I seriously have ZERO plans for my weekend.
If I get out of bed, hooray!
If I work on some projects double hooray!
If I don’t, well, at least I opened my eyes.
That’s pretty much where I’m at.
The voice of Sesame Street’s ‘Big Bird’ and ‘Oscar The Grouch,’ Caroll Spinney,
is saying goodbye after 50 years. Talk about spanning generations. This show has been with me, my children and my grandchildren. How crazy is that??

I hope the new voice of ‘Big Bird’ and ‘Oscar’ sounds close to the original otherwise it will be like those weird ‘Flintstone’ episodes when ‘Fred’ and ‘Barney’s’ original voices changed and they didn’t sound the same anymore.
Happy Weekend everyone. I hope you can all get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather wherever you are.
Lots to do out there…
**Pumpkin patch
**Corn maze
**Cider mills
**Road trips for fall colors
And… If you’re brave not me there are always haunted houses to visit!

Who’s got plans??
Who’s hangin’ at the homestead?
Share in the comments.
I’ll live vicariously through your adventures until I can make some of my own again.


    1. Thank you so much for understanding. I will rise to fight another day, honestly, I will. Just not this day. And I will tell them you said I could! ❤

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  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers!! I’m not sure what my plans are for the weekend yet. I make plans but somehow they always get pushed aside. I’m with Deb. The blogging world can wait. You take care of you! 🤗


  2. Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. Please don’t feel you have to live up to others’ expectations! Do what you have to, to take care of yourself. One day at a time. ❤ Your blogging friends will stick with you, regardless how much or little you post. Personally, I don't know how people can publish something every single day and still have a life offline, anyway. Time management isn't exactly my strong suit! 😛 Wishing you a calm and peaceful weekend. (HUGS)

    No big plans, here. Just the usual: dog duties, errands, Sat. night takeout. Boring, compared to what we were doing a few weeks ago! 😀


    1. Thank you, Debbie. I’m trying to use my blog as an outlet and it just feels weird sometimes. – I’ve been trying to keep up on your amazing trip and all of the photos = that should be in galleries = so look for my likes n’ comments to show up at random times. Your “no big plans” sound wonderful to me. ❤


  3. Be good to yourself and let yourself grieve in your way, as long as you need to. It’s still so raw. It would be kinda cool if Carroll Spinney retired next November 10 of 2019. That would be exactly 50 years since Sesame Street debuted. It was such a huge deal around here cause it was developed by WGBH in Boston. I remember being rushed from the schoolbus into the livingroom so I wouldn’t miss it. I was almost 5 and in kindergarten.


    1. It’s very raw and still so unbelievable… That would be cool if he waited. Ah, maybe he thinks he won’t be here. He’s 84 I think. I like to think the world is a better place because of Sesame Street. 🙂


  4. My weekend? Working, first at work…then at Mom’s, she has some chores she just can’t manage. Been hitting the gym 3 days a week the last couple weeks, down 9 lbs. I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through right now, but know you are Loved and we ALL care and sympathize…
    Love you my online wife!!!

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    1. Sorry about a work weekend but hopefully the chores at your mom’s are outside. This is a great time to be outside. Congratulations on hitting the gym! But ummmm, you look great. Why the weight loss? – I wish I could get a handle on these emotions of mine. Thank you for being such a great online hubs. ❤️


  5. Karen, super big hugs! I understand about not taking death well, grief can often feel unbearable, and it really does take time. I’m pulling for your world to brighten a bit more soon.

    I heard about Caroll Spinney saying goodbye after 50 years at Sesame Street. 50 years, wow, now that made me feel old lol! As you know, I never got to have kids, but I remember watching Sesame Street with my nephew when he was young and buying him Big Bird one year for his birthday.

    I wish I had some fun weekend plans to share but all I’ve been doing is housework and laundry. Well, here’s one thing…I went to my local Hallmark store, picked up some birthday cards for November birthdays, and got myself a bar of Godiva chocolate with caramel. Delicious.

    Sending more love and big hugs! ❤


    1. Thank you, JLil. ❤️ I’m trying to not let the sadness consume me. It’s difficult. – I just don’t think Sesame Street is going to be the same anymore. Thank goodness for reruns. Who knows how many more generations will have Sunny days… 😊 Your weekend sounds wonderfully normal and now I’m wanting some Godiva! Also. Yay you for still buying cards to send out! Snail mail is a dying art.

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  6. Took me a little longer to get here. I hope you feel better. Your health comes first. The wording of your post made me smile though. Your site is lovely and how come you are not posting in our group these lovely posts so we all can enjoy.
    Just came to tell you that I have nominated you for ” The versatile blogger award”.You totally deserve it.
    I need to come to check on you quite often, how come I was missing this beautiful lovely site! Take care of your self. May God bless you. Stay blessed and stay connected.

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    1. Hi! I’m happy you came over! I’m slowly getting back in to the blogging pond of life and I will definitely be posting more in the group. Thank you so much for your kind words and I will be posting sooner than later. 🙂

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