NO – vember Goals –
1.)  NO to creepy crime shows.
***YES to real books.
2.)   NO to coffee.
***YES to tea.
3.)   NO to junk foods.
***YES to healthy foods.
4.)  NO to online streaming/TV.
***YES to fresh air and long walks.
5.)  NO to negativity.
***YES to all things uplifting and encouraging.
6.)  NO to overwhelming sadness.
***YES to joy, joy, joy, joy, joy!
7.)  NO to darkness.
***YES to the light!
8.)  NO to late nights.
***YES to restful sleep.
9.)  NO to bad vibes and the people and things that carry them.
***YES to all the high vibes.
10.)  NO to anything and anyone that no longer supports the greater good in my life.
***YES to old souls and new ones.
Thanksgiving will be a “free” day.
Fall is in full swing here, including rain I can’t fucking believe it and I am loving it! The colors are popping and I am embracing all that is autumn in Idaho.

What about where you live?
What are the changes you’re seeing?

Our temps are steadily dropping out this way and I do so love my sweater weather.
Are you welcoming the cooler weather and possibly snow or are you running for the sun or a cozy spot next to a nice, warm fire???

Ready or not for us, snow is most definitely on the horizon and I am curious to see if we’ll have Flaky Freddie or Blizzard Bettie.
I’m hoping for Bettie. Sssh. Don’t tell anyone.

Happy November, folks!
Get those fat pants ready!
And, if you’re like me, crank up those Christmas tunes!
A very interesting card for me to start my day with.
The 8 of cups represents leaving behind those people, places, things, (the past) that no longer serve you. This card tells you it’s time to move on either emotionally, spiritually, physically, or all 3.

You can see from my “NO-vember” list that I had already made the choices to move on from that which was no longer serving me.
Personally, I will take this card as a confirmation that I am setting my soul aright with the Universe.
So mote it be.

Are any of you feeling the pull to leave anything behind and move forward?
I would love to read your thoughts on this.(Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Heidi Darras/Barbara Moore)

19 thoughts on “NO – VEMBER

  1. Much rain happening here in Ontario too, Mimi.
    Love your No list!

    I am leaving behind some extra “me” right now, and moving forward toward a lighter, healthier, more fit physical self. I’ll be blogging about this one of these days. Maybe soon.

    I need to get back to pulling a daily Tarot card.
    Thanks for the reminder,


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    1. Isn’t the rain heavenly? I wish we had more of it here. I almost want to move to the Seattle area because their rain is so awesome. Good for you for leaving a bit of you behind. ME TOO! Only I’m hoping to leave my whole BEHIND! 😀 – The Tarot is such a great tool. It’s too bad so many people look down on it. I’m getting back to my roots. Both of my parents were magickal people. 🙂 – Be well my friend. I’m heading your way!

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      1. Sadly, no trips across the border for me. I meant I was heading to your blog. 🙂 Altho, I would LOVE to be heading to Canada. I love it there. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Michelle. Fingers, eyes and toes all crossed that I can keep them! And honestly. I think we all need to take more walks. 😀

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  2. I am loving all the fall colors here in Pennsylvania too! I was looking out the laundry room window yesterday and our big tree in the front yard was dropping leaves like crazy. It was a blizzard of yellow leaves fluttering sideways in the gust of wind…quite breathtaking!

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    1. Oh, I bet they’re beautiful out your way. How cool that you have that tree. I love those trees on either side of the road that flutter like that too. There’s just something about falling leaves hitting your windshield, especially if there’s a nice rain going on. I will be sad to see fall end. 😦


  3. Depressing weather here; cold, damp, rain….:P Give me warmth and sun any day, but such is life here in southern Ontario during November. The good things definitely outweigh that one issue. 😉 Your post reminds me of a song. Hope you don’t mind if I post it. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

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    1. All it takes is one triple-digit summer to make me cling to the cooler temps, rainy weather and eventually snow but for the moment I would love some more rain! I’ll take any and all that you don’t want Debbie. 🙂 – Love that song and love MB! Thank you for posting it. Makes me smile. – Happy November!

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  4. I love all your no’s. You just have to get rid of the drama and the anger. It seems that everyone is angry anymore. I’m not going to be around those people.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, honey. Love you. ♥


    1. Everyone IS angry and about every little thing! How are the kids coming up supposed to know what’s important if everything is cause for a march or a sit-in or a public rant? I used to tell my kids not to let out with those blood-curdling screams unless they were holding a body part otherwise how will I know when they’re holding a body part? 🙂 Sounds silly but really there has to be a definitive line somewhere. Same with parents who yell all the time. What’s the difference between everyday yelling and yelling there’s a fire? Plus, I think people go crazy over stuff just to go crazy and get their 15 minutes of fame. I think I’m just going to hang out in my Woodstock bubble and peace out with some great wine. You’re invited. 🙂



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